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  1. This had been asked early on but I don’t know if it was ever really answered. Can a employer give a employee who has a CCL, but no other training, permission to conceal carry in their place of business that is a legally posted no carry zone? I am talking about a private business.
  2. No choice. It's the only computer I have and no "mobile" device either. My advice is, if you don’t have anyone with a updated computer is to go your local gun shop, most of them are doing applications.
  3. I have already posted this on another Utah thread, but it feels so good to deal with a reasonable state that i want tp do it here also. On April 10 I Applied on line for my Non Res Utah permit. on April 20 I received a email that there was a problem with my picture, they explained how to retake and attach it to the email and resubmit, in 20 minutes I got a reply that it was accepted and my permit was approved. April 26 permit in hand. 16 Days, even with a problem.
  4. I applied for renewal of my Utah non-resident permit on line on April 10, yesterday April 20, I received a email that there was a problem with my picture. They instructed me how to resubmit the picture by attaching it to the email, which I did. In about 20 minutes I received word back that my permit has been approved and I would receive it in 7-10 days. I just received my permit in the mail. Recap, applied April 10, April 20 received word that there was a problem with the picture,I resubmitted the picture. Permit in hand on April 26. 16 days.
  5. cola490

    9mm Ammo

    I just looked at SGAmmo.com, NO 9MM AVAILABLE!!! WOW.
  6. I agree about the range requirement, also it’s nobodies business if I have a CCL.
  7. I’ve had the same thing happen several times, I checked the box and it always came the next day.
  8. When they issued your Renewed CCL they matched up your FOID #, but it still expires on the original date.
  9. This may or may not relate to the CCL renewal process. As we know if you renew your CCL early you loose the remaining time on your original timeline. Anyway I got my notice that I needed to go in for a Emission test on my car, they sent it very early, it needs to be done by July 31. I went in today April 25, passed the test then went in the office to see about the license plate sticker, before I committed I asked when the new sticker would renew, he said it will be 1 year from your original date, YOU DO NOT LOOSE ANYTIME. Why are the law abiding folks in this state getting punished?
  10. If by screwed you mean screwed into free carry compliments of Illinois' incompetence Free carry? I'm under the impression that I have to stop carrying AND teaching until I get the new license in the mail I I don’t mean to pile on, but how does a instructor not know this?
  11. Has anyone who has passed their original expiration date been renewed yet, if so what is your new renewal date?
  12. Just a quick rant. So the folks that renewed early and gave the state their money are being punished. While the folks that applied closer to their renewal date are getting extra months on their 2nd 5 years. Illinois, what a great place.
  13. There was a huge rush of initial applicants 5 years ago. Now there's a huge rush of renewals, minus the small percentage who renewed early. I don't mind trading a few lost months off of my initial CCL for my renewed one, which was in my hand in just over 3 weeks. What he said^^^^^^^!!!!
  14. There was some criticism aimed at the guys that applied as soon as the renewal button appeared. I still think it was worth loosing the time and small amount of money in order to have the peace of mind.
  15. We are getting close to the situation were folks who have applied for a renewal will be carrying a expired CCL. I hope that all the LEO’s out there are up on the law.
  16. I'm one of those "early guys", I got my renewal CCL one day and the next day I got my FOID with the number synced to my CCL.
  17. Same here. What can you except from a state that had 2 former governors in federal prison at the same time"
  18. I still think that only a small percentage of CCL holders are renewing early. Their are many people that will wait until it is closer to the renewal dates to apply. Lets see how many people will be carrying expired CCLs in their wallets, yes I know they are still good as long as you applied for renewal.
  19. I did not received a new FOID either. I ran the new FOID and old FOID through the ISP site and they both came back approved. The new one has the original experiation date, so maybe there won’t be a new FOID sent.
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