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  1. " Straighten up and fly right. Cool down, Papa, don't you blow your top." Smile.
  2. Each of you "naysayers" who jumped to negative statements -some of which boarded on racism - before all of the facts surfaced were wrong.
  3. 1. Eliminate the FOID act 2. Restrict concealed carry to truly sensitive places like jails, mental health facilities, elementary and secondary schools. 3. Abolish criminal sanctions for carrying in prohibited places by licensees 4. Reduce the number of hours for concealed carry licenses to 4 hours. 5. Constitutional carry
  4. TV, Smack them hard. Heller, Bruen, and even Miller are on your side. Get on your horse and ride. Communities throughout Illinois will benefit from your focused efforts.
  5. This gun control law, passed under the guise of protecting communities from gun violence, will do nothing to stop the killings, carjackings, home invasions, and other crimes committed by thugs. Each of the lawmakers who voted for this act do not care about the victims who were killed last night in Illinois, who will be carjacked today, or who will be robbed tomorrow. This law would not have stopped the more than 700 killings in Illinois last year and will not prevent the more than 700 killings that will happen in 2023. In addition, the Act stomps on a non-prohibited person's right to to be armed with many popular firearms in case of unlawful confrontations. It infringes upon such a person's freedom to shoot whatever commonly used firearm he chooses at a gun range, or to hunt with that firearm, or just to own it. Like the unconstitutional FOID Act, this act is also a violation of the US Constitution's Second and Fourteenth Amendments. Lawyers its your turn............................
  6. Plaintiff should ask leave to amended the complaint to add a count asking that the FOID Act be declared unconstitutional, using the text, tradition, and history analysis described in the Bruen decision.
  7. The decision in the Solomon case, the Forest Preserve case, was stayed until sometime in June, 2022.
  8. The FOID scheme is unconstitutional. Now if we can get more than the two of us plus the Illinois Supreme Court to agree to that, this fumble by the legislature will disappear. In the meantime, it becomes more and more complicated and burdensome to not only acquire a firearm and ammunition but to also carry.
  9. You are absolutely correct. The Illinois Supreme Court did not rule on whether or not a FOID is required to lawfully possess a firearm in the home. The Brown case will not be a vehicle to challenge the constitutionality of the FOID scheme. The trial court will find Defendant Brown not guilty. The State will not appeal, and the case will be over.
  10. You are correct. I believe that Brown is not the vehicle to challenge the constitutionality of the people registration system known as the FOID Act.
  11. The Illinois Supreme Court may not agree with me, but here is my view, which is more expansive than the narrow issue presented in Brown: Although there are a few exceptions, all Illinois residents who do not have a FOID card are prohibited from possessing a firearm. This is a total ban, a blanket prohibition, that obliterates the right to keep and bear arms.
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