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  1. My FOID went Active and says it was issued 9/24 - I had given up checking for a while, but it was about 29 days. My CCL is still at submitted, I think 30 days of objection time closed yesterday if you count 8/27 as the first day, I submitted the change of address about 10:30pm on 8/26.
  2. Oh no... I literally just submitted my address change. I was hoping the process wouldn't be a horrorshow, I have prints and everything from my 2014 application. Does the FOID come on the FOID renewal timetable and the the CCL treated as a renewal as well? Putting it back at 90 days? So I don't have a legal FOID now?
  3. Just to keep this thread current: 5/9/2017House Do Pass / Short Debate Judiciary - Criminal Committee; 013-000-000 5/10/2017HousePlaced on Calendar 2nd Reading - Short Debate
  4. They'll probably reject it, but they might be able to populate the form with your online answers. Either way, they need to send you the affidavit. Call first thing Monday and maybe you won't be out the $10.
  5. From the FAQ: Yes, a minor can apply for a FOID card with a parent or legal guardian sponsor. The parent or legal guardian must be eligible for a FOID card. The parent or legal guardian must also sign an affidavit and attach it to the application. (At this time, if you were born after January 1, 2000, you must submit your application through the alternative call-in method via the Customer Service Call Center at 217-782-7980.)
  6. It's an offline process, we just got one for one of mine. Call the FOID number and they ask the questions. Then they send you a form that's pre-filled and an affidavit to be notorized. Sign and send back. THEY must sign the app, if they can't (too young) send a copy of the birth certificate. There is no account to create online, they do it for you. You can't log in to check, but it took about a month.
  7. Applied 1/2 Approved 2/28 about 3:50pm. Arrived in Naperville/Aurora area, DuPage County! Wally Walk here I come!
  8. The last time I sent my FOID renewal from the Aurora area to Springfield, I sent it Priority with tracking (2 day service). It actually took 3 days, going from Chicago to St. Louis to Springfield. Hopefully that was an abberation, I would think it would only take two days....
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