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  1. Kipp Jones

    Gun prices

    Could you please provide some examples for us...
  2. Obviously their first protest achieved nothing so why would they do it again? Insanity? Should they be red flagged?
  3. Any ban should mandate any movie released in the past 100 years that includes a firearm be immediately removed from media content and reparations be paid back to the survivors of people violence using firearms. Also any further media productions whether it be TV or movie shall include no firearms use including law enforcement as all media should be clean and free of firearms. If this criteria is not met any proposed legislation should be immediately stricken from the record.
  4. If you're looking for something that is not web stored video you might want to look at some of the old EZ watch pro systems as you install a PCI card into your computer and all the video is stored on your hard drive and is accessible remotely.
  5. I would suggest you be creative with the appearance of your safes and disguise them in any manner you can as the people are there to look at your home not your belongings.
  6. If you use a Vickers +2 extension ($12), it gets close to the Shield 9rnd mag at a much less costly price. Plus I enjoy the grip extension as I have large hands and need it to comfortably grip the 43. I am all for the innovations of Shield Arms but IMHO, they are being greedy.
  7. Please reread my post as I said your expectation that he will condemn his father publicly is not realistic. That will not happen.
  8. Your expectation is unreasonable. Do you really expect him to condemn his own father publicly? He will not do that, I can assure you of that. You are essentially giving him an ultimatum and we all know how that goes.
  9. No but a friend accidentally brought pepper spray through the security checkpoint at an airport and the TSA did not catch it and they didn't realize until they returned that they brought it through and on the plane.
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