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  1. Why not find someone who is a victim of violence the state police could have stopped, but didn't because they don't utilize the money allocated to their programs. Make the police negligent, and wrap up the state legislators who sweep the funds in the same wet blanket.
  2. I'm still wondering if you guys who didn't cancel the cards have a nasty background check surprise waiting for you upon expiration of your old cards. Maybe some of you moved to real free states and it really doesn't matter. My new sheriff is the type that would use Illinois' report as reason to deny/revoke a local CCL.
  3. North Carolina has racist old laws that require you to have the sheriff sell you a pistol purchase permit and certify you are of good character before you can buy a handgun. This was just like FOID as a scheme to deny a class if people if their rights.The good news is that a NC carry permit negates the need for the permit. Rifles are cash and carry.
  4. When you apply for a DL in your new state they will cancel your IL DL with the ISP. That I turn triggers the ISP to cancel your FOID& FCCL. Sorry for all those abbreviations. My concern is the difference between revoked and canceled. Maybe I'm splitting hairs.
  5. I sure like the idea of "cancelled" over "revoked". I'm afraid a "revoked" might haunt me elsewhere trying to get a Pistol Purchase Permit in NC, or my CCL down there. My county Sheriff makes Dart look like a choirboy.
  6. There's also a follow up post in that thread (#22) that states this... I mailed them in on or about Nov 15. Today I got snail mail from ISP stating: This is to notify you that your Illinois Concealed Carry License is hereby CANCELLED for the following reason(s): Applicant contacted Firearms Services Bureau and advised that he/she moved out of state. So obviously they received my CCL and FOID, and my cover letter stating that I had moved.
  7. which is this information... have a contact at ISP who said just mail FOID and CCL to: ISP Concealed Carry 801 S 7th St. Ste 400-M Springfield IL 62703
  8. So I'm out of here in December. I'll leave my FOID and FCCL with the local cops on the way out the door. Question. What happens then? Do they get "revoked"? If I ever needed to come back to Illinois (not planning this, but you know how life is) would I be able to apply for and receive a FOID, or would I have a revoked card in my history that would burn me going forward?
  9. I see this as a distinct possibility within 10 years, after modern sporting rifles are banned in some fashion.
  10. What is your single, worst case scenario, if a "Full strike down" happens? Unfortunately, I think it falls under the advise we get to not discuss specifics of things of this nature openly on the board. Perhaps it would suffice to say that everything "gun and ammunition" in Illinois is woven through the FOID laws so CCL, purchase, possession, records management etc would all need to be re-worked. Our current legislature would be all too happy to re-work FOID restrictions and fee schedules into something else that just barely passes muster with the court and further screws the law abiding.
  11. If the FOID is necessary to transport after this case, perhaps it becomes the functional equivalent to the NYC permit (the one being challenged in the USSC). If that case goes our way, FOID gets nuked.
  12. The longer I stay in this state the less faith I have in the process. Exposing their lies means exactly what. Nobody cares. Willis and Harmon both blatantly lie to their fellow legislators, their constituents, and the public in it's entirety. There is no honor. There's just winning at any cost. Knowing that Satan has a special place for them later isn't as fun to think about as it used to be now that their making serious infringements instead of just the little nibbles here and there.
  13. It's EXACTLY who they were trying to target. They know criminals don't buy guns through an FFL, so the law was never intended to stop any crime. They're purposely making it harder for law abiding citizens to get guns. End around gun control. It's an incremental step. In debate, on this or possibly an earlier bill, Senator Harmon mentioned that there are a few stores in the Chicago area toward which he would have liked to direct the legislation, but couldn't legally do so.So naturally, the thing to do in that situation is penalize everyone.
  14. And don't think saying you lost your key is going to end well. The cops could then go back and get a warrant to look for the key in your house and cars. A search for something as small as a key is going to result in a trashed house.
  15. I think this is what happened. They are supposed to go with a local LEO agency, but naturally they skipped that part because they were likely planning on acting a bit outside the law on the visit to his house. Reminder. Keep your gun records away from your gun safe. Last thing you'd want to do is open your safe for records and show off your iron to prying eyes.
  16. No, it was a while ago and doesn't come up in a search. Maybe the guy it happened to would want to tell the story again, or not. I'll leave it up to him. It happened to a member whose firearm had been stolen and turned up in the city. Chicago PD traced the firearm back to him and came calling with a list of other firearms he had purchased and wanted to see them. This situation is different. Main thing is that his FOID is still valid and has not been revoked. OK that's still stinking garbage. Where exactly did they get a list? Unless he was a Chicago resident and registered them with city hall at some point they shouldn't have any way to compile a list. If Chicago police came to Dupage and rang my bell...I wouldn't answer. I don't answer my door for anybody who hasn't called first. I might call 911 and have my local PD intercept them though. I'd bet they wouldn't be too happy about CPD making housecalls here.
  17. There's this thing called jurisdictions. A Cook County Sheriff has no ability to serve notice or arrest outside of the jurisdiction of the office they represent. They can only retain powers while in fresh pursuit or if acting on a call for assistance from an agency with jurisdiction. Personally, I'd make a royal stink about it with local PD. Just curious, is there anything you can recall that outed you as a gun owner to neighbors who might disapprove? NRA sticker on your car? Wearing gun guy t shirts? I don't call 911 sign on house? I'm thinking this isn't a prank, but you were targeted for harassment. Going further...is there someone who might want to harm you or your family members but knows you're armed and needs to disarm you before moving forward? Might be time to talk to police about that ex boyfriend of your daughter's or something.
  18. As of now, that just a FOID. The FCCL isn't stated as necessary or acceptable for the carry of an automatic knife.
  19. One problem I see is getting the HR policy in every company to reflect the new permissive law. I can carry a blade less than 3 inches long under my policy now, but switchblades are forbidden. I doubt that policy will change.
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