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  1. ahem... 🙄 I just punched in Mossberg S-130 and answered my own question...
  2. Found this in my FitL's pile of stuff. Does anyone have any idea what rifle it might've been for? He didn't have any Mossberg rifles that I'm aware of.
  3. LOL, while I agree, I can see the anti-2nd-amendment people say 'so, it sounds like you have no objection to having to purchase gun-owner insurance then'...
  4. I am very much against the idea that the FOID and CCL are combined into a single card. Lose your CCL you lose your right to own a firearm in Illinois? Depending on the circumstances that could very much be abused...
  5. He was being sarcastic... (note the purple button advisory)
  6. I don't really dislike the Hellcat and I don't have any particular animus against Springfield despite their recent traitorous actions... I did a side-by-side (countertop) comparison of the Sig P365, the Ruger Max9, the Hellcat and the Shield Plus. Admittedly I went in with a bias towards the Shield Plus because I like my Shield so much. I wanted to like the Sig best because, Sig... The Ruger, despite the dealer's high recommendation didn't do anything for me and neither did the Hellcat other than the sights. It came down to feel in my hand and target/sight acquisition on bringing it up to the eye. The Hellcat sights just jumped right into position but the Shield Plus just felt right in my hand and the sights (plain 3-dot) worked. I have the TFO sights on my Shield and if I can't find the U-dots anywhere I'll likely put TFOs on this one as well until the U-dots become available for aftermarket use.
  7. Are these a Hellcat exclusive or does someone make these? And, if so, I'd like to buy a set for my Shield Plus. Love the Shield but not the sights. Love the U-dot sights but not the Hellcat...
  8. But we don't... we harp and carp about getting the criminals off the street. It boggles my mind when I see another violent attack done by an offender with dozens of arrests and several convictions of criminal activity. Why were they out in the first place. My philosophy is that if you can't be trusted with a gun you can't be trusted out in polite society. If you can be trusted out in polite society you should retain and be able to exercise all of your rights. It's hard to accept but we will always have bad people on the street. What we need to do is, from cradle to grave, return to teaching people right and wrong and holding them to that standard. My wife just read a news article that stated a person is killed every 18 hours in a road rage incident. My guess is that 103% of those incidents occurred after one person disrespected another. Not that disrespect justifies murder but how much violent crime could be prevented if we just returned to a society where we treated each other with respect (even if we didn't actually respect them)?
  9. Any recommendations within 50 miles of the Lombard/Villa Park area?
  10. So, the ISP is back on track? I was beginning to wonder if I should begin the renewal process now for my card that expires in April of next year.
  11. Check out Marine Gun Builder on youtube and here: https://www.marinegunbuilder.com/ A lot of good information including tutorials on how best to build your project. Plus, he's fun to watch.
  12. What about gangsters just randomly shooting off firearms occasionally specifically for the purpose of drawing police away from somewhere else, or just to run them ragged?
  13. That's weird... When I first went to the Gear forum it only showed me the subforums and not the general topics. When I restarted Firefox then they were there. Can this topic be moved to the Gear forum? Thx
  14. There no discussion sub-forum in the Gear forum so I'm going to post this here. I have a Stevens 530A Single Trigger Hammerless Boxlock SxS shotgun in 12g. I'm trying to find out more info on it. It's probably from the 50's so there's no serial number and I can only find a date code of OZ or ZO. I'm curious to know its choking as I can't find any stamps on the barrels that would indicate. Also, I think I need a screw (probably ejector screw) as when you take the barrels off the part falls out.
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