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  1. A week ago I was at the Trump Rally in Janesville. Plenty of Trump supporters were there... unmasked and enthusiastic. Yesterday I drove smaller roads from Madison south to somewhere west of Janesville. There were far more Biden signs than Trump signs along the cornfields, and small dairy farms. I've had the exact opposite experience when it comes to driving outside of large cities. All year, and basically every year I shoot almost every weekend in matches. These matches can be in Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Indiana. As soon as I get out of big cities, where most ranges are located, I haven't seen a single Biden sign. This is something I'd definitely notice as being out of the ordinary because there are Trump signs everywhere. The only places I reliably see Biden signs are in big cities, and the suburbs of big cities. The suburbs are where I begin seeing more Trump signs. I don't remember this being the case in 2016, when I still did the same amount of travel to the same places I have this year. On a side note, I have found it incredibly amusing to drive through River Forest and seeing Biden/Harris signs right next to BLM signs. Those signs contradict one another lol. The Biden Harris signs are what led to the creation of BLM lol. I imagine that the rich people that live in those McMansions in River Forest are thinking of ways to protect themselves if the hordes of zombies wind through River Forest to each the rich. "Hey, we're on your side, don't kill us or burn our homes down"
  2. These are the things that will direct you towards which type of press you should get. Which cartridges do you load, and how many rounds will you need to reload? For higher volume, you want a progressive press like a Dillon 650/750. People recommend the 550, but those are considerably slower than a 650/750 with a case feeder. You also have to manually index the shell plate which adds time. With a Dillon 650/750 and case feeder, you can comfortably do 500 rounds per hour without breaking a sweat. If you don't need to load that many rounds in a sitting, then a turret could be a good option. The rounds per hour will drop significantly, but that won't really matter if you don't need massive volumes of ammo. A good, realistic estimate for a turret would be somewhere between 100-200 rounds per hour. A single stage could even be an option if you don't see yourself loading a lot of ammo. I think even on my best days, 100 rounds an hour was pushing it on my single stage. I have a single stage, T7 turret, and a Dillon 650. I use my single stage to deprime brass, and work up custom loads or test loads. I use my turret for the cartridges that I don't need massive volumes of, or want a bit more precision for certain long range loads. I use my Dillon 650 progressive for all of my high volume reloading needs. I load 9mm, .40 s&w, 45 acp, and 55 grain 223. With the exception of 45, I probably load anywhere from 6-10K per caliber every winter for the next season. First establish what your needs are now, and what you foresee them being in the future, and then make a decision on which press. A single stage requires you to set up a new die every time you're doing a different operations. A turret like the Redding T7 and I'm sure others are similar, but you can buy a whole toolhead and set up two calibers, swap the toolhead, and load two different calibers. You set the dies up once, and don't really need to touch them again. Toolheads run about $80ish. On a Dillon 650/750, caliber conversion, dies, toolhead, powder measure, and other accessories can run you anywhere from 250-400 depending on specific dies. You can also use one powder measure and share it across toolheads, however, you'll need to dial it in every time you want to load a different caliber. I just keep each caliber and toolhead with its own powder measure so that it takes less time to convert from one caliber to the other. Hope this helps.
  3. Received license today. So a total of 67 days from when I applied for renewal until it was in my hands. So you gave up one day to the state ? HaHa!! Pretty good timing! Only thing that would've been better is if it arrived on Friday, tomorrow would've been funny too lol
  4. Received license today. So a total of 67 days from when I applied for renewal until it was in my hands.
  5. Take a look at the renewal letter, which is in this post: http://illinoiscarry.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=70552, says you need a new 16 hour certificate if your CCL expires. IMO, I would think submitted prints would be good forever. Thanks, I completely forgot about the letter. Leave it to Illinois to do something as stupid as requiring you to take the entire 16 hours even though you already took 16 hours. I can see requiring 8, but the entire 16 is retarded. I'm glad I got mine in because I'd have been slitting my wrists having to sit through that entire 16 hours again lol. That was BRUTAL.
  6. I've read a few different things about what happens if you fail to renew before the expiration, but figured I'd ask here to get a more definitive answer. My buddy is likely going to let his expire, and what I've heard is that if your license expires, you have to redo the entire 16 hours again, unless you only had to do 8 because you met all of the prerequisite criteria. Is this accurate? If so, would he also need to resubmit fingerprints, or will he be able to use the original prints he submitted? Seems weird to make people take the entire 16 hours, and not just 8 hours. But then again, this is Illinois. I don't know for sure, but figured someone on here will know for sure. I'll pass along the info to my buddy.
  7. Applied - 12/22/18 Approved - 2/13/19 Active - 2/23/19 I just went active this morning. What are the odds it hits my mailbox by 2/28 when it officially expires? The average I've seen between active and hitting the mailbox is 7-9 days. I'll update when it arrives.
  8. As long as you've applied for renewal, you can still carry. I'm sure someone else can post the link to that bit of the law since I don't have it handy. My main concern is I go to Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin fairly regularly, and I'm not overly confident in carrying outside of the state on a license that is expired. You'd more than likely get arrested and they'll figure it out later at the station after they've towed your vehicle.
  9. I went approved last week on Wednesday evening. Still sitting there, and am guessing based on other people's times, perhaps by Friday it should go to ACTIVE. My license expires on 2/28, so I give it a 30% chance that it hits my mailbox on 2/28 or before.
  10. Lol! I'm actually going there Saturday, but not for really long. Just testing a couple of things and headed home. Text me when it starts to warm up a bit. We'll go do some shooting.
  11. Nice, hopped right over QC_Verified! LOL! I submitted 12/17, moved to QC_Verified 2/6, and is where I sit. Results and timing are all over the place. After I opened up the inspect element thing, I was like whoa, and had to do a double take. It really doesn't make any sense how these are moving through the process. You definitely should have been approved before me seeing as you submitted 5 days before I did. They must have a schizophrenic processing these.
  12. This is so freaking weird. I've been sitting at "submitted, under review" since 12/22/18. I checked around lunchtime today and it was the same status. I just checked now, and I'm "approved, under review".
  13. Dang, I applied for renewal two days after you and haven’t even gone to QC Verified yet. I applied 12/17. Changed to QC_Verified 2/6, and remains that way today. More typical behavior compared to the head scratching 2-3 week processing times in early/mid December! Yeah I just don't get it. It kind of makes me regret not going to the class when I originally wanted to. My license expires on 2/28 and I'm currently sitting at 50 days submitted, under review. One of my buddies wanted to take the class together, and kept asking me to hold off so that we could do that, so I booked with a company on a date that we both agreed on, and he told me the week of the class that he couldn't make it. Stuff happens, but I could've taken the class a month before and not deal with getting aggravated by seeing no movement in 50 days. I paid for prints on my original app, so this is definitely aggravating. I'm not holding my breath on getting a license in hand before mine expires.
  14. Dang, I applied for renewal two days after you and haven’t even gone to QC Verified yet. The social media police have been auditing and you're too much of a free thinker for them. Lol, they'd need a warrant because I keep my profiles locked down from the public. I just don't understand how they're moving so slowly all of a sudden. I assumed it was the holidays, but most holiday caused delays are caught up by now.
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