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  1. It already exists, sort of. I mean the FBI has a file on everyone already and all the disqualifying info is supposed to be correlated. People don't have a card but all the backend info is there. Illinois has all the same, the machinations of the physical FOID cards are just a silly game. It's all tied to state DL/ID cards anyway, it would be trivial and save millions of dollars to do away with the FOID "system". At this point it's all a show to keep up appearances and maintain power by playing games with a physical card. It's like fingerprinting, they make a big stink out of it, but already have facial recognition on everyone already so why bother? Just another game to distract people.
  2. With the change in the law, you don't have to have physical possession of the FOID as long as you have the CCL, so many leave them at home in the safe or whatever. I'd do some more checking, to make absolutely sure that you can't locate it, before you start down the path of replacing it. Someone else may be along with recent experience of what will happen if you report the FOID lost. Out of curiosity how far away is your FOID renewal date? At one time, I think that reporting FOID as lost or stolen got the CCL revoked, and after a couple month wait for the FOID replacement, you could start the couple year appeal process to get the CCL reinstated. Hopefully it's not that bad anymore.
  3. Doesn't really matter who his friends were. The only way I know of that he could've carried in IL is if he were former/retired LEO, in which case the Utah permit wouldn't matter. Unless you can cite the IL law that allowed him to carry on a Utah permit, I stand by my previous statement. There is so much folklore and mythology about all things firearms that it's mind boggling. I've met many who believed that out-of-state carry permits allowed them to carry anywhere, just as drivers licenses are recognized everywhere.
  4. My recent renewal took well over 30 days and even went 1 day over the expiration date. Card went active the day after.
  5. Involuntary commitment is a lifetime ban, so if you were NOT involuntarily committed, you will have to do whatever is necessary to get that corrected. Voluntary commitment is a 5 year ban in Illinois. Get far away from the cannabis card ASAP if you have any aspirations of restoring and retaining your firearms rights.
  6. I was about to post this, it was discussed on another forum. It's too bad they couldn't have filed the non-resident carry ban litigation in this judge's district. There's a lot of red meat in the decision for gun rights proponents, but there's a great quote that deserves notice: Overbroad policies ignoring a Constitutional Amendment describes the entirety of Illinois firearms law and regulatory agency attitude.
  7. Texas resident + Illinois non-resident would also get you a few extra states for reciprocity coverage vs having an Illinois resident CCL + Texas non-resident, if that matters to you. The states I see are Colorado, South Carolina and Florida. If you had no other carry license than IL you'd lose several states vs a Texas license.
  8. It's 60 days to apply for a FOID after establishing IL residency (ie, getting an IL drivers license or state ID card). 8 hours training will be required which is the legal stuff, safety stuff and live fire qualification. Would strongly advise getting the training first then applying for FOID and CCL simultaneously as the most expedient process. If you apply separately then you have to wait for the FOID to complete before applying for CCL or all kinds of mayhem may ensue. Although an alternative would be to just maintain your TX residency, as TX is one of the few states where residents are allowed to apply for IL carry licenses. If you have a TX license, you just need the 8 hour training and then can apply for an IL carry license either before or after moving here. Do not need a FOID unless you are an IL resident.
  9. You’re absolutely right. I’m just frustrated at the moment. ISP leadership is just as anti as the legislative leadership.
  10. I *think* you have 60 days from the time you change residence to obtain a FOID, until then you are ok with your firearms at home. If you did the simultaneous FOID/CCL application with fingerprints you would probably have both before 60 days are up. I would not get IL DL until you had the CCL class out of the way and ready to proceed with the applications.
  11. I will reiterate, call your state rep or state senator's office. They can and will get an answer.
  12. If they won't sell you ammo, it's their store policy not the law.
  13. What will best speed up the process is to get your CCL class taken ahead of time. After getting your IL DL, like the next day apply for BOTH FOID and CCL at the same time. That will likely take 30+ days off the time needed for the carry license. If you don't apply simultaneously, it appears that they wait until the FOID is issued before starting the CCL clock. Fingerprints with the CCL application are optional but will likely take 30+ days off that application wait. If NC will cancel your license when you change residence, you might want to pick up a Florida or some other non-resident license beforehand so you'll at least have something in the gap time if you have to travel anywhere.
  14. Call your state representatives office. It's not that the ISP can't correct screw ups, they just don't have any motivation to, until someone further up the food chain starts calling.
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