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  1. Applied 7/13/19 no prints Shows Active 11/7/19 117 Days Foid and ccl have the same number without getting a new foid card Waiting for the mail to show up next week
  2. Submitted 7/13 no prints Expired 8/4 108 days and still under review. Do you think I will get it before Christmas?
  3. I have been trying to log in to the ISP web site for 2 days. It tells me I can't log in at this time. Check your credentials. Any one having this problem?.
  4. Expiration date: 8/4/19 Renewal Applied: 7/13/19 Under review No Prints I just may get my new card for Christmas
  5. Applied 4/28 Active 8/4 99 days Recieved 8/9 US Mail 5ays No prints Total time 104 days
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