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  1. FWIW it appears that ISRA is about to take a PR tour by attending some local club meetings. Not sure if it’s to apologize or tell us how “lucky” we are. Either way the visits should be interesting.
  2. Extending the deadlines simply means the FOID itself is worthless. Eventually, no one will comply with it except when obviously necessary. Every time government, or organizations, make things increasingly difficult, the more people stop complying. It looks as if the FOID card as well as the rest of state government might all grind to a halt some day.
  3. He can’t see it because his ego is in the way. He has assumed the role of leader and arbtrar for everyone without election. Now this leader is feeling heat from his “constituency” for the first time and his reaction is to ridicule those who disagree with him. For someone who claims the right to lead the fight he uses the tactics of the left. He is abrupt when challenged, ignores you if you disagree and then ridicules you if you persist in your perspective. His ego is in the way.
  4. Thanks ISRA for your contributions to this work of legislative art. JaBa The Putz’s re-election campaign thanks you as well.
  5. Does a public copy of the by-laws for ISRA exist? Their organizational rules as well. When is their next member meeting? When does their board meet? How are officers elected and by who? Arent these items supposed to be public? I cant find these things on their website and phone calls seem to be a dead end. Does anyone know how it operates?
  6. Thank you ISRA. You have been so incredibly helpful with your new gun law. I’m sure this will all sort itself out just about the time we’re all in court for violations of this illogical, vague, and blatantly unconstitutional law. Again, thanks. I hope to help you out for this sometime in the future.
  7. I'm not sure about non-action. I think the ISRA took deliberate actions including shopping around this "neutral" bill, and getting the ISRA membership ready for it as early as March 24 on Facebook and March 25 on the Thursday Bulletin. All leading up to taking a deliberate posture of being "neutral" to help the final bill's passage. This may well be the case, but our best interest lies in changing leadership. If we all leave ISRA they, who made the decision to cooperate, will remain in their positions. We need a strong state organization that will say no to liberal Democrats and RHINOs. The voice of the membership must be heard and recognized. Leadership must be accountable for their actions.
  8. The broader argument concerning state politics and how we arrived where we are today should be without standing in this conversation. The argument at hand is the action not taken by the leadership of the ISRA and the effects that has had on the membership and shooters. Regardless of their assumptions as to “our only choice” their non action has created a void in confidence by members that lessens the political muscle of the organization for the future. I will remain a member of the IRSA, but will criticize them when I believe their actions, or non actions, warrant it. I will continue to contribute money to the ISRA to prevent the state government from any more infringements of our civil right as ISRA can be effective when directed properly. I shall also continue the call for new leadership at the ISRA. The current leaders appear to have assumed proprietorship of the organization. This usually means complacency takes command and assumptions lead decisions. It appears this may have happened in May. The continuing refusal of leadership to address their non action, despite angry criticism, indicates arrogance. Arrogance usually indicates a dismissive attitude, in this case dismissive of membership. All this leads to the need for change. We need new leadership open to ideas and willing to work with everyone for the good of everyone.
  9. Why is the “shotgun expert” suddenly the mouthpiece for ISRA? Why the ultra defense of their neutrality? His ox is gored like the rest of us, but his defense seems willingly blind.
  10. Moving slightly off topic, is anyone aware of the parallel conversation going on at Shotgunworld.com? It seems a gentleman from Plainfield, who touts himself to be a "shotgun expert", has decidedly aligned himself with the ISRA in this matter. It also seems as if something more than just poor logic is directing his commentary.
  11. The argument stands that the ISRA leadership needed to address the situation of 31May through communications with their entire membership. They chose obfuscation instead. The very idea that they only address, what they obviously did, through emails to enquiring members shrieks of the desire to hide the obvious. The attitude that what we are offered is the best we can get is a failure of leadership to remember that they negotiated away a portion of our collective civil right. We need the ISRA, but not it’s current leadership. Who can believe them or have confidence in them after this?
  12. If I were to guess I'd say that there will be a lot of noncompliance in Illinois. That's what visionaries do, just before resistance.
