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Mauserme: Have you registered a Domain Name yet for the site that will host these apps? How about a "Naming" contest for the Domain and winner gets a shiny new XDS in 9mm engraved with the IC Logo?


Should I go first?



LOL I don't think it matters who goes first as long as I get to pick the winner, but what name did you have in mind?

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Windows Phone version?

Currently, there is not a full smart-phone version of Posted! available for Windows Phone. However, the simple web version (per the links in the original post) will work on Windows Phone.


Coming in late in the thread; we had a busy day and still do but have a few minutes. Looks great and I look forward to start contributing. Hopefully we can convince businesses that do decide to post, to remove the posting. Lawful gun owners and permit holders are the least of their worries, and maybe they will see that.

Yes, I absolutely agree. That was a large part of the reason why these apps were built. Part of it is to just let people know in advance, so they aren’t surprised by a no-guns sign on the door after they already get to a business. But the other part is that the move visibility these locations have to law-abiding gun-owners, the better! I believe that if we take the time to politely inform these businesses, we can change many minds over time. Many businesses will note all the customers they have lost, and eventually realize the poor business decision of posting. It’s why all the contact info is added to the app; it encourages folks to start a conversation.


Fyi guys.

Im using a Samsung Galaxy S, and Google store says this version is not compatible with my device.

Thanks for the details (per PM.) Unfortunately, Posted! will only run on Android version 2.3.3 or later, due to some of the features in the app which require this version. The good news is that 98% of Android phones run Version 2.3.3 – 4.3, so almost all Android phones can be used. For users with the really old versions of Android, you may want to consider upgrading, as many apps are deprecating the older version in their APKs.



For all the questions about the links:

Per Apple, the best link from a website would be Posted! - Carry List Anti-Gun Locations However, there is a bug in current version of the App Store which can cause you to see the app and then it to disappear, unless the App Store was already open in the background. (E.g. if it doesn’t work first time, try it again.) I really hope they fix this, as it appears to be a problem in IOS6. If the link doesn’t work from your iPhone / iPad, just search app store for “posted gun”.




Also if anyone sees an issue with any version of the app, just PM or email me, and I can work with you offline to resolve. I always appreciate feedback.

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