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  1. I read that and was wondering about that with respect to already-serialized lowers used to assemble ARs. I guess we'll have to see how the bill is worded, but it wouldn't surprise me if that's one focus of it.
  2. ISRA's Richard Pearson? I don't suppose he mentioned their "neutral" stance on anti-2A legislation that they apparently supported behind the scenes.
  3. Since it looks like OP is good to go... Why Real ID or a passport? That requirement has been delayed to 2023, unless there's some firearm-specific restriction I'm missing.
  4. No more Molly interventions allowed, or are those only good for renewals?
  5. I'm in Condensed Mode. I didn't know Expanded View was a thing. I just tried it and had an instant hate reaction to it. It's likely the IC filters wouldn't let me type my reaction. In general I'm not a fan of preview modes in anything, and that definitely applies here. I'm in the keyboard-and-mouse crowd. The scroll wheel on the mouse beats the heck out of swiping or using the page up/down keys. To be fair, I never really looked at IC on my phone, but when I did I thought the interface was a little cumbersome. I'll have to check it out to see if that's improved.
  6. Thanks! Other than that, I have no real complaints. It's both different and the same. Functionality is mostly identical. The extra space doesn't bother me much, but if you managed to squeeze everything back down for PC users, I certainly wouldn't argue against that.
  7. I guess this is a good place for feedback as any.... I assume the "popular" and "unanswered" questions tabs under Illinois Carry Licensing Process are intentional. I'm not a fan, because now the pinned threads are below those tabs.
  8. I don't recall seeing a committee hearing where we could file witness slips for these changes! I don't recall seeing a committee hearing where we could file witness slips for these changes! Purple 1 vs. Purple 2.
  9. This week's ISRA Thursday Bulletin made no mention that Gov. Pritzker signed HB 562 into law. Shocking.
  10. There's a thread in the Back Room about this, if you want to share your woes with them. Good luck, OP! https://illinoiscarry.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=78240
  11. 1) It's HB562, not SB562. 2) HB562 hasn't been declared as passed yet because the Dems are playing games hoping for a bigger bite of the apple. 3) The writer can go.... hey, look at that code of conduct!
  12. Seems to be, although he's bashing them at the same time.
  13. OP, even if the law is on your side, it's likely going to take a lawyer and possibly a judge to get your firearm back. If the local PD are already of the opinion you're not supposed to have it, all the logic, reasoning, and quoting of state and local laws won't matter coming from you. They'll find a way to hold on to it. A legal threat, on the other hand, might dislodge it. How close are you to your 21st birthday? While any delay is a problem, if your birthday is coming up you may need to decide whether it's worth the fight to you.
  14. I knew someone had posted a link to that conversation, but couldn't remember who or where. Is he on Todd's (our) side now, or is he still firmly in the ISRA camp? My two cents: By keeping quiet until the vote was complete, the ISRA thought it would be better to beg forgiveness than ask permission. Had they gone to the members ahead of the vote and asked our opinions, I'm sure most of us would have told them to say no as loudly as possible. Fast forward to the future: If the bills actually don't pass and everything is improved because the ISRA still has a seat at the table, I'll eat my words. I don't see it happening.
  15. Recap: The House voted to concur on the amendments for HB 562 and HB1092. HB 1092 has been declared to have passed both houses and will likely go to the Governor soon. HB 562 has a procedural motion holding it up, but it's not clear why. It has not been declared to have passed both houses. Also, the SB2800 Amendatory Veto from Governor Pritzker was accepted in the House after some lively debate, so the budget passed (I think).
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