  13. Their neutrality means tacit approval. Their lack of disclosure means they suffer from arrogance. Their lack of communication means they suffer from hubris. In total it means the leadership of the ISRA has lost its relevance with Illinois gun owners. It’s time for a change.
  14. Shops that require the FOID for gatekeeping purposes are ingraining the perception of legitimacy of the thing. This is partially why we are in this position today. We have built the perception of FOID legitimacy over the last five decades because it is law and we, by nature, comply with the law. But, it was bad law. It was law that, originally, never really inflected pain or inconvenience originally and was tolerated. But, with the advent of the new socialist Democrats, we see why bad law can never be disregarded again. It was the pathway to incremental restrictions abetted by those who continue in their belief that the FOID was somehow good for us. Regardless the past, the jury has returned and, on evidence, has found the ISRA guilty of collaboration with those who continue to believe that a civil right can be licensed and taxed. The organization has also been found guilty of arrogance in their belief that only they represent the higher power in all matters related to gun law. The penalty for their crimes is yet to be determined.
  15. Thanks to Todd V for his intervention on another forum. His presence is appreciated in giving firm direction to some participants in the conversation there.
  16. A phone call with Richard Pearson does not equate to a public statement. He needs to publicly explain to the ISRA membership what has happened and to clarify the ISRA's intent and direction regarding proposed anti-gun legislation. Anything less than a public statement is hearsay. Silence in this matter is deafening. Without a statement the air may well be filled with calls for his resignation. It has been too long without hearing from the core of the dispute. What may have been explainable two weeks ago is now a festering wound.
  17. "I think it does at least partly explain why the ISRA has not made any public statements: it's relying on the ambiguity of ignorance." Well stated. "If shotguns are all they own, there is a high likelihood that they are a FUDD." This might not be the best to assume anymore. There are a lot of clay shooters who are staunch defenders of OUR civil right. We're in this together.
  18. I contacted my rep by email. Here is his reply. From David Welter Thank you for your e-mail in opposition to House Bill 1092 and House Bill 562. The concerns you raise are valid and well-stated. I am a strong supporter of Second Amendment rights and have opposed both of these bills when they were first voted on in the House. Thank you for taking the time to reach out and share your feedback with me and for being an advocate for law-abiding gun owners in the State of Illinois. I support you and your constitutional rights. Sincerely, David
  19. The facts are the facts. That guy responding to you either doesn't know them or is intentionally obfuscating themThe guy who responded is a know it all. Even when wrong he’ll tell you he’s right.
  20. You have to look at the witness slips. HB562 All we need now is a direct public statement from the ISRA about why they didn't oppose the legislation. Now doubt their position will be used against us in the coming weeks. As an ISRA member I'd like to know if they will recant their actions. The future of many relationships with ISRA are hanging in the balance.
  21. It’s good to see NRA opposition to the “modernization” fiasco.
  22. For some background on crime in Chicago go to heyjackass.com. It’s enlightening to follow the weekend trends.
  23. ASC has done the right thing. The actions of the ISRA need to be recognized and more clubs need to publicize what the ISRA has, and I assume, are still doing in regards to tacitly approving anti-gun legislation in Illinois. ISRA needs to come clean on this.
  24. But, here we are 10 days later without clarification from the ISRA. It does appear from their silence that they are, in fact, dodging responsibility for their position on a piece of anti-gun legislation, whether its masked in the title “modernization “ or not. A statement clarifying what happened is necessary to preserve confidence in the organization and its leadership. It is also necessary because without a statement their lack of opposition will be portrayed as tacit support by Democrats and their press corp. The portrayal of approval will be used repeatedly against the ISRA and anyone else who opposes the left.
  25. Continued silence from the ISRA will only cause the growing wound to be poisoned. There will remain a growing suspicion by many members of their values and ideology as long as the events of the 31st are not clarified. It is easy to predict that the ramifications of that suspicion can be lower contributions, just at the time they will need even more, and lower confidence in the major player for our side. Damage has been done internally to the ISRA. If Mr. Pearson really cares about our civil right he needs to speak up now. No one is calling for his head, just a full and honest accounting of what and why things went they way they did. Our civil right is far more important than anyone's ego.
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