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My license was in my mail today!

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Nothing for me in Naperville but I was approved around 5p on the 28th. Guess mine missed the pickup on the 28th. Perhaps good news tomorrow.



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I assume you applied 1/3 or 1/4? I'm thinking that's the link here. Later approvals didn't make the mail cutoff. I just hope they still dumped them in the mail Friday and didn't leave them for Monday to mail. I'll be frustrated if we don't get them until Wednesday or Thursday.

yep competed my app on 1/3 because of Biometrics not submitting prints on time. No big deal. It will be here this week sometime. LEADS has proof of the license being active.



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I was Approved Late afternoon Friday

Applied 12/18/2014

Paid 12/18/2014

Finger Prints Submitted 12/18/2014

So it looks like 75 days from Application Submitted to License in hand . Considering we have been waiting Decades not to shabby at all But still sooner than the 90 days .

Now us residents have more rights than the Non Residents that have been able to carry in there vehicle when we could not


Dover applied 12/18 application #246 approved 2/27 and arrived aROUND12:00 TODAY. Couldn't get to computer before now had to move a new air compressor. But Wally Walk is coming up VERY fast. Lock and Load.


All new license Holders be safe out there and watch out for the ANTI's


Edit: Forgot St Clair County in Mascoutah, Il

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i've never dared to step foot in my front yard carrying.

I do this l the time.


I normally open carry a Glock 22 while I mow the yard so if I see a critter that needs to be dispatched I can handle it post haste.

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The Federal Farmer household got 2 love letters from the ISP today. Waiting for the Mrs. to get home from qualifying a student before opening. I applied Dec. 18th instructor and she applied on the 19th. I was application #321 I think, she was over 5200.
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