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  1. I visited both CCW safe booths and USCCA booths at the NRA convention. I spent an hour at the CCW booth chatting about different scenarios and how the process went when I called the emergency number and I was very impressed. I spent maybe 5 minutes at the USCCA booth as they weren't very personable and just wanted to sell their product. Also learned that at the time USCCA has a recoupment clause which CCW safe does not have. I'm sure they are both fine but I was much more impressed with CCW safe and they didn't have to bribe me with a free range bag and hat.
  2. If the foid/ccl portal is any indication, the registry portal will be down 50% of the time.
  3. So there are other cases in other counties that were granted a TRO. So is the Effingham county TRO the only one no longer in place?
  4. I've received a new FOID card with every firearm purchase this year. Needless to say I have a few extra foid copies in my safe.
  5. I always hear about what the ATF did at Waco, TX. I didn't know anything about it so I watched the documentary this weekend. The fact that the ATF has never been held accountable for what they did tells me everything I need to know. I may not agree with what was going on inside that compound but it did not merit an all out assault without a warrant.
  6. Plot twist. Dan Caulkin's is in cahoot's with JB and is using this lawsuit under the guise that he is on our side knowing it will get shot down but I've got tin foil hat on from my last batch of hershey's kisses because they went woke so I'll have to get real tin foid next time.
  7. Honestly I don't care how cheap a gun is at RK, I will never buy one from them. Had enough bad experiences with them so it's just not even worth it.
  8. UPDATE: I received a new FOID card in the mail today IDENTICAL to the one I already have. Is this gonna happen every time we buy a gun now? I already had the ccl indicator on it so literally nothing changed.
  9. I use the amazon blink system. The outdoor cameras are battery powered so no need to run any wiring. I installed them about a year and a half ago and the batteries are still running strong. They only record on motion and include audio which is really all I need.
  10. Hopefully. But buying a firearm is a heck of a lot easier than navigating through the renewal process. Every time I click that renew button for foid or CCL I have to pray to every deity I can think of that nothing goes wrong.
  11. Thanks for posting! So keep buying firearms to keep that date pushed out......
  12. I received mine after my background check went through. No matter what I buy, it always shows pending. If anything this will tell me when my background check is approved.
  13. Thanks! I logged into the portal and my expiration is now today's date in 2033.
  14. Purchased a firearm this week and I just receive this text message. Why?
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