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  1. Your vehicle is a safe haven in EVERY prohibitted area EXCEPT Nuclear facilities and places where firearms are banned per federal law. Reread the law, section 65
  2. I always love reading these things. It's a right and we won't deny it to you if you have a true need for it. It's not our fault that only 0.02% have a real need for it.
  3. No problem. Eventually you'll re-read Section 65 enough times to maybe understand 42% of it. Stay safe.
  4. No, unless it's under the control of a college. (15) Any building, classroom, laboratory, medical clinic, hospital, artistic venue, athletic venue, entertainment venue, officially recognized university-related organization property, whether owned or leased, and any real property, including parking areas, sidewalks, and common areas under the control of a public or private community college, college, or university.
  5. I've carried daily for 2+ weeks now, and the ONLY place I have had to disarm is my place of work. I am not saying it works that way for everyone, and if you read past posts you will see how adamantly I am against prohibitted locations, short of private property, but I am able to defend my family.
  6. And in case "not withstanding" doesn't make sense read it as "in spite of" Tapa-what? Tapatalk.
  7. Mine are in my car "No Guns" side up. My friend about spit out his coke when he say them. He was wondering why I'd have no guns cards. I then showed him the rear.
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