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My license was in my mail today!

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My mail man just came, wouldn't you know it there it was my CC license. I didn't figure it would come in the first mailing being application number 7337 and living up around Chicago. I'm shocked. Going out to dinner tonight just got more exciting...and little scary if I'm being honest.


What county? Cook?



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My license arrived today (Monday) with an issue date of last Friday. I applied on Jan 2nd. My wife applied roughly 10 minutes after me and is still under review. Not sure why that is only difference in our applications is I used my Veteran status for my first 8 hrs of training. She used NRA Basic Pistol class for her's. I took the same class with her but thought if they keep statistiics I wanted to show Veterans are using their military training to qualify. Not sure if that made a difference or if I just got lucky. I'm in Bartonville in Peoria County. Edited by velosanders
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