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  1. He means Schlitz... Ewww.... Pure brewed in God's bladder...
  2. Bo Diddly? He's still alive? Only in zombie form. Not nearly as good as he used to be.
  3. I find diddly at Cabela's in Hammond. Pegasus hooves are easier that finding 9mm there.
  4. If you're looking for carriers who are "printing" try not to be obvious about it. I was getting some pretty intense stares at Cabela's the other day and I wasn't even carrying!
  5. IT SHOULD BE OVER 9000!http://leviathyn.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/vegeta-9000.jpg
  6. Or K-Mart for that matter. Or Target.... a real irony if Target where a no carry zone...
  7. What's the longest anyone's gone without checking the status of their application?
  8. Maybe a group project for the next iGold would be to find and record as many places as possible. Offer a prize for the most.
  9. Saying someone is pro 2A when they're neutral is what got the pro side in trouble with Starbucks. Don't force people's hands. When you pressure people, they tend to respond in a negative way.
  10. I'm plugging them in as I find them. Next year is going to be pretty busy.
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