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  1. The wife and I are basically looking for the exact place in Wisconsin now. Her parents who are retired will follow.
  2. No they just want unequal enforcement of the law, dropping or not filing charges against certain groups.
  3. I hope it is a "Micro Stack and a Half" similar to the 365 but...this is H&K. I love H&K but they always seem to be very slow in addressing the civilian market. I am gonna bet this is a regular single stack holding 7 or 8+1 and it'll launch soonish. Probably already entering production or soon to be.
  4. They have no problem allowing multi-felons out on EM, but not this guy. Gotta love cook county.
  5. I didn't understand that, CC collects the $25 tax for every sale that originates in Cook County. They cannot tax transfers, sales originating outside of CC (ex. Kane County Gun Show), interstate commerce sales (GB sales), or any transfers that deal with warranty replacement or repairs. CC will not admit to interstate commerce sales or warranty replacement but responded to individual letters sent by other dealers saying it was not taxable. I have been filing every month that way and, so far, no issues. Per the letter of the law, last time I checked, being 100% legal you are supposed to report ALL Transfers(buying or selling a gun) to the Cook County Sheriff's Office if you are a cook county resident. I imagine the number of people do that is somewhere between zero and zero and 1/2.
  6. IMO Dan Wesson makes the best "production" 1911 around. I agree with the comments about the Valor.
  7. Me too! Great folks. Wish I’d found them sooner. I found a really nice used BHP-40 at a great price and talked myself into walking out with a new Sig Legion when I returned to pick up the BHP. I should have added a couple more used pistols to the ticket but I was pinching pennies. I am KICKING myself in the butt every day that I didn't buy that Nickel P7 they had for under 2K on Consignment. Those things are $2,500+ all day every day on gun broker.
  8. Added two more to the list, Jim's as well as Bridgeview Sports and Sales I was fortunate enough to enjoy the final sale at Schranks, not a place normally on my beaten path but a cool small shop and sad to see them go
  9. Supposedly only 2K FFL's out of roughly 4K FFL's in IL filed for a dealer license with the State.
  10. Well RIP Walmart. I am going to send them an e mail letting them know why they will no longer be getting my $150+ a week in business. I will buy home goods online, medication, etc from Walgreens or CVS, fresh foods and meat from Fresh Farm and everything else from Marianos.
  11. Dang bois we famous https://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/new-illinois-gun-dealer-licensing-act-drives-over-50-of-ffls-out-of-business/
  12. Renewal Applied 4/29 w/ prints "Active" 7/19 Still do not have it in hand Side note; they did NOT re-issue my FOID near as I can tell. It still expires next June.
  13. I would say 75% of the posts here are 1st hand posts in Social or Traditional Media, mainly Facebook and local papers . I will admit I am not trying to call these places before posting the info; if anyone sees an error let me know I like to leave the Fake News to CNN.
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