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  1. Molly just posted this in another thread: http://illinoiscarry.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=46190&page=58
  2. It's a valid concern, and thanks for bringing it up. Just trying to ease your mind a bit. If you haven't already, I would PM Molly B the details. If there is a crack in the system we can fall into, she probably wants to hear about it.
  3. I agree. The officer is usually informed that the subject has a valid FOID/CCL, but I've never heard an officer read back numbers for verification.
  4. People only ascend volcanoes to sacrifice virgins and/or cure brain cloud. There is no need for a firearm.
  5. I just plucked mine from the mailbox! Applied 1-27 edited 2-8 active 5-15 in hand 5-19 No prints Lake Co. What a great feeling!
  6. That's the battery for the backup memory on the printer! :frantics: Congrats, guys!
  7. Do they start counting from date of app or 1/5? The law says when the app was submitted.
  8. You don't need a license at all to do it. Chicago might be an exception. I can't remember.
  9. It just occurred to me that the reason Walmart is doing so well as a company may have nothing to do with it's business model.
  10. whos screaming? screaming is all caps. but thanks for the answer. Sorry. I was referring to the size of the font. No worries.
  11. Please stop screaming. Approved seems to be the end of the road for status on the ISP site. Active applies more to what LEOs see. So far, no one has posted that they got an email.
  12. The ISP is working out the kinks. Under Review is a good place to be. Hopefully it's followed by Approved.
  13. I'm rusty, but I think you only gain Florida. Check handgunlaw.us to be sure.
  14. Ack! I just realized I never replied to this thread. Senator: Suzi Schmidt, 31st Rep: Sandy Cole, 62nd
  15. Hopefully the bulk of the membership complies with the Reply etiquette Molly mentioned, but here's something that I have found to be useful in the meantime. The forum default for posts displayed per page is 25. You have the ability to lower that number in your personal settings. I personally would rather load more pages than get a cramp in my scroll finger trying to navigate through one long page. Just an FYI.
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