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  1. Missouri even has a tax on a farmer's chickens, if I recall, but it doesn't seem to have the folks heat a cauldron of tar. But all that said, I posted earlier regarding Illinois property taxes. One state taxes you ie 10K just for living in your house, every year. You know next year the tax may be $10,700, then $11,900, etc. Another state may have a higher sales tax rate based on what you may, or may not buy via retail. Which state would you choose?
  2. The feeling of being surrounded by a majority of like minded people cannot be measured. Not just a community, or area, but basically the whole state. It was stunning to realize that conservatism in Illinois is not close to the conservatism of its southern neighbors. Pro gun liberals are an albino deer and there aren't enough plain liberals around to worry about what you say being considered non pc. God speed on your new home Lou.
  3. I'm in the Greenbelt program. You can use it for timber, agricultural or preservation applications. What impressed me was that they come right out and say they want the program utilized to preserve rural land and dampen urban sprawl. Just an FYI, my $4200 tax bill was 5 years ago and in downstate Illinois. I believe the current owners ponied up $5600 for taxes on my old property last year.
  4. Just for the sake of discussion, my Tennessee property taxes on 23 acres, 2400 sf house, barns, etc are $700. In Illinois, my 2k sf house on 5 acres was $4200. Yes, the sales taxes in Tennessee are what I consider high. I also will say I prefer being taxed on what I buy rather than what I own. In Illinois, it was as if they were taxing the crap out of me on land, fees, registrations, permits, etc but then telling me "Hey! You might be getting hit with a lot of taxes, but look at all of the freebies and entitlements we give you!" Illinois was like being in a no cancel contract with Satellite TV, ATT or a time share. I can say here in Tennessee, at least I can regulate my own taxation based on what I choose to buy via retail.
  5. Reasons (I was told) an Illinois voter would tell you they voted for Pritzger and Democrats. * Because Republicans suck. * Things are bad, but they would be worse if a Republican were in office. * That is the only way I have ever voted. * Vote Republican? Lol, are you kidding me? "Are things better in Illinois since Rauner was Governor?" * No but it isn't Pritzger's fault. Covid and Trump, reasons and stuff. * Rauner wouldn't work with Democrats. Pritzger does. * We just need to get the guns out of the state. * The government needs to create more jobs. Believe it or not, I heard a few of those comments from downstate and Southern Illinoiers.
  6. Republican leadership is an oxymoron. At least the Democrat opponents stab you in the front. Warneck has enough of a past that value voters should have called an Uber for him as well. And Fetterman. And for reference, Bill Clinton, Joe Biden. Holding one's nose and pulling the lever has been the practice for quite a while now. Georgia, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Michigan, New York, and Florida for balance, all get the representation they want.
  7. We always wondered what the woman told their daughter when she asked "What happened to my daddy?". My guess is it wasn't the truth.
  8. Decades ago, I was on a men's softball team with a guy that worked 3rd shift (11-7). He was married to an obese (400 lbs +) shrill of a woman who stayed home all day watching tv. They had a young daughter. Our games were typically on Tuesday night. After the games he would shower and get read for work. He was feeling sick about 4 am one morning and decided to leave work early. He gets home and hears noises in the back of their mobile home. He grabs a 45, goes down the hall and finds a neighbor in bed with his wife, and in the act. He yells out "What the hey!!!!", to which she screams in shock. As the guy is lurching out of bed towards him he shoots him dead. This is where it gets a little fuzzy. The husband, my buddy, claims he thought the guy was assaulting his wife. Based on his wife's testimony, he knew about the affair, left work early on purpose and told her he would kill him if he ever caught him in his house, so it was murder. If he knew about it, it was news to all of us. He was sentenced to 40 years or some such. This occurred during the late 80s, early 90s and he may still be in prison. He lost his job, his marriage, his daughter, his freedom, his future, everything. She sells the property, remarries some electrical contractor and lives as a stay at home shrew in a nice upscale neighborhood. Funny how things work out.
  9. Within a matter of days, the blue party is about to get wiped off the map of relevence, and he is calling for national bans on guns. Ok, go with that then.
  10. So, it would appear to most anyone with moderate reasoning skills that if the elected Illinois politicians were to honestly represent their constituents, guns laws were would be lessened, or actually reversed to support the continuing increase in gun ownership. Unfortunately, there still aren't enough gun owners to make a difference in the elections, and the ones in power know that.
  11. Trafalgar polling has been a pretty dependable and accurate group. Scrolling down on their home page will give you their latest results. https://www.thetrafalgargroup.org/
  12. I lived in Illinois for 50+ years. What I see now, down in the southern US, are large groups of like minded conservatives with backbone, who really understand what liberty and freedom are worth. Meeting some of them might be unsettling for many of my friends still in Illinois, who consider themselves strong conservatives. When you drop ice cubes into a pot of hot water, then everything becomes tepid. We all want to believe we are the measuring stick; that everyone else is either right or left of us. Many do not mince words and are not ashamed of their beliefs. Some might consider them too strong and brazen; I consider them inspiring. The left has stormed and over run the right, while moderates stand to the side with their hand up asking if we could just talk. Patton knew long ago who wins in a fair fight.
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