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  1. If your friend is looking to purchase a lower receiver, check out local gun stores (or maybe even Cabela's in Germantown?) to see if they have them for sale. Maybe Mills Fleet Farm has them.
  2. I'm 99% sure you'll have to go through your friend's FFL to transfer it. Stripped lowers are not considered to be long guns.
  3. "I support the Second Amendment, but..." It's only a slight infringement, therefore it's acceptable. Sure, he's gotta far better on 2A than Fred Crespo (his D opponent), but he has to realize there's no way this state will pay for safety training like that without some type of major catch. As for nothing like that existing right now, somebody taught me how to safely store, load, shoot, and maintain a gun, and he did it for free and for fun. If I want to learn how to carry a gun, there already are mandatory classes for that. If he's going to work to get the state to pay for everybody's CCL training, sign me up, though.
  4. I keep wondering about that. As much as I hope the courts will come through for us, the state is too deeply invested in the anti-gun fight to back down.
  5. All this tells me is that I'm not doing my part. Time to go shopping. Also, dang, Kentucky!
  6. It wouldn't surprise me to learn it was a couple of cans of gasoline and a bag of lawn fertilizer.
  7. Thank you for that! It's sad that what seems common sense to us needs to be expressed by the highest court of the land, and that may not even stop them from trying. Also thanks to Todd for that letter and Steve for the MAA FOIA info!
  8. In principle, I agree with your comment. I'm opposed to any restriction like this, but I'm not a lawyer, so please tell me why they can't do that.
  9. Obviously the AR-style rifle is too unwieldy and a shotgun is all you need for self-defense!
  10. So, hypothetically, let's suppose an AWB passes both houses and is signed by the governor. Even assuming it's struck down because of Bruen: 1) there will be mass non-compliance (see NY SAFE Act) 2) there are 2A sanctuary counties that claim they won't enforce it 3) how do we exercise our 2A rights without becoming test cases Could the state go after businesses that don't comply, for example FFLs and their state licenses?
  11. I'm sure once the finer points of the Bruen ruling are explained to them, they'll see the light and decide against any further infringements.
  12. I have some extra $$ laying around and a doorbell camera. Time to go shopping. Actually, it would be my luck that they'd show up when I wasn't home and the too-trusting wife would be like, "Oh, sure, come on in!" I wonder if it would be illegal for the agents to use wifi jammers to block signals from cameras.
  13. Naperville's not my neck of the woods. What businesses would shut down, and should we help them out by buying up their stuff before SHTF?
  14. Beyond the fact that we all basically agree that the FOID is unconstitutional to begin with? Bill link from YouTube: https://www.ilga.gov/legislation/billstatus.asp?DocNum=5766&GAID=16&GA=102&DocTypeID=HB&LegID=141150&SessionID=110 "Amends the Firearm Owners Identification Card Act. Provides that a minor who causes or attempts to cause physical self-harm or harm to another is subject to the denial of an application for or the revocation and seizure of a Firearm Owner's Identification Card. Provides that until the age of 24 years, such a person is presumed to be a person whose mental condition is of such a nature that it poses a clear and present danger. Provides that a physician, clinical psychologist, qualified examiner, law enforcement official, school administrator, or other person who has knowledge of a minor causing or attempting to cause physical self-harm or harm to another shall report the incident to the Department of Human Services. Effective immediately." Basically it's following up on the Highland Park shooting, trying to fill in in the idiot-parent-and-ISP-loophole. Of course there's a potential for abuse with this as well.
  15. Double-tap https://illinoiscarry.com/forum/index.php?/topic/80085-thoughts-on-this/
  16. We could be looking at a watershed moment here. The aforementioned clown world where the Executive and Legislative branches are at war with the Judicial branch might come to a boiling point over this. I don't see the heavily blue states suddenly saying, "Awww, man, the courts are right, we can't pass or enforce these laws." They've come to the conclusion that they are above both the Constitution and SCOTUS and will do anything in their power to keep it that way. They'll drag everyone kicking and screaming through the courts for as long as possible, and even then may not stop. In an emergency a special session, does it take a simple majority to pass things or a 3/5 vote? Do they have the votes to pass this stuff?
  17. That bill is currently in Assignments, but it just got a bunch of new co-sponsors. Looks like Todd V already brought it up: https://illinoiscarry.com/forum/index.php?/topic/80051-special-session-semi-auto-ban/
  18. In before Congress tries to index the NFA tax stamp to inflation going back to 1934.
  19. What happens if CA, NY, IL, and other major gun control states, and I suppose the Feds too, all push back and say, "naah, get bent, SCOTUS, we like our crappy laws and made-up regulations"? I feel like they're one childish temper tantrum away from telling everyone to try and make them comply.
  20. What are the penalties for violating that? Meaning... what would happen if the ISP/AG just decided to say "to heck with it" and release the data anyway?
  21. Each legislative session, I find myself doubting statements like these, yet most of the time in the end mauserme has been correct. To paraphrase Darth Vader, I find my lack of faith disturbing. I really do hope you're right.
  22. Meanwhile, I keep reading tweets and Arfcom posts from short-sighted shooters along the lines of "Meh, M855 is bad anyway" or "I already have my stash."
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