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  1. What happens if CA, NY, IL, and other major gun control states, and I suppose the Feds too, all push back and say, "naah, get bent, SCOTUS, we like our crappy laws and made-up regulations"? I feel like they're one childish temper tantrum away from telling everyone to try and make them comply.
  2. What are the penalties for violating that? Meaning... what would happen if the ISP/AG just decided to say "to heck with it" and release the data anyway?
  3. Each legislative session, I find myself doubting statements like these, yet most of the time in the end mauserme has been correct. To paraphrase Darth Vader, I find my lack of faith disturbing. I really do hope you're right.
  4. Meanwhile, I keep reading tweets and Arfcom posts from short-sighted shooters along the lines of "Meh, M855 is bad anyway" or "I already have my stash."
  5. So, hypothetically, how does one "not comply"? If you own one of the evil scary rifles they want to ban and don't have your own large enough piece of property to practice with it, you're now faced with a choice of keeping it hidden away or taking it to a range and getting arrested for it, assuming they will even allow it. I'd love to see ranges like On Target and McMiller tell the gov to go far away, but I doubt they'll risk their FFLs to do that. There's always going to be that one snitch more than willing to report them to the ATF. Edit - yes, I know there are likely hidden snitches here, too.
  6. But they're not coming for our guns. They're going to have go nuclear in the Senate to get this through. I don't see 60 of them voting to invoke cloture for that giant steaming pile of IC-will-redact-the-word. Then again, they might just say to heck with it and do it, regardless of the midterms.
  7. I'd make the joke "You must be new here", but sadly what you described is how a lot of legislation, especially legislation they want to ram through, gets passed in Illinois. When the next legislative session gets going, you'll see a lot of posts about shell bills and shenanigans like this. It's difficult to stay on top of it all.
  8. Assuming the interpretation is as bad as it sounds, the split receiver ruling is going to affect a LOT of business. If someone wants to buy a separate upper, either stripped or complete, will you have to go through an FFL now?
  9. EdDinIL

    CUP to PSI

    It's been awhile since I've tried to wrap my brain around a statistical problem like that. Did you calculate the R2 value for your linear plot? The spread in values seems larger, but it's still linearish. I didn't take a close look at the charts. Are the data points from the 2002 PDF the same as the 2015 chart you presented? If so, then it's only the additional that are messing with the linear plot.
  10. I expect no charges to be filed, just like in this incident in Washington, D.C., when NBC reporter David Gregory was in possession of magazines in violation of existing law: https://wtop.com/news/2013/01/nbc-host-violated-dc-law-wont-face-charges/
  11. I don't recall (and Google isn't helping) if the ATF promised to seek out all the owners of all the bump stocks, though. I believe they've said that's the plan here. I presume a vast majority of sales are easily traceable thanks to internet and credit card purchases, and I suspect a simple, "I don't have it any more" will get you a lot of ATF-style loving. I don't own a FRT, but if I did I'm not sure I'd want to be a test case.
  12. EdDinIL

    Sig Sauer P322

    So where do we all meet you on Saturday with an armload of different rimfire ammunition so we can try it out, for science? Looking forward to the review!
  13. EdDinIL

    Sig Sauer P322

    I'm curious if it'll be a jam-o-matic like the Mosquito. Only CCI Minimags feed my Mosquito and keep it happy. Anything else is only good for practicing malfunction-clearing exercises.
  14. Interesting how most of his quotes are actually in quotation marks, but that last quote wasn't. Was that an actual thing he said, or was that a quote mis-assembled from a couple of other things he said, perhaps in regards to waiting for a new FOID?
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