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  1. If this wasn't so pathetic, it would be uproariously funny. I can visualize the gang members shaking in their boots over this one... Rich Phillips
  2. Couldn't have said it better myself. Rich Phillips
  3. And ISRA didn't rise up in righteous anger and indignation over this, and oppose it vigorously????? Rich Phillips
  4. If there is body cam footage, that should shine some light on this tragic incident. For instance, if it shows responding personnel seeing a downed officer and an individual standing in proximity with a long gun, a reasonable inference would be that the person with the gun presented a continuing threat, justifying the use of deadly force. There can be reasonable explanations for this without a video record, of course. But the facts as reported could just as easily be interpreted as I've described above. FWIW. Rich Phillips
  5. There is a lesson in this tragic incident, about how to act in the aftermath of a shooting. Rich Phillips
  6. At last we get something that resembles an explanation... Thanks for posting it. But why in the world didn't ISRA direct this to Molly for wider dissemination, or post it directly here? This is the foremost avenue of communicating with concerned gun owners in Illinois. What can leadership in ISRA be thinking when they see the concerns voiced here so vigorously, and not approach us directly? Color me supportive, but gravely disappointed. Rich Phillips
  7. This is so disappointing. We who have over the years trusted ISRA to faithfully not defend the status quo, but push back against further inroads, now get no official explanation of why they failed to vigorously oppose these new restrictions. But there is a second level of disappointment. Illinois Carry -- through this forum -- has the most effective and concentrated outreach available to gun owners in this state. Why hasn't ISRA reached out -- authoritatively and comprehensively -- to this readership in response to to the clear concerns being voiced here? Color me deeply troubled. Rich Phillips
  8. There must be a reason for their actions. This conversation never would never have emerged if they had been more forthcoming. They need to provide a detailed account of the way things developed, to restore/solidify confidence in their efforts going forward. Rich Phillips
  9. There are too many nuances here for me to form an opinion. I will continue to endorse ISRA for all the good they do. But I dearly wish the the Thursday bulletin had provided some insight for members into what was done and why. Rich Phillips
  10. We all owe Valinda such a debt of gratitude for what she does, and how well she does it!!!
  11. Smallbore, I'm reacting to a mindset that infiltrates many posts here and elsewhere on this subject -- one that ignores the fact that there are folks who wear them for legitimate medical reasons, and who aren't mindless sheep. Rich
  12. How about a little consideration for those of us with personal circumstances that make us more vulnerable? Even after vaccination, my immune system is not as fully fortified against the virus because the rheumatoid arthritis drugs I take also suppressed the ability of the vaccine to create a full amount of antibodies. And the baseline antibody suppression itself already made me extremely more vulnerable at my age, with my other health conditions, while caring for someone under cancer treatment. So yeah, as much as I hate masks for a variety of reasons (difficulty in recognizing people, muffled voices, difficulty in establishing initial rapport, reduction in breathing efficiency, etc.) I still will wear one more often than I would really like. Not because I'm making a political statement -- simply out of advisable medical caution. Rich Phillips
  13. Second City Cop always had a very low opinion of this system. Rich Phillips
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