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  1. Like that Everytown lawyer who spoke about how Bruen, a National decision, doesn’t affect IL at all.
  2. “Your honor, the types of weapons that were banned are in common use for lawful and thus under Bruen and Heller, they are protected under the second amendment. In fact, here is a brief example of just how popular they are in illinois. Keep in mind this was just a short period of time, but Illinois was a leading state in lawful purchases of these firearms, therefor they are in common use and protected. Criminalizing the residents of the state, of which this state was the 5th largest in number of residents who purchased these firearms in 2020, classifying them as criminals unless they pay fees or forfeit their weapons is not only unconstitutional, it’s draconian. And this is just off of one website, so you can only imagine the number of them sold from other websites and shipped to FFL’s, as well as what was sold in stores statewide”. https://nssfpdf.s3.amazonaws.com/OnlineSalesViewJune2020.pdf
  3. You’re talking about Democrats, and a fair majority of them don’t know a thing about firearms and don’t care to. All about “muh feelings”, which includes fear of metal and polymer
  4. Some gun shops in Oregon are doing alternative means to get around the state’s background check system (which due to measure 114 is even more broken and backlogged than usual) https://www.mom-at-arms.com/post/oregon-gun-store-goes-nuclear-in-defiance-of-measure-114
  5. That video should be used in court should this all pass. That and Nadler stating that the reason for these bans is because they’re in common use
  6. Yep, going to pick up another mag fed AK shotgun tomorrow just cuz lol
  7. Heck, we have a D member here who voluntarily dumped all of their “evil” weapons a few years ago and still lobbies with the antis because that’s what the party wants
  8. Voting turnout was low in my county. With 311,000, only 108,000 voted
  9. In reality this election, Dems in PA did vote for a dead guy that died over a month ago, on top of the guy who can’t talk and is mentally incapacitated
  10. Lol you think the communists will care about that? They’ve doubled down since Bruen
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