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  1. OK, what exactly does a “ban” mean? I understand that sales would be stopped, but what about the ones that have been legally purchased.
  2. I have not been following as close as I should, so if this has been covered, please be kind, My FOID says it expires on 11/01/2022 and my CCL expires on 12/06/2023. The ISP Portal says my FOID expires on 12/06/2023 the same as my CCL, this links the dates, will they be sending a new FOID?
  3. I don’t know about their corporate policy but the branch in Mundelein is not posted.
  4. This had been asked early on but I don’t know if it was ever really answered. Can a employer give a employee who has a CCL, but no other training, permission to conceal carry in their place of business that is a legally posted no carry zone? I am talking about a private business.
  5. No choice. It's the only computer I have and no "mobile" device either. My advice is, if you don’t have anyone with a updated computer is to go your local gun shop, most of them are doing applications.
  6. I’ve had the same thing happen several times, I checked the box and it always came the next day.
  7. When they issued your Renewed CCL they matched up your FOID #, but it still expires on the original date.
  8. Has anyone been to the new Melody Farm shopping area in Vernon Hills, any word on signs?
  9. If it is taking this long now, how are they going to handle the massive influx of renewals that will be coming soon?
  10. Now go buy some guns...ammo...magazines...etc... Whenever the state starts screwing us over..I 'buy more'. Do I 'need' what I buy when the state gets stoopid? Nope..but when I buy something they 'wish' to say 'I can't have'...It puts a smile on my face..... Congrats!!! Now, what he said^^^^^^.
  11. Amazing, the Walmart in California can sell ammunition, but the Walmart in Vernon Hills, Illinois does not.😡
  12. The warm glow of success, the adulation of your peers, and braggin' rights. What more do you want? I want the Vernon Hills Wal Mart to sell ammo.
  13. You are correct sir! A stroll through Wal Mart and if yours sells ammo check it out. Congrats!!
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