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  1. She could not have. She was an actual conservative, and that makes it impossible to get elected in Illinois. The best that can be hoped for is a RINO / moderate Republican in a state-wide office. But anyone not as far left as Josef Stalin will still have a very hard time getting elected in Illinois. When was the last time there was any Republican in state-wide government in Illinois? Rauner was just a small island in the sea of Democrat control. The Democrats have absolute control, because Chicago controls the elections.
  2. Amen. Calling it an AD adds fuel to the anti-gun notion that firearms go off by themselves. Every time there is an "accidental" shooting, someone did something very stupid and unsafe. Every time (at least with a modern firearm). Someone pulled the trigger on a loaded firearm without having it pointed in a safe direction.
  3. You are correct. ND is the only Const. Carry state where Const. Carry is for residents only. As of 7/1/22, any person who is not prohibited by statute (e.g. felon, convicted domestic abuser) can carry in Indiana without any license. Same will be true on 6/13/22 for Ohio and 7/2/23 for Alabama. But it wasn't much of a hurdle anyway, since Indiana recognizes all firearm carry licenses from any state or country. I legally carried every time I visited Indiana long before Illinois issued licenses.
  4. +1 It's a great event and a fun time. Glad to see it's back after a 2-year COVID hiatus.
  5. Telling Meijer specifically why their sign is incorrect and sending them a link to the right sign would be a bad idea. But letting fellow gun owners know where our business is not desired is a service to gun owners. Meijer put the same sign up in all their stores across multiple states, and is likely too lazy to get Illinois-specific signs for Illinois. But it is our duty to call (1-877-363-4537) or email (https://help.meijer.com/s/contact) Meijer and let them know we don't appreciate their new "we hate the 2nd amendment" stance. I used to be a regular Meijer shopper, but not anymore after this.
  6. Most gun laws are. But there is only some appetite for overturning the most egregious ones. The courts continue to be timid on enforcing the 2nd amendment, giving it a "back seat" in how closely it is followed compared to the rest of the Bill of Rights.
  7. Thomas is the most Constitutionally-minded justice and the best of the court. Hoping for a speedy recovery and for many years to come!
  8. It's true that Madigan wasn't as leftist as many in the Illinois General Assembly. He was still quite bad, but he is being replaced with even worse. 😪 This happens every time a Democrat is forced to step down or goes to prison. We all rejoice that they got their comeuppance, but the Democrat who replaces them (b/c it's always a Democrat) is much worse than the one they replace.
  9. I used a training class that was over 5 years old when I applied for my Illinois CCW. It did not cause any issues. (This was for the 1st half of the requirement since obviously Illinois-specific training had just started at that point, so I still had to do the 2nd half.)
  10. Also moved to Indiana last year. You are correct in all aspects. We do know that Holcomb privately worked against the bill, but I still think he'll probably sign it. He wants to run for U.S. Senate, and I don't think can afford to anger all pro-2a people by vetoing it. But I guess we will see.
  11. It sounds like the "victim" instigated this incident. Someone drove around him, and he chased the other car and blocked it in. IMO self defense sounds reasonable. If someone has blocked your car and is punching you, you would have reasonable fear of bodily injury. But I guess we'll have to wait and see what other details are released.
  12. That's a nice option to have. It would be great if it was also a way into LEOSA / 50 state reciprocity. But from my reading of the code, it doesn't look like it.
  13. Done. I see someone listed as representing "ISRA" filed a "Proponent" slip. Got to pay attention to what field you click... Easy to error if you're going quickly.
  14. Filed, as usual. That's a long list of bills. The legislature sure likes denying our rights.
  15. A little humorous, but also scary. I wonder how many jilted ex's will make something up just to cause pain to someone they hate. Kinda scary that they're advocating SWATing people...
  16. Must be an average. I can sit for hours if it's a topic I find interesting. And to the OP: As mentioned several times above. Rejoice because it means you'll have the card soon. But still can't carry legally until it's on your person.
  17. IMO "no knock" warrants are a bad idea that should be reserved for extremely rare circumstances. Arrive in force and announce. If the suspect is violent, take the precautions to protect the officers involved. But waking someone up by breaking into their house is a bad idea. I have no idea if the person killed was a thug or an honor student. (I have a guess, since they're involved ina murder investigation.) But either way, it was bad tactics that contributed to the end result.
  18. That is the problem in states where Democrats rule everything. That party loves authoritarian dictatorial actions, and consider the U.S. Constitution simply an obstacle to overcome or push aside.
  19. I moved to Indiana this fall. I got my Indiana Lifetime LTC in less than two weeks. The day I became an official Indiana resident (by applying for my Indiana DL), I applied online for an Indiana License to Carry. I made an appointment same day for fingerprints, and followed it up two days later with a visit to the sheriff's office (as local law enforcement process the application here instead of state agency). I had my lifetime carry license sooner than I had my "Real ID" drivers license, and it cost all of $13 (fingerprint fee). Very different process than Illinois. (And I suspect by next year Indiana will go Constitutional Carry and the license will be moot anyway except for reciprocity.)
  20. Depends where you are. Police in Chicago won't come even if you have eyes on the stolen car. They don't bother to come and stop the crime in progress, and only take a report over the phone. (This happened to a friend many years ago. I imagine it's even worse now.)
  21. Soundguy is correct. I am the author of these apps. https://www.indianagunowners.com/
  22. Yep. We get rid of one dictator (Madigan), and another one even worse pops up in his place. It's the Democrat way...
  23. I love the picture with the AR-15. Virginia has been deep blue last couple of elections. Great to see a couple of good pro-2a conservatives elected.
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