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  1. Was that not if you submitted FOID FPRINTS? Or was that renewal only. I'm not interested in the guy selling me ammo knowing I have a CCL
  2. Have you looked through the attorney thread? Might even be one pinned.
  3. I think there is also a multi long gun reporting requirement in some areas e.g. AZ.
  4. Can you clarify..."increased membership" where? IC, ISRA, NRA, SAF, GOA, etc? The ISRA would be logical but they've not made friends in the gun community lately and dont always present themselves in the best light. But, yeah, with 2M plus FOID holders but only 25K or so ISRA members, thats not a lot of collective strength.
  5. Yep. We drive up to Woodmans in Kenosha. The cheese aisle must be 50 yards long. The separate entrance for the beer/wine/spirits section is efficient. Theres a Woodmans opening this fall at the site of Stratford Square mall in Bloomingdale. Heard nothing but great things about it. Huge store, large inventory, good prices.
  6. If you have no DL then no FOID right? I believe the clown is incorrect. A state ID is an acceptable substitute....FAQ: You will need to provide your full name, date of birth, street address of residence, Driver's License or Identification Card number, and a color photograph....
  7. If you can find Steves post on the FOID process manual, I recall it can be more than an electronic inquiry often requiring some manual process e.g making calls, researching records, etc
  8. I asked him what he was seeing when he logged in. It looks like he is "unable to log in at this time" He tried resetting the password and is having no luck. The "two weeks" I believe is the generic "System Alert!" message that says you should wait two weeks after "active" before contacting FSB. I suggested he call and try to get through to someone to help him get logged in. Try registering with a new account instead. Ive read that can reset and blend the account back letting one get back in.
  9. Im not thrilled with someone seeing my FOID for a purchase yet knowing I have a CCL...
  10. I dont know if true, but I was told if you ever sent a Thu update to someone else, send it and dont forward it. If you forward and that recipient deletes the message, you are also removed from the list. Doesnt make sense but theres a lot of poorly designed stuff not really QA tested on the new web site they moved to.
  11. Link?This? https://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/lose-your-records-lose-your-rights-illinois-legislature-passes-foid-bill-with-the-help-of-isra/
  12. Yeah, I need a bit more than there was more good than bad in the bill. And fingerprints should always be a non starter!
  13. Was that card date 10 years from the revoked card? Given the Covid rules you should be able to submit renewal and still be valid. Especially with new renewals happening much faster, it might not be long until physical card in hand.
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