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  1. Sounds like Ford advocated for civilians to have guns with the same features as law enforcement government. Ok, then that applies to suppressors and fully automatic weapons.
  2. Add in the holidays plus the current state of the United States Postal Service and there lies your answer.
  3. Maybe Durbin would get real about reducing crime if he did not have a security detail with him all the time including two agents while traveling on a plane.
  4. Caliber : 10mm Bullet : 155gr. LEAD FREE SOLID COPPER HOLLOW POINT Ballistics : Glock 29 - 1345 fps / 623 ft lbs Glock 20 - 1400 fps / 683 ft lbs Glock 20, 1400fps, 25 Yard Zero, 6000ft Elevation, .75" Sight Height, Bullet BC: .189, 10mph Cross Wind
  5. When the ammunition is in stock, this is some of the best full power 10mm. https://doubletapammo.com/collections/10mm
  6. What is the upside for intentionally attempting to bring a firearm on board? We all forget things but when traveling, is there not a personal responsibility for inspecting your luggage at home?
  7. It is just like businesses making it difficult to spend your money. I take my money elsewhere. I agree with the OP. Unfortunately traffic is down and so is the quality of the content.
  8. Just curious, has site traffic changed or is it the same since the site change and maintenance? Thank you.
  9. So now I have to pay someone else to exercise a right. How unconstitutional is that...
  10. Another way to divide people instead of bringing them together.
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