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  1. New FOID Applications? New applications should be processed in 30 Calendar days. Renewals are 60 Business days. I knew the processing time was 30 days. Figured it would be much longer......I think they’re behind. I applied Nov. 29, 2019 and my status did not go active until 01/08:20...didn’t get it in hand until a few days after.
  2. New FOID Applications? New applications should be processed in 30 Calendar days. Renewals are 60 Business days.
  3. You need to set aside an hour of time and commit to calling consistently until you get through to somebody.
  4. FOID went active as of today. 1/09/2020. 48 days...let’s see how long it takes to get in the mail. Thank you everyone for the help!!
  5. If ya called once and got through and talked to a customer service rep, why call a second time and talk to a rep again? Illinois, if at first your vote don’t take, vote again! lol I called the first time with an application question. I called the second time after my application had been under review for 31 calendar days.
  6. How badly do you want to get ahold of ISP? I have gotten through to them each time I called, but I had to sit there, dial the number, and select “0” to get to a customer service agent for about 30 mins straight. I literally called 50 times the first time before I got through and 60 times the second. I enjoyed bombarding the phone line. It’s petty but I’ll sit and wait to make them talk to me.
  7. Ok, so, for those who want to compare. I decided not to call my rep. I applied for the FOID on 11/22/2019. On 12/23/219, 31 days, I called ISP. They informed me they were working on my application. It showed “Submitted” using the inspection truck. About five hours after, I checked back and it was “QC Verified”. I waited, and waited. Nothing. I debated calling my rep, but after reading this thread I thought I’ll just wait it out. I know I’ll be approved it’s just a matter of when. Today I checked and the inspection took days “Approved”. It has been 47 calendar days. I imagine it will be close to 60 calendar days by the time I have the FOID in-hand. As a reminder, ISP has 30 CALENDAR days. Not 30 business days as the rep tried to argue with me. I had to point her to the email confirmation I received upon payment that said they would approve or reject in 30 calendar days.
  8. Hey Everyone, I have an 8 year old who I would like to take shooting at some point. Is he young enough to not need a FOID card? It seems crazy he would need one since hes 8...Im learning not to count it out so I want to check. I also wanted to start a thread for others who may be curious. What age are minors required to have one?
  9. 43 Days and counting on the new FOID application...at this point I just want to see how long it takes them..
  10. I applied 11/22 and still show QC Verified. Just checked today. Called ISP since and was told they are working it. Before I had called my app was still Under Review. It moved to QC Verified shortly after I called. Working on 39 days
  11. No. I’m at 35 calendar days. Nothing. Well, my app moved to “QC Verified” status yesterday...The law does not say 30 business days it says calendar days. I called ISP yesterday and the lady I spoke to was apologetic and told me they would be working on it...
  12. http://illinoiscarry.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=59738 "I believe the first stage of the approval process is where the ISP checks to make sure the current info is entered, good photo, right certificate. Application then moves on to the background checks." Quoted this from the linked topic Thanks Gpop!
  13. I have now moved to “QC Verified” using the inspect element trick. What does this mean?
  14. I used the Inspect Element tool. Great trick - thank you. Unfortunately, the status of my FOID is still "Under Review"...so much for the 30 day application process for new FOID cards.
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