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  1. 😢 Was my home for decades. Sad but not surprising.
  2. This thread made my day. If the scotus kills the administrative state tomorrow this might be the best week ever for political news.
  3. If it makes you feel any better both of my R senators in NC [Burr and Tillis] were part of the sellout that led to the first gun control bill passing in 30 years. What good is voting for "the good guys" when they backstab like that? At least you knew that you were going to get boned by yours.
  4. Based upon my understanding of existing IL law this seems fairly benign. The dealer license law, red flag law, and 21 years of age law already exist at the state level. States with a more open view of gun ownership stand to see some encroachment. The guys that flip guns sold on classified ads are not going to be amused. The kids that were looking forward to their 18th birthday are being told to wait a little longer. I'm thinking that states that wanted red flags already have them, and other intervention type programs may spring up in the ones that don't to grab some federal cash.
  5. I didn't have a big safe to be concerned about by the time I listed the house. Since we bought our NC place in advance of listing the IL place I was able to move a bunch of stuff to the new place first. The things left behind were packed into a microwave box left in the basement. I had a flush mounted wall box (not a safe, a metal locking cabinet) that held a long gun. The cabinet looked like a circuit breaker box, and I decorated it with a high voltage sticker to aid the illusion. That worked too well as I was fielding calls from inspectors and agents explaining it was a wall safe.
  6. PSA had 5.56 in stock yesterday for $0.50 a round. That was the everyday price, not a sale. Norma sells .223 and 5.56 for .46 to .50 regularly. Free shipping on first orders. I'm not sure if either one ships to Illinois these days with your new check system but even if they don't the larger part of the country is being supplied by two companies that aren't bound by a government contract with the .mil. New supply on the market should be able to fill in any holes created by the shifting of any previous supplier's production.
  7. What weight of JHP you shooting? I used to have that problem with 147 so I switched to 124 HST. Since then I've moved to 90 Lehigh solids (screwdriver tip). The 90 grain saves a little weight in my pocket, is barrier blind and has less recoil. All good things with a little carry gun.
  8. I have my Z9 magazine. It's underwhelming. It makes the 43 nearly as tall as 43x. The whole point of the 43 is "concealed is concealed". The Z9 makes it harder to do right. I'm sticking with the factory magazine and a TT+1. The Z9 mag is fine as pocket carry back up magazine now that I own it, but I was a little quick on the draw to overpay for this thing. I'll add, the 43 was never irrelevant to me. The 365 is too small to get a grip on and too heavy for it's size fully loaded in my opinion.
  9. I'm thinking it's just not the big deal it's being made out to be. You can still buy SS109 from Norma. It's not a ban. Norma is affordable. PSA is bringing new 5.56 supplies online as we speak.
  10. I'm hearing it's more likely that: - M855 production being phased out or phased down due to wider production of M855A1; - DOD wanting to ensure adequate stores of M855 for LMGs during the M5 transition in case the transition is drawn out; - demand from NATO allies with lesser production capacities for ammunition due to the Russian proxy war; - diversion of some supply of that M855 to Ukraine, etc. and TTAG has only a piece of the story and is jumping to conclusions.
  11. I think the problem with Chicago isn't the counting machines or the crooked counters, but rather the immense population that anchors Illinois in single party rule. Look back to the Quinn days when he only needed to win 2 or 3 counties to take the whole state. Of course, it's not helped when conservatives erect their own purity barriers and abstain from voting, an act of spite that harms them directly. You guys know I love you all, but sometimes you deserve the representation you get when you don't vote.
  12. In trying to figure it out don't forget to run property tax savings and other costs through your cost benefit analysis. For some the benefit of being able to carry on Chicago streets is nullified by the no carry postings at all the neat places there are to visit in Chicago for culture and food. If you're one of the "concealed is concealed" types that carries everywhere regardless of postings having a permit for the city streets is kind of silly because you'd really only have coverage between the car and the posted spot. IMO that's not enough reason to deny yourself the savings to be had by moving out of state.
