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  1. Yes, the Motor Home was $800.00 the first year but this year $600.00. Still a chunk but next year will be better and real estate taxes are better. We live in a small "town" that officially is in an unincorporated part of the county. Our home is a new modular on a half acre lot as of march 2020 and this year the taxes were $375.00 for the year. Jim.
  2. X-Illinois now happy Indiana resident paying a lot less in total taxes and fees. I think the only thing is license plate fees are based on value of vehicle. Not great if you own a new car/truck or in our case a motor home. Still evens out, when we moved in 2020 my 2004 truck, 2004 Harley Davidson and utility trailer license and new titles was a total about $225. Jim,
  3. I no longer live in your state but looking over the representative list I do not see Dan Calkin and I remember him to be a staunch supporter of 2A. Met him at a Guns Save Life meeting and he is a frequent visitor to these meetings, don't know if he is a member or not. I do know Darren Bailey is a member as is Mary Miller. After mauserme's comment above it is obvious how worthless the ISRA is. Jim.
  4. Moved out of that cesspool of a state in March of 2020 and have never been happier. I first got a five year license to carry because I guessed it would be faster than the "Lifetime" license. Honestly it took some time because so many things were shut down because of the Chinese flu, it took a month to get an Indiana drivers license. Then about a year later I got my "Lifetime" license to carry and now as of this last July it is now Constitutional Carry. None of these options ever included any type of training and "carry" included open or concealed, no distinction between the two. I am not saying training should not be done but it should never be a requirement. Jim.
  5. Of course I could be wrong but my understanding is even an FFL adn manufactur can still only serelize firearms they manufactured.
  6. What I like in his speech is the last words, "We'll make sure no one can steal an election AGAIN." Kind of a Freudian slip? Jim.
  7. Yes, we do have Constitutional Carry here in Indiana. That became law on July 1st this year and before that Indiana was one of the states with the highest number of people with License to Carry. Just looked it up and Indiana is third with 14% behind Utah and Alabama. That is a % of total population not just of those old enough to get a license. Jim.
  8. That is correct as long as the democrats are doing it.
  9. Bailey is a long time and active member of Guns Save Life. I am in the free state of Indiana now, but he would have my vote if I was still in Illinois. Jim.
  10. Two years ago when I moved from Illinois to The Great State of Indiana I also have a Florida CCW. I went to the Florida web site and changed it no charge and was informed the state would check for any other apps and change them also. Florida does not issue a new card because your address is not listed on the card. Jim.
  11. Saw this bill and it has been referred to the "rules committee," isn't that where they send bills to die a quiet death? Jim.
  12. I really liked the stupid in the Tribune article, it is not going to be easier to buy a firearm, there are still background checks the same as now. The great state of Indiana will still be issuing a "license to Carry" for people that want to be able to carry to states that recognize the Indiana license. Indiana now issues two different types of License to Carry, a five year and a "lifetime." They are the same price which is the price of fingerprinting, yes, that is all it costs and the fingerprinting fee is standard across the state, $12.95. Disclaimer; the liberal stronghold of Marion County, think Indianapolis, does charge a small fee for the license. If you do read the Tribune article I love the way it complains about how there was an unrelated bill gutted and replaced with the original language of the bill passed in the house and later changed in the senate. Sounded to me like a "shell bill" that was invented and perfected by Madigan and friends. Jim.
  13. Signed into law about 2 hours ago 3-21-2022 about 5:30 PM. It is my understanding it will go into effect 7-1-2022. Jim.
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