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  1. And so the divide and conquer argument is alive and well. "I don't have one so I see no need for anyone else have one." Just because you don't, thousands of legal citizens in this country own a rifle chambered in .50 BMG. They are used in long range matches, for pleasure shooting, and just for the enjoyment of firing something that large in caliber. It's really just a name that they are after. Don't you think that a .416 Barrett is in the same rifle based on the .50 BMG case is next? They just have not thought of it yet. Look at the .500 S&W. From what I can tell, it is banned just based on caliber. It is chambered in revolvers as well as H&R Handi-Rifles (single shot rifles break action rifles). Unless IDNR specifically exempts them, they are banned as well. It is a slippery slope when pro-Second Amendment people start playing for the other side.
  2. I understand the brief. But my question is why has no one addressed the lost value of the firearms in possession? By virtue of the language, they just de-valued them all. In essence they said your $30,000 worth of firearms have zero value. You are allowed to keep them but cannot sell them in any instance. Yes, you can transfer them to someone in another state but if they sold that way, then you are in violation of the legislation. They are basically declaring Eminent Domain without providing a method of compensation either from them or another qualified purchaser....and in fact are controlling the possession just as if they had done the same when your real estate property was in their way. Why has this not been addressed?
  3. I got my email confirmation tonight that they updated my expiration of my NRA certifications. I sent it to them on the 17th and it was around 3 pm today that I got the email from the ISP
  4. That was mighty nice of them to let us know about that. I just sent in my updated stuff via email. I know of several other guys teaching that won't know about it either so I will spread the word.
  5. Oh yea, that's the picture that I want to go down in history. Oh brother....lol
  6. Mine was mailed from 62703 zip code My "approved" status was changed sometime during the day Friday
  7. The license number has nothing to do with the number that was on the application It is actually a 14 in front of my FOID number
  8. I'm about an hour north of Springfield and it is our hub for mail. I'll put a in picture on in a minute. BTW, it is the D/L photo. I was mugging it for the girl at the Secretary of State's office, she clicked and it was history
  9. My license came in the mail this morning around 10 a.m. I also played the lottery......WAHOO!!!!
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