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  1. Lol the postal service is the worst! I get a piece or two of my neighbor's mail, or the mail from the same address on the next block every day. Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
  2. I don't think it's a bad idea. It's helpful. Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
  3. Darny darn darn. Fife beat me! Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
  4. Hostage situation happening now at local Amarillo Walmart at Georgia and i27. Suspect is former Walmart employee. Stay clear of the area. Officers are on scene and securing the area. SWAT making entry. Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
  5. They had some cci .22lr at the Bridgeview walmart the last time I was there. They told me the same thing. They get it in regularly, but it usually goes quick. You'd think all the neckbeards and hoarders would have gotten their fill by now. Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
  6. I use heavy cream in my mashed potates. Along with tons of butter. Instant mashed potatoes are blasphemy! Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
  7. This one hits close to home for me. http://abc7chicago.com/news/reported-crestwood-robbery-suspect-caught-with-child/1149603/ Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
  8. Probably all the neckbeards that make a hobby out of hoarding hundreds of thousands of rounds of .22 constantly refreshing their page to see the exact second when it comes in stock slowing it down. Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
  9. Contact Elmer Fudd. He knows the entire process, inside and out, and upside down. From what I remember, although it's written in the law, there's almost no recourse other than paying a lawyer to deal with the ISP. Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
  10. The artist that does ink for the wifey is booked almost a year in advance. The work she does is unbelievable.
  11. Mayor Wants Indiana Wal-Mart Declared a Public Nuisance http://www.nbcchicago.com/news/local/Mayor-Declares-Indiana-Walmart-a-Public-Nuisance-Report-322078122.html
  12. What defines a "discount" firearm at Gander? Discounted to only 10% over MSRP? Lol
  13. Although long for this site, it pales in comparison to the NET (never ending thread) on XDtalk.
  14. I dealt with someone one here from Orland Park. When I mentioned that we should meet up somewhere a little more gun friendly, he said Orland was very pro gun. I don't understand how a village with ordinances like theirs against gun and ammunition dealers can be anywhere near pro gun.
  15. It's actually from manually moving the cats more than the powered movers. Ever watch one of the employees bring in the long line of carts? The drag the rear to the side instead of steering them. Pulling them to the side wears a flat spot in the wheels fairly quickly. I really hate their carts. They should be replaced more often.
  16. I'm going to start a new thread to discuss this, but the proper home for this video is here, right in the good ole Walmart thread. On March 21, 2015, police responded to a call at the local Cottonwood, AZ Walmart. This is what ensued. NSFW, due to a little language. https://youtu.be/zv5Cbgn4TOU
  17. Misinformation at the driver services facility will never be fixed. You'll have to wait until next weekend to help him with his foid app. The new electronic app system doesn't go live until Monday if I remember correctly.
  18. I asked if he had any .22, which if course there wasn't. I looked at the shelf, and after waiting a bit, (don't know what the heck I was thinking expecting him to ask if I needed anything) asked if when he got a chance, he could grab me some .40. He says ill have to wait 10 minutes until he's done stocking the shelves and that he can't sell ammo while he's stocking the shelf. There's two other employees standing around. So I said, well, what about them? That's when he gave me the state law bs. I laughed at him. Told him no, it's not a state law. Maybe a store policy. No big deal, it's just funny how people just make up stupid crap, and expect others to believe them.
  19. This genius just told me it was state law that he can't sell me ammo while stocking the cabinet. I laughed my a** off. Is everyone that comes in here that stupid? http://tapatalk.imageshack.com/v2/15/03/10/c45a57c819f6acf7f6c8a073b83090d4.jpg
  20. All if the excessive exposure to this thread has caused me to become loyal to Walmart and Walmart alone. I've emailed a copy of this post, as well as the other 1179 posts you've made to aid in identification. They'll be waiting for you. You will not get away with this reel scam any longer!
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