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  1. An unconstitutional law, the C&PD, that deprives a person of procedural due process is used to invoke the provisions of another unconstitutional law, the FOID Act. Just saying..........
  2. Plaintiff should ask leave to amended the complaint to add a count asking that the FOID Act be declared unconstitutional, using the text, tradition, and history analysis described in the Bruen decision.
  3. Did he order the flag be flown at half staff when the gunman slayed the praying members of Mother Bethel?
  4. "Red Dawn" in Illinois. No need for 4473's. Just access the State database. Or, go to California and access their database. Also, what will happen to all of this information and the infrastructure when the FOID is declared unconstitutional by the Illinois Supreme Court? Believe it or not, the Illinois Supreme Court, or maybe the 7th Circuit Federal Court.
  5. The "combined" conceal carry license or permit should state clearly that the card is a Concealed Carry License. There is no good reason to be vague, unclear, or confusing. This thread exists only because the State fumbled and stumbled the implementation of the combined card system.
  6. You are so correct. Indicator: CCL. I agree with you: "...what other state is going to recognize that?" Pathetic execution by the powers that be of the so-called combining of the two cards.
  7. The Solomon decision, the Forest Preserve case, was stayed until June, 2022. So no change. I don't have time to cite the order that was entered early March.
  8. The decision in the Solomon case, the Forest Preserve case, was stayed until sometime in June, 2022.
  9. My guess is that cert. will be granted. Whenever the case is decided, the Supreme Court will rule that the officers lacked reasonable articulable suspicion to stop, search, and detain.
  10. The facts were completely different. The perp was fleeing. The jacking was over. There were pedestrians in the line of fire. Another occupied car was pulling out of a parking spot. There was no exchange of gun fire. The officer was the only one shooting. Whether the officer was a Democrat or not is totally irrelevant. I am sure the arresting officer did not check her voting record. Nor did he or she care.
  11. The FOID scheme is unconstitutional. Now if we can get more than the two of us plus the Illinois Supreme Court to agree to that, this fumble by the legislature will disappear. In the meantime, it becomes more and more complicated and burdensome to not only acquire a firearm and ammunition but to also carry.
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