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  1. Gee! I thought he was dead. Who keeps him around? Why keep him around?
  2. Just found the answer on Bishop’s YT channel.
  3. Does anyone have information on the oral arguments that were scheduled in Federal Court today?
  4. Of all the events that have happened in Springfield over the last several years ISRA has chosen this one to be proactive about? I found it in my inbox this morning and immediately began to wonder why, after years of insubstantial information and fund raising, this legislation is of interest to them. What table are they trying to wangle a seat it this time?
  5. The commentary relating to the same story on Gunssavelife.com is interesting. It seems some shooters are disenchanted with Igold. Hum……
  6. Sounds like ISP will need another billion or so to hire someone’s brother in law to fix this. No doubt that within 10 years they’ll need to add fees to the registration scheme to shore up all the problems left by the Chinese software bought by the brother in law and to fund the retirement accounts for the party members hired for their skill and computer expertise. Can’t wait until the data stolen.
  7. Wow! Now there’s political leadership. Once this guy sold his soul to socialism all he can do is yell, “me too!”. Thank God he’s not on our side.
  8. Can’t wait to read the definitions. This will be good.
  9. Thank you once again for your leadership in these matters. If it wasn’t for you, Molly, and this site we’d all be mushrooms still in the dark waiting to be picked.
  10. It shall be interesting to see what shops have the hutzpah to start selling the formally “banned” items again. We’ll need to remember them for the future.
  11. I just want to advise everyone who may wish to order a gun from RK Guns that the company is stopping anyone with an Illinois zip code from using their online ordering system. I wanted to buy a .22 bolt action rifle today that had been advertised via email, but when I ordered it I was stopped because of my zip code. I then called to order it and was told the order still cannot be filled because I’m in Illinois. Nothing that I said would make any difference. I could only by the gun directly from the store, if they had it, which they did not. Even though all RKG is doing is shipping to a dealer, they still refuse to allow me to order it. I called their corporate office in Mattoon and was told the same thing. Their customer service supervisor was not interested in hearing complaints. After having purchased a number of guns from RKG using their online ordering system I can’t help but be insulted by their current business practice. if you’re thinking about a new gun you’ll have to go to one of their stores to buy it. If they have it.
  12. My thanks to everyone who discovered a workaround. I’m a computer Luddite and need things really simplified for me. I’m not quite sure which necessary evil is worse, government or the computer.
  13. I hate showing how naive I am, but does ISP have the ability to request anything in this matter? I would have presumed that AG represents the state in legal matters and not the police.
  14. It is obvious to everyone that it’s time for a leader change at ISRA. My worry is who will be the replacement. Perhaps the change needs to be deeper than just the top. But, I know of at least one other person who, it appears, has some influence in the organization that I wouldn’t trust. I can only assume there are others. When is the next annual meeting where lowly members might meet and express their dissatisfaction?
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