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  1. The wife and I are basically looking for the exact place in Wisconsin now. Her parents who are retired will follow.
  2. Me too! Great folks. Wish I’d found them sooner. I found a really nice used BHP-40 at a great price and talked myself into walking out with a new Sig Legion when I returned to pick up the BHP. I should have added a couple more used pistols to the ticket but I was pinching pennies. I am KICKING myself in the butt every day that I didn't buy that Nickel P7 they had for under 2K on Consignment. Those things are $2,500+ all day every day on gun broker.
  3. Added two more to the list, Jim's as well as Bridgeview Sports and Sales I was fortunate enough to enjoy the final sale at Schranks, not a place normally on my beaten path but a cool small shop and sad to see them go
  4. Supposedly only 2K FFL's out of roughly 4K FFL's in IL filed for a dealer license with the State.
  5. Well RIP Walmart. I am going to send them an e mail letting them know why they will no longer be getting my $150+ a week in business. I will buy home goods online, medication, etc from Walgreens or CVS, fresh foods and meat from Fresh Farm and everything else from Marianos.
  6. Dang bois we famous https://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/new-illinois-gun-dealer-licensing-act-drives-over-50-of-ffls-out-of-business/
  7. Renewal Applied 4/29 w/ prints "Active" 7/19 Still do not have it in hand Side note; they did NOT re-issue my FOID near as I can tell. It still expires next June.
  8. I would say 75% of the posts here are 1st hand posts in Social or Traditional Media, mainly Facebook and local papers . I will admit I am not trying to call these places before posting the info; if anyone sees an error let me know I like to leave the Fake News to CNN.
  9. Added Really getting p***** seeing so many small , often multi-generational businesses getting stomped by the state.
  10. IMO a better avenue of attack will be this disenfranchises rural gun owners by removing their ability to easily access an FFL; similar to how closing down voting locations in rural areas or predominantly X or Y areas has been ruled unconstituional before.
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