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  1. I am at address change in 6/25, CCL application 7/10 and still waiting and under review if you makes you feel any better.
  2. Anyone know how long this is taking now by chance? I did my address change in late June (6/25 I think) and then applied for my CCL in July and still show under review for both still. Obviously keep waiting, but curious if there is any end in sight for it.
  3. Did an address change on my FOID on 6/25...still under review and submitted. Applied for my CCL in July so probably waiting for this to complete before that goes anywhere.
  4. Perfect, thanks! Thought that would probably be the case but wanted to make sure.
  5. I moved recently and updated my address on the secretary of state site, however have not gone to update my actual DL due to everything going on. After doing so, I updated the address on my foid. So my question is, now that I have done the address change for my foid, is my foid still valid? I was planning on purchasing a new firearm but don't want to waste my time and money if it will come back as invalid while they verify my address which who knows how long that will take.
  6. I would love to know why I was objected to. If it was because I entered an address where I didnt update my license or was it something else. If it is something simple that I caused (address) then it would be nice to know so I can avoid that when I renew.
  7. I hadn't thought of that. You mean you never find out who objected and why? Nope, no clue. So it is fine for now that I am active, but is there a chance I have to go through all this again when I renew?
  8. Well done, amigo. It's been a solid day for the left behind boys today. Our processor must have gotten back from vacation. Or they finally looked behind/under the desk and found all our apps
  9. I did that last year in Vegas, sooo much fun. I be here until the 21st, but a lot of this week I won't be at my computer.
  10. Yeah, I wont complain about next week either (at least more than I already have).
  11. I have hopes for this week, I am in comifornia this week for work so hopefully since I won't be able to check my status multiple times a day I get approved
  12. Interesting, that means our turn should be coming up soon. Hopefully this week.
  13. AFAIK there has been no update to people currently under board review. Some of us (me included) are almost at the 30 day mark from when we were put under that status, so hopefully soon we get/hear/see something.
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