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  1. I got my email confirmation tonight that they updated my expiration of my NRA certifications. I sent it to them on the 17th and it was around 3 pm today that I got the email from the ISP
  2. That was mighty nice of them to let us know about that. I just sent in my updated stuff via email. I know of several other guys teaching that won't know about it either so I will spread the word.
  3. Oh yea, that's the picture that I want to go down in history. Oh brother....lol
  4. Mine was mailed from 62703 zip code My "approved" status was changed sometime during the day Friday
  5. The license number has nothing to do with the number that was on the application It is actually a 14 in front of my FOID number
  6. I'm about an hour north of Springfield and it is our hub for mail. I'll put a in picture on in a minute. BTW, it is the D/L photo. I was mugging it for the girl at the Secretary of State's office, she clicked and it was history
  7. My license came in the mail this morning around 10 a.m. I also played the lottery......WAHOO!!!!
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