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  1. I've been shooting competitively going on my 6th year and have tried basically every type of lube. The only things grease belongs on are Garands, over/under shotguns, and the pin that holds the bolt into the carrier on a semi auto (Benneli) style shotgun. I actually had grease on the rails of a Ruger P90 45 and shot it outdoors when it was like in the 20's out and the slide cycled so slowly that you could actually watch it slowly slide into battery lol. Froglube is the same concept. My buddy swore up and down that Froglube was the best of the best, and I took him to shoot outdoors in the winter and it was malfunction after malfunction. We stripped the froglube off and went back and the gun ran fine. If you've detail stripped a gun, just use a good lube, really any good lube on all parts and surfaces that are metal. I have a collection of expensive lubricants and since I clean my guns religiously, I go through a lot of lube. From a cost and performance perspective, the best I've found is Radcolube which is a regular old CLP. The company is based here in Illinois and they're one of the military's suppliers. Every gun I own is run "wet". I used to be a minimalist when it came to lubing my guns, but after seeing how many malfunctions I was getting once a gun was run hard enough and got dirty enough, I started lubing more liberally and my well tuned guns run malfunction free. You'll read a lot from people talking about how you should lube your carry gun minimally to avoid lint, but you're gonna get lint in the gun regardless. Just use enough lube that you can see the gun is actually lubed, but not so much that your clothes are also getting lubed lol. Range guns and competition guns are extremely lubed. The only other lube I've used that performs extremely well is Lucas Oil Xtreme Duty gun oil. The viscosity of the oil is a bit thicker than CLP, or other oils, so it "sticks" a bit better to where you apply it. I actually like it better on an AR bolt than CLP for this reason. It seems like it doesn't burn off quite as much as thinner oils, and isn't thick enough to affect cycling.
  2. If you check out 223 ballistic gel test videos on YouTube, seeing the force of a standard FMJ coming out at 223 velocities ,the damage to that loser's arm wouldn't be all that surprising.
  3. Just keep in mind, attorneys work on billable hours. Before long people realize that they're being taken on a wild goose chase that the attorney knew would be exactly that. Meanwhile they're just racking up the billable hours on you. I'd seek another opinion before you start paying off your attorney's mortgage. The minute your attorney on retainer picks up the phone to talk to you, they're starting the clock billing you for their time.
  4. And the Walmart thread is active again. I use another name for Walmart....I call it Walshart.
  5. For the "double action" OTF's (the ones that open and close automatically), no. At least not any of the Microtech or Benchmade models. The reason is that the springs don't act directly on the blade; they give it a push to get it started, and then the blade just coasts into the lock. The blade is only under spring tension for the first 1/4" or so of travel. You might get a minor cut, but not a serious wound. My Ultratech will penetrate about a quarter inch into a roll of Charmin, that's about it. "Single action" designs, where the blade is always under spring tension and must be retracted manually, may be different. I haven't handled any of those yet. The Microtech Halo series is single action, as is the one SiliconSorceror described. As I mentioned above, check out the Halo series... The Halo is interesting, but they're hard to find, as well as expensive. My buddy down in Texas has a couple of them...one he carries occasionally, and the other is more of a show and tell piece....it was incredibly expensive. It's interesting though that the single action models are the ones that have the power to fully extend despite something being in the path of the blade. I'll have to keep an eye out for them.
  6. I was quite surprised to find just how much force is required to activate on the ultratech. After a couple of times my thumb is a little sore....no worries about activating in pocket! From the older ones I fooled around with, they seemed to be a bit less stiff, but they were approximately 3-4 years old and used regularly by my buddy in Texas. But when I say "less stiff", it wasn't by much, perhaps easier to close is all. I like it a lot, and it really solves the problem I had with a spring assisted openers I was carrying on my weak side. Even with practice, I found it difficult to grip and deploy quickly enough to use effectively. The OTF works extremely well for that use. As soon as I pull it out of my weak side pocket, my hand grips it perfectly, and the switch falls right under my thumb, ready to be activated. The one thing I'm curious about is, does the extension of the blade have enough force to pierce something like a belly? It comes out with authority, and I can see being in a ground and pound situation where you're on the losing end, and pressing the end of the blade against your assailant's belly and activating the blade. I haven't been able to find much online regarding this particular use.
