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  1. Interesting that the non-resident FL CCL becomes a resident FL CCL as soon as one establishes residency - no fuss, no muss no paperwork, no additional funds needed. So glad that IL is in my past.
  2. That's absurd. The State just doesn't want to do anything right.
  3. Thanks Molly.............. I am inspired to put my FOID in the gun safe. Of course, I will continue to carry my CCL on my person.
  4. Ah crap, it has taken me 3 months to read and catch up on all 7038 posts. Now I can move forward with my life.
  5. I wonder if Walmart will pay a reward in bacon for the arrest of the thief? No Muslim was involved in the theft nor will any clue be given if the reward is bacon.
  6. This must be page 220 or 221. I dunno, I want to still be around for page 250.
  7. Danger. Danger. NBC has a shooting at the Bedford Park Walmart. 13 Mar 17 @ 5pm
  8. Arrrrgggghhh.............. This thread is only useful with PHOTOS of, uh, unusual life routes taken by Americans and their reflection in the use of cotton fabrics (or Lame, Angora, netting, etc.) as envelopes for the minds that are on a different plane (plain?, llano? steppe?).
  9. Mailed on 2/28, received today. My file number was in the 6000's. You will never see a copy of my license. ;<{)
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