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  1. "Biden is a needed breath of fresh cool air". Folks should repeat that to themselves and let that thought simmer for a moment. 47 years of graft, theft and corruption and 81 million people were dim enough to believe he was a breath of cool air, lol. People from coast to coast who got dressed, drove, stood in line and risked being assaulted after leaving consistently packed events is a good measure of what people want in their leadership. 12 preselected people being bussed onto a football field to sit inside painted circles is also reflective of something. People can move their thumb over a remote anytime they like, and even I will stop channel surfing for a moment to listen to the next thing Biden or Kamala "says". That isn't the same thing.
  2. Eric Sewell, Nancy Pelosi, Hunter and Joe and James Biden, James Comey, Hillary Clinton...do I need to continue? There is a long time of liberal Democrats that need processing before we should be thinking about TDS.
  3. If Illinois currently had gun rights similar to free states, the anti gun zealots would be pointing to Chicago and screaming about all of the shootings and homicides. But since gun rights are very restrictive, the leadership in Chicago prefers a "nothing to see here so move along and if there is something wrong it is someone else's fault " mentality.
  4. A fully automatic ak 47 is about 3 seconds on a mag dump. Maybe the rifle and a couple full mags are free, with a coupon to the nearest ammo retailer while they are still open. I'll take bets on what comes first- the United States government passing out free guns or forcibly collecting them.
  5. The system was by most honest accounts, broken prior to Obama's sales position for two terms and then later the riots and the pandemic. The fact that there is really no end of the tunnel in sight or that someone can even say it will be as functional as 15 years ago should be enough said. But, while it is taxpayer dollars, they aren't funding welfare, section 8, illegals or pregnant moms, so it is allowed to continue as is. Otherwise, the rioting, burning, looting and pillaging would only have subsided due to the lack of new targets of opportunity.
  6. You should expect the corporate media to hit them with all they have to discredit them, and plenty of Fed boys to infiltrate them.
  7. I believe the mandates will lessen, whether for political or practical purpose. Over this spring and summer, expect the baskets to open up and the carrots to come back out, ie free education, etc in order to lead the masses back into the barn. Castro's son made a huge mistake in labeling these truckers, and their supporters as "fringe extremist" who do not deserve to be heard. I would hope this administration would learn from that but hope isn't a guarantee.
  8. The city leaders stated that this bill will help prevent suicides, domestic violence and negligent use of a firearm; I didn't realize an insurance policy was capable of so much. They later stated that the fees would go towards damages and bills from shootings. How many people are shot by legal, licensed gun owners vs felons? Huh? Derp. Either San Jose is that stupid or they just believe their constituents are that stupid.
  9. How much would Dominion charge to defeat her in the next election?
  10. A "friend" handed Mr. Perez a pistol...which he fired into the air...and then returned the gun. Who is this friend that is vigilant enough to be armed yet doesn't want to involve himself, although he does anyway by passing his gun off for someone else to use.... I'm pretty sure that if legal FOID Tattooed American citizen Carl Caucasion tosses his snubby across the yard to his neighbor who then chases a delinquent down the sidewalk, popping rounds in the air behind the kid who he caught prying his hubcaps, that we would know the names of both neighbors as well as the three meals the county was serving them each day.
  11. I honestly believe that if a reporter were to couch that question as a general hypothetical inquiry that Biden would not recognize the incident and put both of his feet throat deep into his own mouth.
  12. "Uh. Mr. Brandon, How would legislation keep entitled kids, ie your son, from having his side squeeze dumpster diving to retrieve his handgun that got mysteriously tossed?"
  13. Senator Jacqueline Collins, who was too busy to be at the news conference, but said in a statement that gun violence is plaquing Illinois' black and brown communities. Where are these ghost guns coming from? From the collar states where gun violence has continually remained lower than Illinois? Who is supplying the black and brown communities with ghost guns? White conservative Christians? Who will these new laws target and put into prison? The black and brown communities?
  14. An authentic history book would teach you otherwise.
  15. Do they believe these south side bangers are using title companies and county clerks to record titles and process deeds? Lol.
  16. Anyone without a past photo of them holding an "Assault Rifle" while posing in front of the rubble and burned corpses of American women and children would be a start.
  17. New gun owners, and there are a lot of them, do not know what normal is when it comes to ammunition. On their way past sporting goods towards boxes, beer and bunion ointment they never noticed stacks of bullets on the shelves. Now, all they see are opportunities to get that last box or two. Whatever the manufacturers are saying, gearing up to full production wasn't enough when Obama was in charge and it won't be enough today.
  18. Pretty sure November 8th, 2022 will be a bigger event than November 2020 was.
  19. You are still in the 15 day lockdown.
  20. So I’m guessing you don’t have a ccl? Or did you take that absurdly required infringing training anyway? I had a CCL. I took all of the training. Now living outside of Illinois I am in a state that recently went constitutional carry. Granny can go pick up a Desert Eagle from the Pawn at Dawn Store on her way to get her stool softeners and nobody can say nothin. Of course training is a good thing. I will say that everyone to some extent is a product of their environment. Since July 1st I have not read of any Thunderdome gangs mowing down citizens in Tennessee. If that were Illinois on that same July 1st, I expect most liberals would be urinating their panties while dropping onto their fainting couch. I also think that maybe a few conservatives might be "Hey wait a minute".
  21. Then shouldn't we expect quick and decisive results?
  22. I would have thought the photo of him standing on the ashes of dead women and children would have been enough, but then every day is an adjustment to the moral standards of politicals.
  23. Most every post in this thread is concerning how the law abiding gun owner remains law abiding. The honest man has been put in fear of losing his rights. The dishonest man will not even know this thing has been made into law. If the only ones paying attention are the ones trying to follow the law, the document is worthless. ISRA is the Mitt Romney of gun organizations.
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