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  1. Vito, if you don't have your FOID card this long after going Active, something is indeed wrong...
  2. Hmm. I think this is about how long mine took. Hopefully this week...
  3. Glad to hear it, vito, and much appreciation for starting this thread; it was what instigated me to also get with Molly for an inquiry and I too then had a quick positive response. And thank you for your service!
  4. I don't know whether it was Molly's inquiry, a later one from my local rep, or that ISP is finally getting the software/hardware improvements needed to get back on track, but my wife is now showing as "Active" and we expect her FOID card shortly after renewing in Mar 2020. Much appreciation to Valinda for getting the ball rolling!
  5. So, on the one hand, 16 months after my request for renewal, I PM'd Molly who dutifully sent an inquiry and lo and behold, within 2 weeks of her query, I had my FOID card with an issue date in Jun 2021 as well as an expiration in Jun 2031, so I wasn't penalized after waiting all this time. Unfortunately, my wife applied in Mar 2020 and she is still "Under Review" so I've forwarded her info for Molly too, with much appreciation for her intervention. The real question for me is without Molly's query, how long would I and others like me have to wait? It's ridiculous that only the invention of an elected or Illinois Carry representative gets you a very rapid response!
  6. Hi Molly; we are in the same situation as Vito; applied for renewal in Feb 2020 and still "Under Review. We hope that it's okay if we likewise PM you, please, and thanks for any help in advance...
  7. A positive sign: "In the absence of a high-profile mass shooting in the U.S. in 2020 and amid the coronavirus pandemic, civil unrest related to racial justice issues and the contentious presidential election campaign, Americans are less likely than they have been since 2016 to call for increased gun control." https://news.gallup.com/poll/325004/support-stricter-gun-laws-lowest-level-2016.aspx
  8. Sign up for CCWSafe; not only will you get the names of attorneys and locations in Illinois (as well as other states), their services if, God forbid, you ever need them, are paid for...
  9. David Lawler is willing to take self defense cases supports concealed carry. He works in the Adam B. Lawler firm in Marion Illinois, his uncle's firm I believe. He did give me cards to hand out to anyone who wants someone to contact in case of emergency. He said he checks for messages even on weekends. The firms phone number is 618-993-2222 and his email is dlawler@adamblawler.com Junglebob, much appreciation for posting David Lawler's contact info. Based upon your recommendation, I just had a pleasant chat with him. He's very knowledgeable on 2nd Amendment issues in Illinois and, for us in the southern part of the state, is an excellent option as an emergency contact in the event that any of us are, God forbid, involved in a self-defense shooting. After our discussion, I think he plans to join IllinoisCarry and is willing to provide other info, such as responses to hypothetical situations, for the forum. Thanks again - FarmHand357
  10. As others have noted on many threads, you don't PM Todd, you email him. His address is on his profile: tvandermyd@aol.com
  11. Someone else made reference to getting their license in the mail while still being listed as "Under Review." This is an anomaly, right? Virtually everyone else got "Approved" first, right?
  12. I'm using Safari and 10.6.8 too. Make sure you're using the most recent version of Java. I also use Firefox and sometimes one works but not the other. If Safari hangs up, try Firefox, and vice versa.
  13. Received additional No Guns No Money cards as well as a batch of Thank You cards; the usual excellent quality. Thanks, CJ.
  14. Received cjurczak's cards and they turned out great. High quality and excellent design. Thanks!
  15. I don't believe we should abuse this new system; as far as I can tell, once your name is on a slip, you're done, even if you have more than one email address. It's my understanding that sometimes names of proponents and opponents are read in the committee meeting and it seems to me that it would strike the members as somewhat bogus to hear the same name from the same town read multiple times. That having been said, I see no problem with asking friends and family who don't have time or access but are willing to give you permission to use their names and email addresses so that you can submit witness slips on their behalf.
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