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  1. State of Illinois' potential response: We are a SCOTUS sanctuary state and are choosing to ignore the Bruen, Heller, McDonald and all other pro-2A decisions. Good luck stopping us.
  2. Guns & Gadgets dropped a video earlier today about it.
  3. They will comply, and they'll vote D again in 2024 and 2026. It's for the children.
  4. If we're talking crazy ideas, let's treat the counties like states. Each county gets two Senators and a proportional number of Representatives. It's a win-win. The Senate will be R-dominated and a whole ton more government grifters will get to be elected to hundreds of new seats.
  5. Overcoming 20 years of a Democrat-controlled Senate and House won't be an easy task with the districts mapped the way they are. Good luck convincing all the blue enclaves to vote red. Image source: Ballotpedia
  6. I didn't see this posted elsewhere, so if this is a dupe, go ahead and delete or lock it. Email received at 10:49 am. This is all that was in it. There wasn't any supporting info, a link to the ordinance, an attachment, etc.
  7. Looking at the four boxes of liberty... 1: The soap box hasn't worked. They have bigger soap boxes with MSM behind them. 2: The ballot box certainly hasn't worked. 3: The jury box hasn't been widely tested, but who can afford to be the test case? And, where it has been tested, NYC is basically echoing FPC's standard response without using the same three words ("F you, no", for those not familiar with it.) 4: The cartridge box hasn't been tried, at least not in the traditional defense-of-liberty sense, but nobody wants to go down that path So now what?
  8. If your friend is looking to purchase a lower receiver, check out local gun stores (or maybe even Cabela's in Germantown?) to see if they have them for sale. Maybe Mills Fleet Farm has them.
  9. I'm 99% sure you'll have to go through your friend's FFL to transfer it. Stripped lowers are not considered to be long guns.
  10. "I support the Second Amendment, but..." It's only a slight infringement, therefore it's acceptable. Sure, he's gotta far better on 2A than Fred Crespo (his D opponent), but he has to realize there's no way this state will pay for safety training like that without some type of major catch. As for nothing like that existing right now, somebody taught me how to safely store, load, shoot, and maintain a gun, and he did it for free and for fun. If I want to learn how to carry a gun, there already are mandatory classes for that. If he's going to work to get the state to pay for everybody's CCL training, sign me up, though.
  11. I keep wondering about that. As much as I hope the courts will come through for us, the state is too deeply invested in the anti-gun fight to back down.
  12. All this tells me is that I'm not doing my part. Time to go shopping. Also, dang, Kentucky!
  13. It wouldn't surprise me to learn it was a couple of cans of gasoline and a bag of lawn fertilizer.
  14. Thank you for that! It's sad that what seems common sense to us needs to be expressed by the highest court of the land, and that may not even stop them from trying. Also thanks to Todd for that letter and Steve for the MAA FOIA info!
  15. In principle, I agree with your comment. I'm opposed to any restriction like this, but I'm not a lawyer, so please tell me why they can't do that.
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