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  1. I received a communication from a past student who is finally getting around to applying for his license, but cannot find his certificate. The template probably was updated since then to a newer certificate. I assume I can make a duplicate for him, but should I write "duplicate" or something on the certificate? The template I have will be newer than the date he took the training.
  2. There's a guy who I watch on Rumble who is a concealed carry instructor right in Manhattan at their only gun range. Needless to say, he seems happy today. NSFW language. https://rumble.com/v19jv7n-nysrpa-scotus-victory-gun-control-is-dead.html
  3. Hills, that is. Swimming pools, movie stars. https://michaelshellenberger.substack.com/p/as-violence-arrives-in-rich-neighborhoods
  4. The curriculum requirements break down the minimum times on particular subjects. Some subjects are more difficult to go beyond the suggested minimums than other subjects. I like the idea of people having training to get their CCL, but I agree that 16 hours was an arbitrary number that we were happy to accept in order to get CCL in Illinois. There hasn't been much in the way of fixing the CCL law. For every fix the food we should have pushed back with fixing the CCL.
  5. This is why I always would take my classes a little bit longer and try to keep everything by the book. I do my classes by the clock and not by the amount of material. If you are running out of material you can always add something that adds value to the time, like how to clean guns with the patches you just made from your t-shirt. Bring scissors in your cleaning kit!
  6. 9 Protesters Confronted By Gun-Waving St. Louis Couple Get Trespassing Citations. https://www.npr.org/sections/live-updates-protests-for-racial-justice/2020/09/11/912136432/9-protesters-confronted-by-gun-waving-st-louis-couple-get-trespassing-citations
  7. https://www.governmentjobs.com/jobs/2780290-0/firearms-eligibility-analyst-trainee?keyword=Firearms&location=Illinois&pagetype=searchPage
  8. It looks like the guy was pointing the microphone as if it was a gun. Cops have shot people for mistaking a cellphone for a gun. They should make a law requiring all long barreled microphones with shrouds to have orange colored tips.
  9. I would not do that. I had packing tape over my old style Foid, I had my CCW Safe phone number taped to the back of it. I used it to purchase a gun and it was fine for calling in to the NICS check.But when I came to pick up my purchase 3 days later, they said Foid cards cannot be laminated, it makes them invalid, and the tape covered front and back. It also was holding the card together, so I didn't see the harm.Whether it's true or not I'm not sure, but I used my CCL instead and they allowed me to pick up my purchase.
  10. The gun county sanctuary movement is spreading across the country. Was Illinois first to do this?
  11. Attorney Joel Brodsky suspended from federal court in Chicago for a year for bizarre antics https://www.chicagotribune.com/news/local/breaking/ct-met-attorney-joel-brodsky-barred-federal-court-20190418-story.html
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