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  1. Indigo, to be strictly legal, do you believe that you would have to enter the bike trail from outside Chicago?
  2. Well, according to this map, the Chicago Park District claims just about the entirety of the lake front within the city limits. Only big exception is Navy Pier, and that is excluded as well. http://www.chicagoparkdistrict.com/parks/search/
  3. Thanks for the feedback, guys. The rules about carrying on the 'trail' confuse me, but my concern involves hanging out by the water.
  4. Am I right to think that pretty much the entire Chicago lakefront is off limits, since it is technically a park?
  5. Benson vs the City of Chicago http://www.snowflakesinhell.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/Benson_v_Chicago_Complaint.pdf
  6. Thanks! This is what my original question actually was. It is the main piece of the ordinance that makes it difficult for me to comply (as a practical matter). Well that and the 12 round limit I just hate to throw away 3 perfectly good 17 rounders, that come in the box. I will go lookup that case name, now.
  7. Only if the 18 YO has a CFP: If more than one person in the home has a valid CFP and registration certificate, each person with a valid CFP and registration certificate is entitled to have one such firearm assembled and operable in the home.
  8. Only if each person has a FOID/CFP. My wife does not have one (and won't get it).
  9. I thought I remembered something about locks in Heller! Thanks for posting this. Should a DA seek to press charges, good luck making them stick, on this point.
  10. My home is set up in such a way that I need 2 weapons. I suppose I would leave the operational pistol in my upstairs bedroom, and put a second pistol in my finished basement, with a combination cable lock. If I hear something while downstairs, I will be awake, watching TV or something, 99% of the time. Not being half asleep should improve my chances of removing the cable in an expeditious fashion.
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