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  1. Im glad ill be moving to a constitutional carry state soon.
  2. I applied three months before my CCL expired and it took over a year to receive. MY FOID expired in March 21 so I renewed in October 20 and still haven't received a new card. ITS ALL UNCONSTITUTIONAL anyways.
  3. Bo69


  4. It took the ISP 11 months to get out my renewal. Good luck.
  5. I renewed my CCL in Feb 2019. I just went active this week.
  6. https://www.wifr.com/content/news/Cabello-files-bill-to-repeal-Foid-Card-Act-566962871.html
  7. I renewed my license over the phone in February 2019 because of login issues. I still haven't received my CCL license. I was then sent a paper application in February to fill out and return. I filled it out that afternoon and mailed it back to ISP the following morning. 7 Months went by without receiving my CCL license. So I finally spoke to someone at ISP in August 2019 after 100 phone calls attempts/hangups. The lady on phone said they never received my application in February so either the ISP lost it or the post office did. I mailed 1st application in February to the ISP and sent another in August 2019 the same day I received the application I mailed it back to the ISP.Well I'm still waiting this is absolutely ridiculous process.Then they wonder why everyone is fleeing this unorganized state.
  8. https://newschannel20.com/news/local/thousands-of-revoked-foid-cards-unaccounted-for Pritzkers way of gun control.
  9. 180 days still waiting. Cant login lost password and user name and contacted ISP multiple times and NO HELP. Getting really sick of this ship hole state.
  10. 151 days no prints phone it in on Feb 8th processed the 17th. Dont know the status because I cant log in and they won't reset it for me. They didn't hesitate taking my money.
  11. 141 days still waiting on my renewal.I did my renewal over phone because it locked me out online and they won't reset. I'll soon be moving out of Illinois cant wait sick of this commie a** state.
  12. Wife applied 01/28/2017 w/o prints, in hand 5/2/2017 in Chicago.
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