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  1. The powers that be want to have force and arms monopoly. It has always been about control.
  2. Great idea. Youtube is anti 2nd Amendment and censors comments.
  3. I have watched his videos but youtube censors the comments.
  4. It infringes on the rights of their family members too and their descendants and once a right is gone is gone forever and with the stroke of the pen their exemption can be taken away in the future and this is only the first step by the cabal. So law enforcement and ex law enforcement and people who are now exempt and think it doesn't affect them, should think about the future and not just short term and history has shown what happens after people are disarmed.
  5. Can you post links to all your YouTube videos on Illinois Carry too so we can comment and discuss and give ideas? YouTube is censoring comments as usual and you're not seeing all the comments and ideas and is to our detriment. A lot of people think their comments are going through but they're not and they're shadow banned.
  6. Very good and has common sense and upholds the Constitution.
  7. A TRO was issued for DeVore case 3 today.
  8. Do you have more details how he inserted himself? He said he intervened on behalf of clients.
  9. Not a good idea, they're known to take ideas from this site.
  10. A raffle by the dealers that got the TRO against the state, for AR-15 rifle AKA "deadly assaulting weapon and weapon of mass destruction"
  11. Unfortunately a lot of people don't want to get involved and don't want to contribute and expect other people to do it for them for free and complain but have only themselves to blame.
  12. Here's the link, guess who's the attorney once again getting justice for people. Not milking anyone but giving back and helping the underdog and defending people's Constitutional rights for a nominal fee. The only lawyer that stood up against tyrany and got court orders to stop King Pritzker during covid, which was about control too. A Robin Hood lawyer. https://devorelawoffices.com/attorney-tom-devore-enters-appearance-on-behalf-of-his-clients-in-state-representative-dan-caulkins-case-in-macon-county-il/?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=appellate_court_affirms_effingham_judge_tro&utm_term=2023-02-02
  13. Good luck with Caulkins, people are asking for their money back and were misled.
  14. This is the last case he's doing DeVore said. Can't help but be curious why you didn't join?
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