  7. Nice but some of those go for as much as a gun. Lol! However, the work that goes into them isn't cheap I get that. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro The Microtech's I really want are all over $500. I'm not interested in spending that kind of money right now so the one I bought will keep me happy until I have the spare funds for one of their top shelf models.
  8. They're dangerous, aren't they (strictly in the sense that you want more once you have one)? I'm probably going to pick up a UTX-70 when they do another run (that's the Ultratech, but scaled down to 70% of the size). Which one did you get? I ended up getting an Ultratech 2017 Blade Show edition. Stone washed blade, razor sharp, and it's dual edged. Really nice knife! I might get another one in a few months. I don't really buy guns anymore (I have most of the ones I want) so I might as well start picking up a few knives lol.
  9. The Microtech I ordered just arrived today and man is it nice! For an OTF, the lockup on it is very solid, and there's barely any side to side and front to back movement. The trigger that fires and retracts the blade takes some force to activate both to open and close it. To close it the force required to move the trigger is a bit less than to open it. I wouldn't worry about anything accidentally firing the blade. Great knife, and I can already see that I'll eventually have a collection lol
  10. I'm going with the Benchmade Mini-barrage. Blade is pretty close to the legal length and am real happy with my Mini-griptilian. But does blade length limit change with this law too? The Mini-barrage isn't an auto knife fyi. It's a spring assisted opener that's perfectly legal in the state today. Great knife, but if you're looking for an auto, that's not one.
  11. The same thing happened to me last week! And I finally found the Federal bulk pack 12 gauge ammo I was looking for. They had more than I could carry in both arms lol.
  12. Rt 83 is west of County Line Rd so it's DuPage. If it's the one I'm thinking of its Elmhurst. That's what I thought but wasn't sure. I think you're right, it is Elmhurst. It's the Walmart directly across 83 from Oak Brook mall. For whatever reason, the various Walmart ammo checkers aren't working properly for the locations outside of Crook. Not all of the locations, but a lot of them that I've checked.
  13. Has anyone seen those Federal Bulk Packs of 3 dram 1 1/8oz number 8's in a Walmart that isn't in Crook County? Also somewhere within the northeaster part of this state. I went to Bloomingdale a couple weeks ago and they didn't have squat. I'd settle for #7.5's if that was all that was available. One other question, is the Walmart on 83 in Crook or Dupage? Can't really figure that out and I don't want to waste a trip there for nothing if they're in Crook and the tax applies.
  14. Workplace violence http://www.reuters.com/article/us-texas-hostages-idUSKCN0Z0251
  15. I had read that they were on the lookout for a Somali man in khaki pants. The only other stories I'm able to find are that they've killed him. Nothing further on identity.
  16. Yep, those are the ones. Can't find a deal better than that and the quality is shockingly good for the price.
  17. Now that 6/1 has arrived, I'm going to have to drive out of the county to buy my Federal bulk packs of 12 gauge.
  18. Going to Walmart is apparently exciting for that dude from Oak Park.
  19. She looks like my neighbor. The one who is living with another loser whose never worked a job in the 15 years I've lived here, and they have 2 kids, and neither one works. Somehow they can afford an apartment, and new appliances and beds which were delivered last week. SMH. They have a trampoline in their backyard. I'm tempted to go jump on it and when they ask me what I'm doing, I'm going to tell them that I paid for a portion of it and I'm getting some use of my investment.
  20. I was in Walmart last week. It smelled like someone farted while I waited 20 minutes for the one person with a FOID to come open the cabinet. Turns out I farted. I stepped about 5 feet away and gave dirty looks to the person in the aisle with me.
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