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  1. Did this one. Will there be calls to action on any of the bills currently scheduled to be heard in the Judiciary - Criminal Committee on Tuesday the 25th? https://my.ilga.gov/Hearing/HearingDetail/18941?HCommittees1/30/2022-page=1&HCommittees1/30/2022-orderBy=&HCommittees1/30/2022-filter=&committeeid=0&chamber=H&nodays=7&_=1642995620024
  2. Done last night. It looks like the other side got the word out for three of the four (HB3661 the exception). Opponents still leading, but they aren't one-sided polls. Don Harmon would likely say that with only a few hundred opposed to each one, those who didn't file a slip must be in favor.
  3. Wow, just catching up on all this nonsense. I was out of town and saw the video from Guns & Gadgets about this, but didn't quite follow what he was saying. Now that I'm up to speed... I didn't see any mention about simply handling a firearm. I don't know if it's law or just common CYA practice, but dealers want to see your FOID just so you can handle a firearm in the store, nevermind purchase one. Are they going to have to validate those interactions in, too?
  4. I took her comment about "getting the guns off them" to mean when the carjackers stopped pointing their guns at them. Otherwise, how could her husband have started shooting at them after that happened? As for Senators having special privileges, I wouldn't be surprised to find there's a carve-out for them somewhere. This. It seems like every other time a CCL-holder is involved in a shooting, the headline invariably reads "Concealed carry holder shoots..." The fact that somebody was able to dig the facts up was impressive, but the police certainly weren't forthcoming with that information.
  5. Yep. I didn't watch the actual Senate video he included, but the fact that they even tried that shortcut is crazy.
  6. Update from Guns & Gadgets: Effort defeated. I'm sure all the calls to Sens. Durbin and Duckworth made a difference!
  7. I received an email about an invoice created for my Supporting Team Membership. It seems legit, but I wanted to confirm here. The best part is the invoice number.
  8. I thought HB0562 was meant to be an acceptable substitute for HB1091. How did nobody see this coming?! When I read the letter and bumper sticker, I'm pretty sure my BP jumped. I think I need to call their office to (politely) vent.
  9. I recently saw a couple of Veterans Affairs commercials about locking up firearms as a way to prevent suicides. They've been out since September, apparently, titled "Space Between Thought and Trigger". One of them: https://youtu.be/29LcljU0dq8
  10. The next move is to send the bill to the Governor, and I'm guessing he won't be taking many calls from citizens on the issue.
  11. I wasn't sure if I should link the Back Room discussion since that's behind a login. Thanks.
  12. Not firearm related, but the Senate just concurred with House Amendments to SB1169, with the effect of adding COVID-19 provisions to the Healthcare Right of Conscience Act. For details, see the "Interesting: Against State Law to require Vax??" thread elsewhere. Posting this here because it's an example of our government chipping away at rights, even if it's not 2A-specific.
  13. When they withdrew HFA2 and offered HFA3, HFA3 got something like 14K witness slips opposed. Sen. Harmon had the nerve to say that because more than 30K people didn't disapprove of the new amendment they must have liked it better. Of course, it passed out of committee. It's now up for discussion in the Senate.
  14. Figures, I just tuned in and they go to a recess for party caucuses. It sounds like they'll be away for at least an hour, per the R caucus request.
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