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  1. Was that not if you submitted FOID FPRINTS? Or was that renewal only. I'm not interested in the guy selling me ammo knowing I have a CCL
  2. Have you looked through the attorney thread? Might even be one pinned.
  3. I think there is also a multi long gun reporting requirement in some areas e.g. AZ.
  4. Can you clarify..."increased membership" where? IC, ISRA, NRA, SAF, GOA, etc? The ISRA would be logical but they've not made friends in the gun community lately and dont always present themselves in the best light. But, yeah, with 2M plus FOID holders but only 25K or so ISRA members, thats not a lot of collective strength.
  5. YouTube embeds quit working with the switch to https protocol for some reason.
  6. Yep. We drive up to Woodmans in Kenosha. The cheese aisle must be 50 yards long. The separate entrance for the beer/wine/spirits section is efficient. Theres a Woodmans opening this fall at the site of Stratford Square mall in Bloomingdale. Heard nothing but great things about it. Huge store, large inventory, good prices.
  7. If you have no DL then no FOID right? I believe the clown is incorrect. A state ID is an acceptable substitute....FAQ: You will need to provide your full name, date of birth, street address of residence, Driver's License or Identification Card number, and a color photograph....
  8. ;-) http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-YP6t1AlDw9g/UHEMz8SnWkI/AAAAAAAAIg4/oN7A63FW9Dg/s1600/Hear+no+evil+see+no+evil+speak+no+evil+post+no+evil.jpg
  9. Under normal circumstances ISP is required to approve the FOID in 30 days, correct? If so, the FAQ almost certainly refers to the normal 30 day window, plus mailing time. It seems to me that the popup message is clearly what we need to follow in the situation discussed in this thread (assuming your FOID status has changed to "Active" when you check online, that is.) -Max New FOID 30 days. Renewal 60 busines days.
  11. If you can find Steves post on the FOID process manual, I recall it can be more than an electronic inquiry often requiring some manual process e.g making calls, researching records, etc
  12. I asked him what he was seeing when he logged in. It looks like he is "unable to log in at this time" He tried resetting the password and is having no luck. The "two weeks" I believe is the generic "System Alert!" message that says you should wait two weeks after "active" before contacting FSB. I suggested he call and try to get through to someone to help him get logged in. Try registering with a new account instead. Ive read that can reset and blend the account back letting one get back in.
  13. Im not thrilled with someone seeing my FOID for a purchase yet knowing I have a CCL...
  14. New recent card apps = new system, new printer. new wait; old cards = old system, old printer, old wait
  15. https://zenithfirearms.com/zf-5-preorder/ MSRP $2489 https://zenithfirearms.com/blog/news/
  16. I dont know if true, but I was told if you ever sent a Thu update to someone else, send it and dont forward it. If you forward and that recipient deletes the message, you are also removed from the list. Doesnt make sense but theres a lot of poorly designed stuff not really QA tested on the new web site they moved to.
  17. HB562 ("Modernization") passed house reconciliation, but has been held in the house for reconsideration. Either the reconsideration has to be withdrawn or it has to pass the house again. Either way, it's not law.HB1092 (red flag expansion) passed house reconciliation and has been sent to the governor for signing. Soon it will be law.Meanwhile HB1091 ("Fix the FOID") passed the house previously and is still held in the house for reconsideration. It was never sent to the senate. It is not law. Would be interesting to see a revote on HB0562...do they require 60 votes or 71? Is there a time frame for when the reconsideration must be withdrawn or when a revote must occur? Reconsideration motion for HB1091 was removed in the House. Not sent to Senate.
  18. I came into hearing late. Did I hear that they want all card transactions to occur in an ISP office? Do they understand how many few facilities there are and how long it could take people to get to one?
  19. Shell bill. A proposed bill has something insigificant changed such as changing The tothe. Then a new bill amendment is submitted to the bill ripping and replacing the entire bill. Although in this case, original bill was submited for repeal of an Act
  20. A USP9C is one of the best firearms Ive shot that I can recall. While toying with the idea of one of the other HK compacts, it would be difficult to ignore a new single stack. Id like to think they've been working on it during the 2 years waiting for patent approval. On another msg board a customer supposedly who knows a knowledgable HK rep insisted one was coming out but no date given. He might have been the son of a nephew of a cousin... ;-) No doubt like the others, mags will be expensive. A button release instead of paddle I can live with on an HK I suppose. Not fully in love with striker fired but will see what gets released and how it does. Some time ago, HK had a single stack P9S that a few special forces were using but it never got much excitement and it was not striker fired given the time, but they had put a mini roller system in it.
  21. bad link. try this https://abc7chicago.com/foid-card-illinois-application-renewal/10768765/
  22. Full article at link Chicago Tribune https://www.chicagotribune.com/politics/ct-illinois-gun-control-legislation-20210610-aaefc633jjd3zd4edegpk7sjze-story.html ...More than two years after Aurora mass shooting exposed flaws in state gun laws, Illinois Democrats have yet to act A month after Gov. J.B. Pritzker took office in 2019, giving Democrats complete control in Springfield, flaws in Illinois gun laws were exposed when a convicted felon whose state firearm owners identification card had been revoked opened fire in an Aurora warehouse, killing five co-workers and wounding a sixth along with five police officers. The case became a rallying point for gun safety advocates, whove pushed for mandatory fingerprinting for FOID card applications, universal background checks for gun buyers, and a system that ensures people whose FOID cards are revoked hand over their weapons to authorities....
  23. Full article at link... https://www.thecentersquare.com/illinois/injunction-denied-as-foid-backlog-doubles-in-18-months/article_1e50c902-ca1d-11eb-9dae-677370fe644b.html ...(The Center Square) The persistent delays in issuing Firearm Owners Identification cards in Illinois that has doubled in the last year-and-a-half continues after a federal judge shot down a motion this week seeking to force the state to issue backlogged cards. Illinoisans who want to legally buy or own firearms and ammunition must have a FOID card issued by Illinois State Police. Penalties for not having one when owning a firearm depend on the circumstances, but can range from a misdemeanor to a felony charge with up to three years in prison. Its approaching two years of reports of backlogs in FOID card applications. Some people have been waiting for months, if not more than a year. Back in January 2020, Illinois State Police posted an update on the agency's Facebook page that said it has about "62,000 FOID applications under review which includes new, renewals and changes. The backlog problem has more than doubled since, compounded by increased applications during the pandemic, increased urban crime and civil unrest over the past 18 months. From April 2020 through April 2021, Illinois State Police data shows there were a total of 160,452 FOID renewal applications. Of that 103,551 were approved, 271 denied. That leaves nearly 57,000 renewals backlogged. During the pandemic, ISP issued emergency rules to extend expired FOID cards for 18 months after the governors emergency declaration is lifted. That doesnt help new FOID applicants. For the year ending in April, ISP statistics show 332,862 new FOID applications submitted. Of that, 246,551 were approved and 17,354 were denied. That leaves a backlog of nearly 69,000 individuals whose initial applications have not been processed....
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