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  1. As long as the barrell isn't threaded... You'll want the Glock 20 extractor also. 10mm magazines for Glock are 15rnds so no issues there.
  2. Done. It sure would be nice to be able to support a bill for once in this state.
  3. I guess it is easier to "correct" facts in one place over many.
  4. The state will take the entire amount of time they legally can plus more. They will take your money on day one. Paying for rights has never been so slow.
  5. Anyone else notice the blatant bias in news feeds on this topic? A judge writes a well thought injunction explaining why the case likely will fail...nothing to see hear. The US supreme court doesn't take up a case because it hasn't run its course yet...all gun bans are legitimized!
  6. https://cwbchicago.com/2022/12/breaking-illinois-supreme-court-puts-end-of-cash-bail-on-hold-until-further-notice.html
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