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  1. You haven’t been paying attention from when she started her tyrannical crusade on this issue then. She deserves much worse than simply being impeached. And public opinion was never on her said. Even the Dem NM attorney general and the county sheriffs, one of which was backed by Moms Demand Action, said she stepped way over the line. The only vocal supports we’re gun control activists and the state level gun control group New Mexicans To Prevent Gun Violence, which is the group who gave intact firearm receivers to high school kids without a background check per NM law and broke many federal laws by doing so as well lol (the 1873 is a .22 reproduction, thus a modern gun subject to federal and state laws). Both pistols are easily restorable to firing condition with parts off of eBay. The H&R just needs a cylinder and a pin
  2. Looks like Caulkins is now building up a means to take it to the federal courts https://www.decaturtribune.com/2024/01/23/state-rep-dan-caulkins-petitions-illinois-supreme-court-to-vacate-decision-on-weapons-ban-law/ State Representative Dan Caulkins (R-Decatur) has today filed a post judgement petition with the Illinois Supreme Court to vacate its decision on the weapons ban law. At issue is the denial of due process under the 14th Amendment arising from Justices Elizabeth Rochford and Mary Kay O’Brien participating in the case despite overwhelming reasons they should have recused themselves. Both justices received disproportionate contributions from the leaders of the co-equal branches of government in the aggregate sum of more than $2.5 million in direct contributions and $7.3 million in indirect contributions calling into question their impartiality and independence. Both Justices reportedly committed to the outcome for an "assault weapon" ban during their respective campaigns joined by the Defendants which contributes to the denial of due process right to a fair hearing. “The case has been filed and accepted by the Illinois Supreme Court,” Caulkins said. “It has been our contention all along that these two justices should have recused themselves. For this reason, we are asking the High Court to vacate its previous decision.”
  3. Care to share who and if it was an email, redact your stuff and post it here?
  4. Did Raoul just nulify the law? Here’s IL’s response to the 5th amendment challenge! https://drive.google.com/file/d/13qhpsNCt3IT8w-Mb8anjGBlFeX5W9g9U/view
  5. What it really means is that there’s (at least via a FOIA request) no way to see exactly what’s being registered. We just gotta take ISP’s word on the numbers and that everything being registered is actually items that need to be and can’t even see what NFA items are inflating those numbers. Further, should The media somehow get lists and such, we know it wouldn’t be through FOIA and would be another route
  6. Sounds like it would be time to start using firearms under the 2A for their intended purpose
  7. The registration scheme is already showing what a joke this all is. So much for the 1/1 deadline lol. They’re saying they’re focused on compliance, but 1/1 was the deadline per the law. Is the ISP not encouraging a form of entrapment/self incrimination with this https://www.thecentersquare.com/illinois/article_13b7dc76-ae75-11ee-8d11-2fcfd2e574cb.html?utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter&utm_campaign=user-share Illinois State Police said they will keep the registry open, as the law does not set forth penalties for late submissions. “The FOID portal will remain open for people to submit endorsement affidavits,” the agency said. “ISP is focused on compliance and safety. While the Act set deadlines for submitting endorsement affidavits, it does not set forth penalties for late submissions.”
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