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  1. This is correct, no matter what you get for yourselves or is forced upon you no matter how bad, loosing statewide preemption would make things worse. Of course I am on the outside looking back from the free state of Indiana but I do have to come back to Illinois at times. Jim.
  2. I have a good friend, not a member here. who just got an offer on his house and will be moving to Florida. So there goes two more conservatives and their tax money out of this failed state of Illinois. My wife and I already left in March of 2020 and are now very happy in beautiful small town Indiana. Jim.
  3. those four words are really all that needs to be said the thread might as well be closed now. Jim.
  4. I just hope they don't move to Indiana and keep voting liberal, those are the people we don't need in a free state. Jim.
  5. Yesterday while running an errand I caught a train, three engines, a couple box cars and the rest of the train was tank cars. Oil is still flowing but at a lot more expensive course. and the idiot in the white house does a victory dance. Jim.
  6. AT SOME POINT, Dem citizens, have to be sick of the crime... and smart enough to blame the right person.(s) You are forgetting about whom you speak. Jim.
  7. When I was an instructor my classes started with a disclaimer that there should be no such thing as mandatory training but since it is required we will do the full 16 hours. Last week I had someone ask me about taking one of my classes and after hearing I am no longer an instructor they ask who I recommend. Living in Indiana I don't keep up with this any more so recommend no one. I do tell them that if they take a class that is not the full amount of time to demand their money back now. Jim.
  8. I checked out the no opinion slips filed, there was one. Name Filter Firm, Business Or Agency Filter Representing Filter Testimony Filter Ed Sullivan EOSullivan Consulting Illinois State Rifle Association Record Of Appearance Only Sounds like they are still happy. Jim.
  9. Check out Capitol Fax today 6/10 the article about fix the FOID mentions the ISRA being neutral amd was mentioned by one of the commentors. Progress on gun control that is not opposed by ISRA? What’s the holdup?
  10. How exactly would Biden expand the Supreme Court? He doesn’t have the votes in the senate. Manchin won’t go along, that sinks it right there. They can kill the filibuster rule. VP breaks tie. and there you go. If Manchin won't vote for it that should bring a 51-49 vote or if he votes 'present" that would leave it 50-49. That is not a tie. Of course that is if all of the RINO's vote as republicans and not once again prove what a pile of crap they are. Jim.
  11. Drive through joints with car service! I still have to come back to Illinois for stuff since I moved to Indiana, move was only 15 miles so not far. I do my absolute best to never spend a dime in the state of Illinois. Jim.
  12. An FFL must keep the "book" as long as they are an active business then it is sent to the BATF. It is different for an FFL-03 Collector of Curios and Relics, if you let your license lapse you are free to destroy the records at any time. Jim.
  13. Florida issues the same license to carry to everyone, there is no non-resident/resident. All you have to do with Florida is go to their web site and change your address, oh yes they do it NO CHARGE unlike the money grubbing socialist state of Illinois. You might have people wanting to take the Illinois CCW class in Florida, not to Florida residents but snowbirds that spend winters there. I know people that get bored to death by time to come back north, they just go for the warmer weather. Jim.
  14. <<< Look over to your left and note the date that I joined here and how long I’ve been fighting for our rights. I guarantee you that I am not naive and have spent many years dealing the evils that we face. I’m realistic. OK, look there again, I have been here a little longer, I remember it used to give your member number there also and I was #8 so I have been here a while also. Not only was I at the first IGOLD but I also attended before that when it was ISRA Lobby Day. You could probably say I am not doing much now since I moved out of that ****hole of a state. 2A rights were not the only reason but a big part of it, wife was ready to go also. Only had to move 15 miles so not that far so I am still on the Board of Directors of Guns Save Life even though I live in Indiana. I have been watching the democrats AKA the left do everything they could do to take away our rights and I mean some underhanded ****. This while making the state less safe with the sancturary cities and now the state a sancturary state. Anyone here that is somewhat new should also remember the only reason Illinois has CCW is they were ordered buy the federal courts. Even then Chicago democrats still fought against it and the governor Quin another democrat waited till the last day to veto it as a delaying tactic. Then you have Illinois Carry a group dedicated to 2A rights with people here voting for the POS democrats dedicated to taking away our guns. Sorry to say there are the same type people across the state line at "Indiana Gun Owners" Biden voters with an attitude. They are like trolls that just want to argue and disrupt threads, again these are people I have no idea why they are there. At least the moderators there have recently cleaned house of some of the worst offenders and good riddance. Here over the years I have seen a couple real freedom fighters either banned, shut out or run off. So I am not buying this "we welcome everyone that has an interest in gun ownership. Jim.
  15. This was brought up on capitol fax blog today. Go read the comments and find out how liberals really feel about us, truly disgusting. Jim. Capitol Fax.com - Your Illinois News Radar » “Straight up fear”
  16. They'd never go for that, makes too much sense. You are correct it does make sense, it is also the first time I ever agreed with soundguy. Worlds are colliding! Jim.
  17. We have simply been listing with a check mark that they showed proof a DD124. While these new emergency rules are in effect, we will ask for a copy to keep with our records and ask student to redact social security number. I have been doing the same thing, verify the DD-214 and note that on my training record along with hits on qualifing target etc. And like you I really do not feel comfortable keeping someones SS number, if they would ever become a victim of identity theft that could be a bad situtation for the instructor. This is especially true after the revocation of certain instructors who apparently were less than honest. I am an Army veteran so can only verify their rules as of when I served, 1969/1971. Instead of giving you a seperate and distinct service number your social security number was used. So the only way I can see you can redact the SS number is to redact the service number. This is something you might bring up to the ISP as a big reason for instructors to not retain a copy. Jim.
  18. I remember at one time early on in all this the ISP wanted the DD-214 loaded to the application . This is rubbish, if the ISP want a copy retained have it loaded to them. Jim.
  19. Got mine today in Vermilion county. Met the mail lady at the door, sorted to find the letter and let out a yell. Scared the he77 out of her then ran into the street and did a dance legally carrying my Glock. Jim.
  20. I thought it was bad enough his only having a license little over a year. Twentysix years and says things like that is unreal. Jim.
  21. Thanks for the definition it fits vewry well. Jim.
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