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  1. I will pass. I try to make it a habit of not supporting the opposition.
  2. Imagine having keys in your pocket, your wallet in your pocket, and your gun in a holster or pocket. Now imagine how hard someone would have to "push" you to make all 3 of those things fall out. Story doesn't add up. alternative storyline: guy thinks hes a super hero..... tries to interfere in a simple domestic dispute by pulling out his gun...... guy arguing with wife sees the gun and jumps in to action to protect his family from a stranger with a gun..... issues this wannabe hero a much deserved beatdown alternative thread title: Know when to mind your own business
  3. A traitor to his oath no doubt..... but entirely unrelated on principle He abandoned the post to fight for what he believed in. Arnold abandoned his post simply out of personal interest to remain relevant ahd keep a seat at the table of those he thought would eventually win. This is what some or many of these gun groups do. They meter out concessions on our rights simply for the privilege of remaining at the table and relevant. They have no real interest in the cause other than personal gain.
  4. These types often remind me of a quite famous person from the time of our nations founding..... Benedict Arnold
  5. I sent prints with my original and it sped the process but that was 6 years ago when the process wasnt taking 15 months. Doubtful it would make any difference at this point. Although isnt there something in the new law about lifetime or auto renewal or something to that effect for FOID if you have prints on file?
  6. Yes 40+% of US sales is Russian ammo..... for the last year or so... because nobody can get decent ammo, many have been buying steel ammo which is imported from Russia. Once US manufacturers get it in gear there will be no shortage..... of course there will always be hoarders and gougers to contend with
  7. So what is going to be the excuse ISRA uses now for the fact that they betrayed gun owners? They have been claiming that they bargained away their 'position' in exchange for preventing 1092.
  8. ISRA will do their normal like they learned from the NRA....... wait until it appears a victory is forthcoming then attach their names
  9. So I turn over proof, as required by law, that I just purchased a gun. What document do I get in return stating that I followed the law? Theres nothing that forces the FFL to keep the record once I submit it unless they give me a document in return that I must now keep for 10 years. If no document then at that point its a he said she said, if they throw it away and claim Im a liar.
  10. And not a single one of them mean a thing other than a talking point.
  11. Over 12,772,000 Illinois residents fall under the "non-action" category, less than 2,000 residents took action. Of those 2,000 residents that took action 3 of them represent ISRA. Those 3 took very deliberate action, even according to their own private 'statements'. That deliberate action negatively impacts the 2A rights of Illinois residents.
  12. Just tell them it wasnt accidental....... you intentionally fired it in protest of Trump/racism/voting rights/etc .. or you could tell them you were firing it at a neighbor who says Covid vaccines are bad... they will return it immediately and probably give you extras
  13. "Specifically, they are trained to locate firearms such as assault rifles".......... they have actually trained dogs to locate imaginary items?
  14. A very long winded response which says nothing new and does not justify their position in any way. If we accept every word they say as true then all they had to do was simply keep their mouths shut and not file a slip. As far as I am aware there is no rule or law or mandate of any type anywhere that requires them to file a witness slip. If they had not filed a slip there would be nobody asking why not. They could have remained silent, and sent out another grift email begging for money for new cars for litigation to overturn the laws that they knew would pass. Everyone would have quickly donated more money to them and been none the wiser that they are actually only supporting their own self interests.
  15. just remember without bad laws we have no need for grifters to file lawsuits and orgs like ISRA would be out of a job if the supreme court ruled unanimously today that any law restricting 2A in any way shape or form was unconstitutional would you still donate to ISRA or NRA ulterior motives can be quite powerful
  16. I did find it strange that they wanted video proof that I consummated my marriage.
  17. I disagree....... for the second time its better if he keeps his mouth shut The only plausible explanation he could give is that he worked out a deal to lessen things if he did not oppose the bill... and when they dont lessen things and the bill finally does pass he will just say he was betrayed. IMO.... thats not a good enough answer! If they had remained silent and later said their silence was part of the deal then more people would understand. He did not remain silent. They explicitly filed Neutral. While not saying they support the bill....... they are definitely saying they were not opposed to anything in the bill by filing Neutral. Its better to lose some of your supporting members by remaining silent now (and deservedly so), than all of them by admitting you stabbed them in the back. My wallet is closed for business.
  18. Sounds like another good case for the "President Biden told me it was OK to shoot through the door" defense. Im guessing the fact that he was committing a felony by having the grow house is why the charges are bumped? 2nd degree on the other hand I think is a slam dunk.
  19. I dont think I read it in any of the bills, I think I seen it in an article I read somewhere, or maybe it was in a dream... who knows anymore. It said that in one of the bills they wanted to make fingerprints optional, and as incentive, with fingerprints you would never expire. Im not much for giving an inch, but if that as optional thats not giving anything, I could go along with something like that.
  20. I guess I missed the compromise. Honest question, what did ISRA compromise on with the opposition? Just a question, nothing else. I get the same emails each Thursday, but perhaps I missed something. They didnt compromise.... they stabbed us in the back. The very harmful bills thankfully didnt pass despite their betrayal. They could have kept their mouths shut, instead they openly came out as Neutral which gave the Dems plenty of ammo to get those bills passed next time around. The Dems even mentioned on the floor that ISRA was not opposed to what they were trying to do. They cant claim to be working for us and then so blatantly work against us.
  21. That was my thoughts........ they didnt even get the budget pass before midnight....... but they just keep chugging along with more bills
  22. but right behind the progressive marxist antis they are OUR number two enemy
  23. It doesnt say anything about your intention to conceal your identity or attempt to conceal your identity......... it says "as to conceal your identity" in other words in a manner that conceals your identity
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