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ISRA on the dodge


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On 9/25/2021 at 2:30 AM, cope said:

I will pass. I try to make it a habit of not supporting the opposition.

If you are an ISRA member, consider this your chance to bring your concerns to ISRA leadership when they show up at these meetings.

I did.  I have.  I will continue to do so.


Whether or not you are an ISRA member, attending meetings like this is more for the benefit of the attendees, not the ISRA.


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On 10/5/2021 at 12:48 AM, mab22 said:

I hope they and other 2A Illinois orgs investigate this


On 10/5/2021 at 2:22 AM, mikew said:

Not the job of 2A orgs. 

People will sure comment on it though.



I agree that it's not the responsibility of 2A organizations to investigate the prosecutor's office.


Police, prosecutors, and judges all have powers of discretion not to arrest, not to prosecute, and to dismiss. If the prosecutor is guilty of abuse of discretion (which typically means not prosecuting for criminal reasons), then the issue would need to be investigated by the court system itself or the bar association. Incompetence alone is not a crime, anyway.


The ISRA and other 2A organizations, as political actors, are civil rights advocates.

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Has anyone read the latest article in The Illinois Shooter written by David Lombardo? It looks like another, and the latest, coat of paint over the chipped and rusted lament that the members who complain about the ISRA just don't understand how the game it played, can't figure out how the system works. He doesn't like it that members who speak out "ruffle feathers". Apparently the membership is to sit by quietly and never scrutinize the exalted leadership. They're the Big Boys, they know better. You just stay in your place. You are just a bull in a china shop.  Now sit still and shut up. 


Mr. Lombardo would have served his cause better if he had just let the issue fester and die. The article is insulting. I hope a lot of members read it. This ought to cause even more scrutiny of our "advocate" group and how they make decisions. 

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