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  1. So, it would appear to most anyone with moderate reasoning skills that if the elected Illinois politicians were to honestly represent their constituents, guns laws were would be lessened, or actually reversed to support the continuing increase in gun ownership. Unfortunately, there still aren't enough gun owners to make a difference in the elections, and the ones in power know that.
  2. Trafalgar polling has been a pretty dependable and accurate group. Scrolling down on their home page will give you their latest results. https://www.thetrafalgargroup.org/
  3. I lived in Illinois for 50+ years. What I see now, down in the southern US, are large groups of like minded conservatives with backbone, who really understand what liberty and freedom are worth. Meeting some of them might be unsettling for many of my friends still in Illinois, who consider themselves strong conservatives. When you drop ice cubes into a pot of hot water, then everything becomes tepid. We all want to believe we are the measuring stick; that everyone else is either right or left of us. Many do not mince words and are not ashamed of their beliefs. Some might consider them too strong and brazen; I consider them inspiring. The left has stormed and over run the right, while moderates stand to the side with their hand up asking if we could just talk. Patton knew long ago who wins in a fair fight.
  4. As an example, Gavin Newson currently holds a 53% popularity rating in California. This is due, according to those polled, with his stances on abortion, climate change, and the pandemic. If you think there are any magic words that can convince many of them to think differently, I do not know what they would be.
  5. Many are living in a vacuum. Sometimes it is osmosis. Sometimes when you are born and raised in that environment, and it is all you know, well then, it is all you know.
  6. Actions taken by the White House and 3 letter agencies without any consideration of legal or constitutional authority just seems like a day to day thing now. There was a time, not that long ago, that immediate push back and oversight were present; recently it only seemed to occur when Trump was in office. Everything he did was opposed thru hook or crook. Now, everytime a new fiat is proclaimed, we look around waiting for someone we elected or is in charge of scrutinizing such acts and they are no where to be found, other than on tv. No court, no agency seems to do anything. It is all about sternly worded letters and promises to fix things if they are just reelected. Investigations that go nowhere, buried and forgotten by the next proclamation, scandal, or national emergency. Presidents have legal teams that advise on the constitutionality and survivability of an order; I doubt those currently in charge care much. You want to fight us and oppose forgiving student debt? Go ahead. See you in November.
  7. I'm just seeing patterns. Yes, a chicken in every pot/extra EBT bennies works every time. However, there is a growing segment that is tiring of the lies and the perpetual 4 year carrot over the head
  8. Don't be so quick to draw that conclusion. It has been stated in recent studies that Hispanics may be at a 50/50 split and the Black demographic is slowly eroding from the liberal party. One thing Democrats don't seem to have counted on is Latinos leaving oppressive political environments aren't coming here for the gun control, and they aren't all crazy about jumping on the entitlement wagon. The first generation Latino Americans know oppression all to well. The future of America will be shared by a growing minority population, and a great many of them will be like minded as you and I.
  9. Note that the new ATF director has never owned a firearm. Qualified means different things to different people. As long as Tom Dart has been in the position he holds, it is no longer an issue of whether he is qualified for the job. He was qualified to do the bidding of those that put him there, that is all that mattered to them. To put into writing the statement above shows that he spends more time in meetings and dinner parties and luncheons doing PR, gladhanding and brownnosing; the only knowledge that requires is how to spot the ones requiring such a service.
  10. It was obvious that Trump and his people were not aware of how deep and entrenched the swamp was. Members of his own cabinets, staff, etc. Yes, we are at the point, and have been for some time, where there would have to be so much turnover in DC, there would be howls that we are trying to overturn our own government. Corruption in American government is as bad as any 3rd world country, the difference is that ours is sophisticated and unified. It is both corruption and a coup.
  11. Overthrow the country with what? A handful of pistols and a guy wearing horns on his head? Good luck with that.
  12. It is not a generalization when I say that the Liberal Democratic party during the last generation has perfected the creation and promotion of more hate groups than can be counted. It is also ironic that they set up organizations inside the government and out, designed to label and persecute those they deem as haters and domestic terrorists. Of course that is my opinion.
  13. Would you go to a steakhouse where the owner hires a chef that doesn't eat what he cooks? And may be a vegetarian to boot? Idiocracy.
  14. That may be interesting how that plays out. There are no governmental logs (official) of online accounts. Would telling them you don't do social media be a disqualifier? Would making them do their own homework on any accounts you have be on them? How would the government know who PoonDaddy516 or PEwPEwPOp is on the fishing forum is unless they require admins and ISPs to turn over private data?
  15. IF I am recalling... there is an "emergency" provision designed just for purposes such as this. I could be wrong of course.
  16. New York is playing a dangerous game with their tax payers’ money. Part of the zeal with which this opinion was written was whipped up by how the lower courts essentially gutted Heller by instituting their ridiculous two-step scrutiny. Thomas was leaving no room for the lower courts and state justice systems to play games this time. The 2nd amendment very clearly describes the right that is protected, and Bruen very clearly describes how that right is to be treated within the justice system. Citizens now have a very clear path to show harm when one of these anti-2A maliciously violates their civil rights. It will take an administration change before any of it is enforced, but the framework has been laid for it to get VERY expensive for these states that insist on playing stupid games.
  17. We have a legal system of negative rights, not affirmative rights. A speeding ticket can’t be enforced where there is no posted speed limit. It’s almost as if the anti-2Aers think this is Canada or something. They’ll get their desired delay, but the law won’t hold up to scrutiny. In the meantime, anyone negatively affected by it is having their civil rights demonstrably denied in violation of US law. That can get expensive and make a lot of victims very wealthy.
  18. The following are taken from the Oxford English Dictionary, and bracket in time the writing of the 2nd amendment: 1709: "If a liberal Education has formed in us well-regulated Appetites and worthy Inclinations." 1714: "The practice of all well-regulated courts of justice in the world." 1812: "The equation of time ... is the adjustment of the difference of time as shown by a well-regulated clock and a true sun dial." 1848: "A remissness for which I am sure every well-regulated person will blame the Mayor." (other docs say “Major”) 1862: "It appeared to her well-regulated mind, like a clandestine proceeding." The phrase "well-regulated" was in common use long before 1789, and remained so for a century thereafter. It referred to the property of something being in proper working order. Something that was well-regulated was calibrated correctly, functioning as expected. Establishing government oversight of the people's arms was not only not the intent in using the phrase in the 2nd amendment, it was precisely to render the government powerless to do so that the founders wrote it. https://duckduckgo.com/?q=what+did+regulated+mean+in+1788&ia=web
  19. "Biden is a needed breath of fresh cool air". Folks should repeat that to themselves and let that thought simmer for a moment. 47 years of graft, theft and corruption and 81 million people were dim enough to believe he was a breath of cool air, lol. People from coast to coast who got dressed, drove, stood in line and risked being assaulted after leaving consistently packed events is a good measure of what people want in their leadership. 12 preselected people being bussed onto a football field to sit inside painted circles is also reflective of something. People can move their thumb over a remote anytime they like, and even I will stop channel surfing for a moment to listen to the next thing Biden or Kamala "says". That isn't the same thing.
  20. Eric Sewell, Nancy Pelosi, Hunter and Joe and James Biden, James Comey, Hillary Clinton...do I need to continue? There is a long time of liberal Democrats that need processing before we should be thinking about TDS.
  21. If Illinois currently had gun rights similar to free states, the anti gun zealots would be pointing to Chicago and screaming about all of the shootings and homicides. But since gun rights are very restrictive, the leadership in Chicago prefers a "nothing to see here so move along and if there is something wrong it is someone else's fault " mentality.
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