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Renewal people, log your processing times here


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Day 1, 2/11/2019: Applied for renewal without prints. Original license expired 5/5/2019.
Day 121, 6/12/2019: Wrote both State Rep and Senator asking to have license approved as state was breaking its own law not having approved within required time.
Day 122 morning, 6/13/2019: Checked ISP website in the morning, still Under Review, same for Inspect element..
Day 122 afternoon, 6/13/2019: Checked again same day later on in the afternoon, now Active.
Day 126, 6/17/2019: Received new card in mail.

It's important to note that I checked the ISP website regularly, as well as the Inspect Element trick to see if there was any movement behind the scenes on the website. Absolutely no change in status whatsoever on the website nor within the web code from Day 1 until Active on Day 122. It stayed on "Under Review" the entire time until switching to Active. So the Inspect Element doesn't always work.

Total wait time until card in hand: 126 days, no prints.

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Applied 3/3, expired 4/14, no prints. Still waiting. Thankful for Utah card 'cause I don't think Indiana, Missouri, or Kentucky would take my word for it that my expired Illinois card is still good. We renewed FOID in November and the wait was only a couple of weeks. This is beyond ridiculous.

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144 days is insane, I got my new card in hand on day 126 without prints. Definitely write both your State Rep and Senator and have them check up on it. Something along the lines of this:


Hello, I am writing you because I applied and paid for my concealed carry permit renewal on date here, and it has now been X number of days and I still have not received my license, nor has the online progress form on the Illinois State Police website had any status update.
The state is breaking its own law by not having permits issued in a timely and reasonable manner within the 120 day time limit as required by state law.
Please, will you kindly see to it that my application is approved promptly. Application # XXXXXXXXX.
Thank you.
I am your constituent and I vote.
Respectfully yours,
Constituent from
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Just checked today. Still under review, but the hidden element has changed to approved under review instead of submitted under review, 126 days. No prints, Applied 2-19-19 Expired 4-22-19 Lets see when i go active and get the card. Basing on most i'm expecting active status by the 27th.

I have been approved under review for six days now. Day 106 with prints.

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If the governor signs SB1139 before a renewal goes active will the new cards then revert back to the original expiration date?


The ISP gets 180 days to implement and it applies day 181+. I suppose it depends on how they want to implement...does JCAR rule approval apply here? I assume everything submitted pre 181 and not finalized may use the original+5 under the new rule. Just guessing though.
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