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  1. mine was instantly approved yesterday. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  2. Avoid surrender. Wife or son can hold onto it and I agree with others....get the FOID.
  3. I talked to a ISP worker last week who said she believes the firearm service bureau is behind about 90 days now. The worker doesn't work in the FSB herself. She had trouble getting her own husband's FOID renewed on time. She also acknowledged they don't answer the phones and knows its a joke (we all know this already). Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  4. I agree, she would get hardly anything at a shop. I wouldn't mind knowing what she had.
  5. If you call a gun shop, I believe the answer is yes. I seem to recall this coming up at some point.
  6. Mike in W. Chgo? If the same, he was my guy as well. I also could use a recommendation....
  7. It's 90 days, you have awhile yet. You can still take the class, just cannot apply yet.
  8. That isn't bad. Years ago they were taking up to 6 months. Chalk it up to our great state bureaucracy.
  9. It's under the 30 day mark, I would just wait it out... Not really that long considering.
  10. Have you tried calling ISP? I realize it's a bureaucracy with a lot of red tape down there... If that doesn't help, try contacting your State Representative to at least get someone down there to notice you.
  11. When a FOID does get revoked, the ISP sends a letter to you and sends the same to your local LE agency. If CCSPD isn't your local LE agency, I wouldn't think they would be bothering you. I'd also be interested in seeing the video.
  12. $75 is the fee to update/change the CCL, not the FOID. Ahhhh.. Yes. My bad, your correct!
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