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  1. What is the upside for intentionally attempting to bring a firearm on board? We all forget things but when traveling, is there not a personal responsibility for inspecting your luggage at home?
  2. It is just like businesses making it difficult to spend your money. I take my money elsewhere. I agree with the OP. Unfortunately traffic is down and so is the quality of the content.
  3. Just curious, has site traffic changed or is it the same since the site change and maintenance? Thank you.
  4. So now I have to pay someone else to exercise a right. How unconstitutional is that...
  5. Another way to divide people instead of bringing them together.
  6. This is good to know! Ended up not open carrying becasue most of our time was spent in Denver and I wasn't sure where the cutoff was. I also did not see anyone open carrying while we were outside of Denver, so I wasn't comfortable being the only person open carrying and freaking people out that might not be used to it. O'hare wasn't too bad. Declared my firearm. The person checking us in wanted to see that it was unloaded. I opened the case and they just looked at it and said ok. I put the flag the chamber prior to make that part easier. Then we walked with TSA to the xray machine and that was it. Picked up the baggage at baggage service once in Denver. Denver airport was the same. I left the red tag on and the people there asked me before we got in line if there was a firearm and I said yes. She put me in a different line for check in. This person did not want me to open the case like at Ohare. Same thing, TSA took it and we followed to xray. And then picked it up at service at ORD. Very easy process and almost VIP like since everyone is watching my bag the whole time. Yes, we tend to get VIP treatment.
  7. Will the guns pass the background check? Gun violence right? Not people violence...
  8. Why is there no accountability for not following the law? If I did not perform my job responsibilities as required by law I at a minimum would be terminated. This is happening because it is being tolerated.
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