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  1. Senator Jacqueline Collins, who was too busy to be at the news conference, but said in a statement that gun violence is plaquing Illinois' black and brown communities. Where are these ghost guns coming from? From the collar states where gun violence has continually remained lower than Illinois? Who is supplying the black and brown communities with ghost guns? White conservative Christians? Who will these new laws target and put into prison? The black and brown communities?
  2. An authentic history book would teach you otherwise.
  3. Do they believe these south side bangers are using title companies and county clerks to record titles and process deeds? Lol.
  4. Anyone without a past photo of them holding an "Assault Rifle" while posing in front of the rubble and burned corpses of American women and children would be a start.
  5. New gun owners, and there are a lot of them, do not know what normal is when it comes to ammunition. On their way past sporting goods towards boxes, beer and bunion ointment they never noticed stacks of bullets on the shelves. Now, all they see are opportunities to get that last box or two. Whatever the manufacturers are saying, gearing up to full production wasn't enough when Obama was in charge and it won't be enough today.
  6. Pretty sure November 8th, 2022 will be a bigger event than November 2020 was.
  7. You are still in the 15 day lockdown.
  8. So I’m guessing you don’t have a ccl? Or did you take that absurdly required infringing training anyway? I had a CCL. I took all of the training. Now living outside of Illinois I am in a state that recently went constitutional carry. Granny can go pick up a Desert Eagle from the Pawn at Dawn Store on her way to get her stool softeners and nobody can say nothin. Of course training is a good thing. I will say that everyone to some extent is a product of their environment. Since July 1st I have not read of any Thunderdome gangs mowing down citizens in Tennessee. If that were Illinois on that same July 1st, I expect most liberals would be urinating their panties while dropping onto their fainting couch. I also think that maybe a few conservatives might be "Hey wait a minute".
  9. Then shouldn't we expect quick and decisive results?
  10. I would have thought the photo of him standing on the ashes of dead women and children would have been enough, but then every day is an adjustment to the moral standards of politicals.
  11. Most every post in this thread is concerning how the law abiding gun owner remains law abiding. The honest man has been put in fear of losing his rights. The dishonest man will not even know this thing has been made into law. If the only ones paying attention are the ones trying to follow the law, the document is worthless. ISRA is the Mitt Romney of gun organizations.
  12. His first two bullet points "Gun violence is a public health emergency" Translation- (Sound of dog whistle blowing) "We will be fighting this epidemic with data and science" Translation- "with his own data vs actual data..." b."Mr. Science is currently being paid to handle the other public health emergency and can't be present, but he has granted all rights and permission to use the word "'science'" in order to push everyone into the pen". BTW, How are incidents of the following in New York doing? Rapes? DUIs? Spousal Abuse? Overdoses? Selling Loosies? Not enough of those for a proclamation of a public health emergency and throwing a hundred million or so into a new department?
  13. They seem to seek out the right to impose their will upon others, in the name of "others".
  14. You would have to consider how up the typical Illinois law enforcement officer is on gun laws and AR pistol braces, and how much you are willing to spend so a judge can define it for him, and maybe you.
  15. Today, on Independence Day, as I am listening to a youtube audio book of the Declaration of Independence, it isn't hard to see the reasons for such a document still exist today. It also seems apparent that Mr. Sam Liccardo hasn't read it, or doesn't care much for what it says.
  16. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/4uE-tqe0xsQ"title="YouTube video player" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  17. It has become a pattern. Screw the opposition. Make it so, proceed to do it, issue an edict, whatever. They would rather shove it thru with a pen and a proclamation, counting on apathy, guilt, a narrow wallet and intimidation to keep the populace quiet and disinterested.
  18. I agree. In the meantime, rather than waiting for better advise than their government paid lawyers give them, they move forward and figure they can litigate the bugs out later rather than properly legislate it now. In other words, "Tell it to the judge".
  19. My understanding is that the San Jose council only approved the general plan to move forward. The rules in the form of an ordinance will be back before the city council in September for a final vote.
  20. Back when the housing bubble popped and the country was full of foreclosures, asset managers nationwide were hiring private contractors to secure, repair and rehab empty bank owned properties. Of course cozy deals with the feds and asset management companies secured lucrative deals. Well, it seems that special insurance was to be required for contractors doing work for the lenders. One of the biggest insurer was based out of New Jersey, and I believe the CEO was the brother of the CEO of one of the asset management firms. If you wanted to get work thru them, you had to get insurance thru them. Nothing your own insurance agent could write up would suffice. I expect if San Jose requires gun owners to procure insurance, the likes of which doesn't currently exist, someone will step forward with the encouragement of the powers that be. They will write it up, price it up and make sure it is lucrative and almost proprietary in nature.
  21. Bill Barr and John Durham have been assigned to investigate.
  22. If my memory is good, she used to be the FFL for a large auction house in the area when they did gun sales. I think she handled a transfer for me at one point. I hope I am mistaken as I took her to be very nice, knowledgeable and professional, but things do happen.
  23. The more dishonest people are created, the fewer that will seek to be honest.
  24. Woman- "Why, I never!" Moe- "You probably should, lady."
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