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  1. Not a law yet, just passed the House in South Dakota by a huge margin. It seems the state has only "medicinal" marijuana because it only pertains to medicinal dispensaries. There must be signs warning patrons about the federal firearms ban for marijuana users. Guns And Weed: South Dakota House Passes Bill Forcing Cannabis Shops To Warn Customers Of Fed Firearms Ban (msn.com) Probably would not get much traction there in Illinois because it gives one more reason an otherwise honest and law abiding citizen won't be able to buy firearms. I would be interested what kind of reception a proposed bill like this would get. No, I won't be promoting this because I no longer live in Illinois so it would have no effect on me. I am quite happy living in Indiana where pot is illegal but guns are legal. Jim.
  2. Sort of how the ISP always got CCW and FOID cars distributed in the time allotted by statute. Jim.
  3. Glad I moved to Indiana in 2020 so I don't have to worry about all this but I am only five miles from that cesspool and still have friends and family there. Now I am not a Glock person even though I do own and sometimes carry a G-26 am not fluent in interchangeability between models. My understanding is a Glock 17 comes standard with a 17 round magazine and that magazine will also fit my G-26 which comes standard with a 10 round magazine. To me that means the G-17 needs to be registered but my G-26 should also be registered because it can use the same magazine. Stupid law written by idiots and vague enough to intentionally be confusing. Jim.
  4. I just thought of a couple other big bore rifle calibers, very rare in the states but possible. I am talking about those few people that hunt big game in Africa, 500 Nitro Express, 577 Nitro express and the 505 Gibbs. My understanding, these are pretty much limited to double rifle's and not ammo you will find at Rural King but will these be illegal also. Jim.
  5. I have that same thought, only thinking of S&W 500 Magnum. I don't have one just curious about that caliber. I really don't have one because I now live in the free state of Indiana where I can have pretty much whatever I can afford. Jim.
  6. Full auto firearms must have a federal license to own and if you have that there are many states where they can be legally owned. This is true in my new and forever home of Indiana where we also have constitutional carry with no blood running in the streets. Jim.
  7. Now that I have been a resident of the great state of Indiana for a little over three years I do not plan to attend any more IGOLD events. I do look here and Guns Save Life to keep abreast of what happens in my former state. I do have relatives and friends there that I visit so do spend time there because of that. I think my opinion is the same as many others there is nothing will come from the legislature in Illinois. All good things that have happened have all been forced on the state by the courts. Jim.
  8. I don’t think so either, smokeless powder burns fast but does not explode. You must have it contained so it will build up pressure to simulate an explosion. Don’t have any first hand knowledge but it is my understanding black powder will explode. Jim.
  9. Greenwood, Indiana names gun owner who stopped mall shooting "Citizen of the Year" – Bearing Arms I think this fits in this forum, I think it will get more deserved attention than in the "Back Room" where only members can see it. Can anyone imagine a town in Illinois honoring someone that saved lives using a gun. This is the young man that carried without a license to carry just a few days after Indiana law went to "Constitutional Carry." Yes the mall was posted but in Indiana those signs do NOT carry the weight of law so he was legal. Jim.
  10. Not really surprising even in Indiana. Indy is a democrat run cesspool and police chiefs are hired by the city and they will hire those that do their bidding. Jim.
  11. They'd never go for that, makes too much sense. You are correct it does make sense, it is also the first time I ever agreed with soundguy. Worlds are colliding! Jim.
  12. We have simply been listing with a check mark that they showed proof a DD124. While these new emergency rules are in effect, we will ask for a copy to keep with our records and ask student to redact social security number. I have been doing the same thing, verify the DD-214 and note that on my training record along with hits on qualifing target etc. And like you I really do not feel comfortable keeping someones SS number, if they would ever become a victim of identity theft that could be a bad situtation for the instructor. This is especially true after the revocation of certain instructors who apparently were less than honest. I am an Army veteran so can only verify their rules as of when I served, 1969/1971. Instead of giving you a seperate and distinct service number your social security number was used. So the only way I can see you can redact the SS number is to redact the service number. This is something you might bring up to the ISP as a big reason for instructors to not retain a copy. Jim.
  13. I remember at one time early on in all this the ISP wanted the DD-214 loaded to the application . This is rubbish, if the ISP want a copy retained have it loaded to them. Jim.
  14. Got mine today in Vermilion county. Met the mail lady at the door, sorted to find the letter and let out a yell. Scared the he77 out of her then ran into the street and did a dance legally carrying my Glock. Jim.
  15. I thought it was bad enough his only having a license little over a year. Twentysix years and says things like that is unreal. Jim.
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