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  1. Well that's how I posting now. It is usable on a smart phone browser, but not as usable as Tapatalk.
  2. Yeah, I guess you're right.
  3. Ask them for a bunch of KIN to make up for their screw up
  4. Mr. Fife


    I can't seem to use Tapatalk with the new forums upgrade. Is there a fix or am I the only one?
  5. Does this mean he's going to send all the gun owners to nursing homes?
  6. Every magazine store at the airport sells magazines about guns, ammo, hunting, etc. I wonder if leaving one of these in the seat pocket would cause the same reaction when the next passenger found it.
  7. The curriculum requirements break down the minimum times on particular subjects. Some subjects are more difficult to go beyond the suggested minimums than other subjects. I like the idea of people having training to get their CCL, but I agree that 16 hours was an arbitrary number that we were happy to accept in order to get CCL in Illinois. There hasn't been much in the way of fixing the CCL law. For every fix the food we should have pushed back with fixing the CCL.
  8. This is why I always would take my classes a little bit longer and try to keep everything by the book. I do my classes by the clock and not by the amount of material. If you are running out of material you can always add something that adds value to the time, like how to clean guns with the patches you just made from your t-shirt. Bring scissors in your cleaning kit!
  9. While cops are being told to shoot for the kneecaps, are gangbangers training for shooting at the neck? https://abc7chicago.com/chicago-shooting-south-shore-food-mart-shootout-71st-street/10666410/
  10. https://babylonbee.com/news/biden-suggests-stopping-criminals-by-making-them-slip-on-banana-peels
  11. I thought I saw a sign on a Walmart door last week, but I don't remember which store.
  12. I was printed for the first time when I worked for UPS back in my college days. Since then I've submitted them many times, including for multiple CCW licences, in IL and other states. If you're worried about big brother finding you, don't. They already have your facial recognition features from your ID/DL/FOID pictures. As long as people are afraid to submit fingerprints, lawmakers delight in passing these kind of laws. I guarantee they can put you away for life without your fingerprints if they can prove you did it without them. Fingerprints are a dinosaur compared to ways you can be identified.
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