  13. It's my opinion that should this become law, and then should a working firearm be created, and then should the police in Illinois adopt it that the very next thing to happen would be tantamount to a gun ban. They wouldn't just mandate that these be sold to the public, they would go big and ban all guns that do not have this technology and only permit guns with this technology be sold going forward. That's exactly what previous ammo based bills have done. They were going to ban reloading and traditional factory ammo and only allow serialized ammo in limited quantities.
  14. It's my understanding that if a bullet severs ligaments that the muscles they're connected to will contract instantly like a roller shade. That violence of action may be what a made an otherwise comparitively minor wound seem so much worse in photos and video.
  15. That makes a little more sense. I know he was the guy when I was a member prior to shipping out. It was a little "odd", or perhaps "coincidental" that his training company was given favored status over other training companies back before they had expanded the back side of the berms into training bays. If you remember the old poster PDPSC, he ran a few companies with Metro Training being one of them. Dan raised a little stink about it around 2014 and was eventually accommodated as were some others like Frank Sharpe of Fortress. Just seemed like everything Lombardo touched had the odor of connected guy on it, I suppose I've learned that's par for the course with Illinois though.
  16. Additionally, when ISRA is the entity that's behind so many of the lawsuits in Illinois concerning infringements of the 2nd, who is to blame for their membership not being able to determine the difference between activism and advocacy? I'm just itching to hear how bad donations and memberships have declined over the past several months and into the future. That'll underscore the newfound understanding of their previous membership of the distinction between advocacy and activism.
  17. Wait a minute...wasn't Aurora Sportsman Club one of the entities that came out against the neutral position of ISRA and against the bad bills? Isn't Lombardo the president there? Now he's the guy helping to smooth over the "misunderstanding" the 2nd rights community has regarding the turncoats? How much are they paying him for this from the dues anyway?
  18. Path of least resistance is paved with the tax dollars that no longer pay for his excesses. Reality is Illinois isn't going to change, or change enough fast enough for anybody older than 20 to ever see a proper budget or fair play in Springfield. Save yourselves and move away. It feels great not sending that slimeball any more tax money.
  19. The problem so many conservatives face is their self imposed purity tests. They'll just not vote at all before they'll compromise thier integrity by voting for a lesser evil candidate that would protect 80 of what they agree upon. The 20% they disagree upon stupidly disqualifies them and guarentees a win for the bigger tyrant. Reality is we're sliding to the left either way, but do we want it a fast or slow decent? Keep not voting Illinois conservatives and see what you cost yourselves and how quickly. If you look at Youngkin he's closer to Rauner or Kirk than you guys would care for. If Virginia was Illinois MCCaulife would have won when y'all abstained from voting and your kids would be getting segregated for indoctrination in school next year.
  20. I think the vast majority of these people are the ones who don't understand that their Constitutionally carried, or permitted carry rights don't extend to airplanes. They go there ASSuming their permit or permissive state grants them the right to go wherever they want while armed. So the issue isn't stupidity or intentional troublemaking, it's ignorance and complacency.
  21. Maybe it would be appropriate to hang up some photos of Otis in your business area where customers might wait around. Put a small plaque under the 8X10 of Otis and explain why he's the patron saint of self defense in Chicago. See if that gets them talking and interested.
  22. So the Walmart down here in NC sells guns, but all the racks are empty. If I get gift cards for Christmas I'm going to do a modified Wally Walk. Walk in with a pistol on my belt, walk out with a new long gun in my hands. We've got cash and carry rules here, no waiting!
  23. Walmart in Charlotte is a total pit. I thought the Bloomingdale store was gross. The Charlotte store is the sweatsock juice of big box stores.
  24. Why not find someone who is a victim of violence the state police could have stopped, but didn't because they don't utilize the money allocated to their programs. Make the police negligent, and wrap up the state legislators who sweep the funds in the same wet blanket.
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