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  1. Yeah, mine expired on 2/1/2020 as well. I sent in the renewal a month before it expired. I'm still under review currently. Maybe by Christmas they will get one out to me....
  2. Because if you have something on your record that's coming up as a felony then you can't legally own a firearm, in any state.
  3. If you have a felony conviction on your criminal record you're not eligible to buy or posses a firearm in any state, let alone get a FOID card is this one. Yes it needs to be expunged if its not already. The people who issue FOID cards are the ISP, they are not an employer, they are the state police. Its gonna show up if its on your record. Not sure how IL works but some serious juvenile crimes like a felonious firearm charge may not be able to be expunged. Seek actual legal consul would be my advice.
  4. I don't know the specific answer but I would imagine you should check back a couple months out of the expiration and keep on checking back in regularly until you can do it.
  5. Your attorney / legal advice was correct as I understand it. If a conviction was expunged its no longer on your record and nobody can look it up. At least not anyone doing any sort of regular background check anyways. If you're applying to become a member of the FBI or something like that it might be a different story. But even still, you answer NO to that question. You don't legally have to disclose whats expunged off your record. That's the whole reason expunction exists in the first place. It never happened. Sorry for your mistake. Hope it all works out for you in the end. Good Luck.
  6. Yes because everybody knows that if you have a knife blade that shoots out at the push of a button it clearly becomes more deadly than any other bladed object. Especially in a CCL holders hands. And these people are not only allowed to speak but also permitted to run a state huh ? Fear mongering morons. When is the illogical nonsense gonna stop.... Probably never right.
  7. Do they not take paper applications anymore or do they actually make you sign up to download a printable form ? Used to be you could walk into any gun store or place that sold guns and get an application to mail in.
  8. Yeah i doubt its anything. If it was a metal detector to what end would it be used ? Everyone is walking in with things like purses, car keys, phones, change. Its all gonna set that off and without people checking it makes no sense. Not to mention Walmart is pro guns and allows concealed carry in their stores. Sometimes the security tag alarms mess up and beep at everyone thats walks in.
  9. My mail man just came, wouldn't you know it there it was my CC license. I didn't figure it would come in the first mailing being application number 7337 and living up around Chicago. I'm shocked. Going out to dinner tonight just got more exciting...and little scary if I'm being honest.
  10. If they post legal signage, it's a prohibited area and violators are subject to arrest and prosecution, it's not at the discretion of the store at that point. Their discretion is whether to post the sign and make it a prohibited area (if not prohibited by statute). Illinois doesn't make it trespassing, it's a criminal offense. If they post signage that doesn't meet the legal definition it's hard to say exactly what would happen. You could easily end up as the test case in front of a judge as to whether signage besides the specified sign is legally binding. Ya that doesn't bother me personally, but you are correct, better safe than sorry. If you conceal correctly how would anyone even know though to call the police ? Again I agree with respecting all laws and gun free areas.
  11. I wonder if this is another case of the anti's running around plastering the signs without the store manager knowing about it. Wow are they really doing that ? Isn't that illegal to post one of those signs without permission ?
  12. I will have to take a trip to my local Walmart one of these days and look for signs. The ones in my area (Dupage county) don't even sell guns or ammo. I guess they can do whatever they want even if they have a sign, they still can choose to have you arrested or not. I wouldn't worry about it as long as we can confirm the policy is guns are allowed for shoppers.
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