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  1. Bailey is a long time and active member of Guns Save Life. I am in the free state of Indiana now, but he would have my vote if I was still in Illinois. Jim.
  2. Two years ago when I moved from Illinois to The Great State of Indiana I also have a Florida CCW. I went to the Florida web site and changed it no charge and was informed the state would check for any other apps and change them also. Florida does not issue a new card because your address is not listed on the card. Jim.
  3. Saw this bill and it has been referred to the "rules committee," isn't that where they send bills to die a quiet death? Jim.
  4. I really liked the stupid in the Tribune article, it is not going to be easier to buy a firearm, there are still background checks the same as now. The great state of Indiana will still be issuing a "license to Carry" for people that want to be able to carry to states that recognize the Indiana license. Indiana now issues two different types of License to Carry, a five year and a "lifetime." They are the same price which is the price of fingerprinting, yes, that is all it costs and the fingerprinting fee is standard across the state, $12.95. Disclaimer; the liberal stronghold of Marion County, think Indianapolis, does charge a small fee for the license. If you do read the Tribune article I love the way it complains about how there was an unrelated bill gutted and replaced with the original language of the bill passed in the house and later changed in the senate. Sounded to me like a "shell bill" that was invented and perfected by Madigan and friends. Jim.
  5. Signed into law about 2 hours ago 3-21-2022 about 5:30 PM. It is my understanding it will go into effect 7-1-2022. Jim.
  6. Really! I did not know that. Since my move to Indiana I don't get into Illinois stores or gun shops much, I would rather give my money to local businesses. So if I would stop at somewhere in Illinois and happen to see a deal on some ammo I would not be able to buy? Did this change recently? I seem to remember back when I lived in Illinois if someone showed an out of state drivers license they could buy ammo. Of course being a reloader I had not tried to buy ammo in Illinois for several years before my move two years ago. Jim.
  7. Yes, no action and it becomes law, if vetoed a simple majority to override. Worst case if he waits as long as possible to veto and there is no time to come back to session it is still live when the legislature comes back to the next session. It is said he wants to run for U. S. Senator if he does veto it will not be good for his campaign. Actually I don't think it will help if he signs it, gun owners already know he is a RINO. Jim.
  8. Beat me to it. Now that I have been an Indiana resident for 2 years this month it is near and dear to me. It has not been an easy trip and it has shown there are worthless RINOs here in Indiana also. This was killed in a senate committee last year that was run by republicans and the bill was gutted in another senate republican dominated committee this year. The bill had already passed the house 68 to 40 so the original language was put into another bill and that way it came to a floor vote in the senate. There were several RINOs that still voted against the bill but it passed 30 to 20 so now goes to the governor. Now the governor is another worthless RINO and it was found he was working behind the scenes to kill the bill. Now if he would veto the bill it only takes 51% to override in Indiana. He could sit on the bill until this session is over but that does not kill the bill, the override vote could be taken in next years session. One bad thing, the deadline to file for this years has already passed so it will be 2024 before any of these RINOs can be primaried but talk has already started. Governor Holcomb's term is up in 2024 and he cannot run for governor again. Most offices are limited to two consecutive terms and this is his second. If he does sign in a timely manner the new law will take effect July first this year. I am not too worried about the date because I have an Indiana lifetime license which will still be available. The five year and the lifetime licenses are now both the same cost, $12.95 for fingerprinting. Jim.
  9. From the best of my memory when the feds charge someone like this with that many charges most if not all will stick. I don't live in Illinois any more but am glad this is happening. Jim.
  10. This is correct, no matter what you get for yourselves or is forced upon you no matter how bad, loosing statewide preemption would make things worse. Of course I am on the outside looking back from the free state of Indiana but I do have to come back to Illinois at times. Jim.
  11. I have a good friend, not a member here. who just got an offer on his house and will be moving to Florida. So there goes two more conservatives and their tax money out of this failed state of Illinois. My wife and I already left in March of 2020 and are now very happy in beautiful small town Indiana. Jim.
  12. those four words are really all that needs to be said the thread might as well be closed now. Jim.
  13. I just hope they don't move to Indiana and keep voting liberal, those are the people we don't need in a free state. Jim.
  14. Yesterday while running an errand I caught a train, three engines, a couple box cars and the rest of the train was tank cars. Oil is still flowing but at a lot more expensive course. and the idiot in the white house does a victory dance. Jim.
  15. AT SOME POINT, Dem citizens, have to be sick of the crime... and smart enough to blame the right person.(s) You are forgetting about whom you speak. Jim.
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