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My license was in my mail today!

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I just got my CCW License in the mail. I am in DuPage County. Looks great.


I am going out to get some work done and I will be carrying for the FIRST TIME.


[purple] be sure to wear mucking boots - all the blood in the streets [/purple]

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Just got mine also, Williamson County. In the south.

Well I was approved last Friday and submitted with prints on 1/3/2014 and live just 1 1/2 hours south of springfield and did not get my license today in the mail. I am not happy at all. I don't see how you got yours being all the way down near Marion twice as far away as I am.

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My mail man just came, wouldn't you know it there it was my CC license. I didn't figure it would come in the first mailing being application number 7337 and living up around Chicago. I'm shocked. Going out to dinner tonight just got more exciting...and little scary if I'm being honest.


What county? Cook?

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