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  1. Got mine in the mail today as well. Showed an active/printed date of 4/19.
  2. CCL Renewal: Submitted 1/16/2022 Active and printed: 4/19/2022 Awaiting delivery.
  3. i also got an email about a status change and when i logged in to check the status, there was no change. likely just more ispfsb incompetence
  4. finally got logged in. i was hoping to see a status change since i got an email but nope.
  5. I received an email that my application status changed so I tried to log in to check the status and this message pops up after i click sign in and then it doesn't go anywhere no matter what browser I use. I literally logged in yesterday just fine.
  6. New FOID Applications? New applications should be processed in 30 Calendar days. Renewals are 60 Business days. I knew the processing time was 30 days. Figured it would be much longer......
  7. My mother applied for a FOID card December 15 2019. Went Active today 1/24/2020. Almost 30 business days exactly. Kind of surprised.
  8. When I got ahold of them I explained the website would not let me proceed with my renewal and told them my FOID was set to expire and it has been stuck for 3+ months. They said that a paper renewal would be the best way to proceed and took my credit card for renewal payment. Had the paper app 2 days later and mailed it back the same day. Checked the application status online every day for 3 weeks until they both finally went "Active."
  9. You got both cards at the same time after 5 months? Did you do prints for your initial CCL? Mine was an absolute mess to say the least. I changed my address on my FOID and received it a few weeks later. Changed my address on my CCL and it stayed "Submitted" for 5 months. By that time my FOID expired and I had to renew it. It could not proceed until my address change on my CCL completed. After daily calls to ISP and not getting through, I finally got through at the end of July and they send me a paper FOID application. Mailed it in and received everything almost a month later.
  10. I started my address change in March on the ISP website. I just received both foid and ccl in the mail yesterday if that is any indicator.....
  11. I went through the FOID address change/update a couple weeks ago. I didn't encounter any errors like this. Did you include your CCL?
  12. They called me. However I put 2 call back requests in. Molly submitted an inquiry on my behalf and low and behold I got a call back within the hour I am guessing I will have to have her do the same thing again in a few weeks.
  13. Apparently an address change is processing on my CCL and my FOID renewal cannot continue until that processes. They assured me that everything would process before my FOID expires. I plan on reaching out next week again, which means I should get a call back 2-3 weeks from that.
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