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  1. Hi all, been off the board for a while, but I know we're all keeping up the good fight. My info is below. I was not aware of the free carry clause. Do I understand correctly that since I applied and paid for renewal before my expiration date, I am legally allowed to carry while it's under review? And if so, should I just print out the paper that shows I applied for renewal to keep in my wallet? My dates are: Applied renewal and paid: 2/25 Expired: 2/28 Still under review as of 4/9
  2. 2 weeks ago, I purchased a vehicle at Napleton Kia in Elmhurst. There was no sign posted, which is one of the reasons I bought form them. Yesterday, 2 weeks later, I went back to get a second set of keys and get the car detailed as one one of the buying terms. I polled up and the door was posted. I left the gun in the car and went in nine told my sales guy that I wasn't happy about it, and that I would never be back again. I couldn't even get the detailing I was owed because I couldn't wait inside while they did it, and I was not about to leave my firearm in the car while the service people cleaned it. I asked my sales guy to pass along the reason I won't be back. If you have a minute, feel free to drop them a line and let them know they're now on your no-shop listed when looking for a new car. Contact form at the bottom of the home page. http://www.napletonkia.com/index.htm
  3. Surprisingly, the BWW in Warrenville on Diehl is NOT posted with the IL sign. They have the "Guns banned" text sign but I guess worst they could do with that is ask you to leave.
  4. Was walking around downtown Naperville yesterday. Just in case anyone was considering going there, First Congregational United Church of Christ is posted. No surprise - UCC is as liberal as they come. I always find it interesting - they are so prideful of their acceptance and tolerance of LGBT folks, but are just as adamant about their intolerance of people exercising constitutional rights.
  5. Wheaton Sports Center is posted. So is ATI Physical Therapy in Winfield. Both added to Posted! We just joined the Sports Center this winter. Looks like I'll have to let them know we'll be finding another gym if it stays up.
  6. Very disappointed. I really have enjoyed The Bank. I just sent a note to them to let them know how disappointed I am and that I'm not going to be coming there anymore. Feel free to do the same! http://www.thebankwheaton.com/Contact-Us.html
  7. Ok, folks, about to head home. Hoping for good news in the mailbox.
  8. I've seen mixed results in DuPage today, but I'm hopeful for getting mine in Winfield today.
  9. IMO: I think it's best not to come on too strong. Something like... "I just want to let you know up front that I was hoping to (insert purchase some... eat here... etc.), but I'm not going to be able to because of the sign out front that prohibits me from legally carrying here. Here's a card with some more details - I'm happy to talk further about it if you'd like to."
  10. For me, the states I would most like to see honor our permits are Colorado, Florida, Wisconsin, and South Carolina (even though I already get Wisconsin with my Utah non-res. permit).
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