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  1. The design of many of these laws is precisely tailored to make ownership, and carrying, more burdensome. I used to think that things might get better without Madigan in charge. Wow, was I wrong ... Rich
  2. And of course, that's the strategy they adopted -- by design. Make it so hard to weave in and out of legal carry locations as to make people say, "If it's going to be that hard, why bother?" The ban on carrying on public transportation is particularly egregious -- and prejudicial I would say -- because of the way it hits many minorities. Add to that the extortionate cost structure, and you almost have a prima facie case of discrimination. Rich Phillips
  3. No change using Firefox today. Rich Phillips
  4. When I read the name of this thread, I thought, "What a target rich environment!" Rich Phillips
  5. Like most things in this state's politics, follow where, and to whom, the money flows. Of course our media will fail to do that. And so we may never truly know how poorly this vast smount of money was used. Neither will its effectiveness -- or lack thereof -- be assessed and publicized. Rich Phillips
  6. captdan, You seem to have some amplified insight into what's going on. Do you have any suggestions for me, as to how to proceed? Thanks. Rich
  7. No prints on file and no money transacted. I'm guessing there is a glitch here somewhere, or a misunderstanding on my part about my reading of their page. It will be interesting to see what transpires in the long run. Rich
  8. You got me, pardner. I just followed the instructions as best I could. I'm puzzled by the lack of payment issue. To my knowledge, the State doesn't have a credit card on file for me. So the central question is why would they send me a notice to renew, and then when I go through the process they present me with, tell me a card is being printed without me paying for it? Rich
  9. My FOID card expires in 6 months, and I just got an email from ISP about renewal. I got into the Portal with little trouble and entered my personal information. Without me providing any further information (most particularly about about payment), it displayed a page that repeated my information correctly (adding my FOID card #). However, there was no "Renew" button, as I was expecting. Instead, another part of that page said, "Your submission was sent to the print queue. Your card is on its way. Please allow time for printing and mailing." I would be fine with this, were it not for the fact there was no financial transaction. At the risk of appearing foolish or poorly informed, what am I missing here or what have I done wrong? Rich Phillips
  10. Unfortunately, the SC will issue as narrow a ruling as possible. Consequently, these and other new cases will continue to be litigated in excruciating detail anyway, because the antis will not give up easily. Rich Phillips
  11. This is such a stupid law. I can legally bequeath my firearms to one of my kids after I'm dead, without any special paperwork. But I can't give even one of them to him or her now. Grrr.... Rich Phillips
  12. Sure, context is important -- things like public sentiment, as well as prosecution policy and practice. Such issues will always be in play, and any CC lisencee will have to navigate those shoals. But to the point, does Illinois law offer any useful, concrete guidance on the subject of how much property value must be involved to justify the deployment and use of deadly force, if at all? Rich
  13. Vito, What would your property value threshold be for such a lethal armed intervention? And how would an armed citizen safely (from a legal point of view) make that valuation decision? Very obviously, a car would be in some high value category, but what about someone pilfering a few tools out of a shed? Rich Phillips
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