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  1. Oral arguments for the Deerfield case https://www.illinoiscourts.gov/courts/supreme-court/oral-argument-audio-and-video/#videoModal
  2. Update: ISRA Thursday Bulletin 8/26/21 "The Easterday v. Deerfield case is moving again. The Illinois Supreme Court will hear oral arguments on the morning of September 22, 2021"
  3. Saw this in the ISRA Thursday Bulletin - March 25, 2021 "The Illinois Supreme Court has granted our Petition of Leave to Appeal the Easterday v. Village of Deerfield. This suit will be heard in combination with the GSL Joseph Wombacher lawsuit. We do not have a date yet. We will keep you informed." Does Anyone know what this means? I thought the case was over with.
  4. Applied for renewal 2/10/2019 no prints Old card expiration date 4/15/2019 Went active 6/13/2019 123 days Arrived in mail 6/17/2019 127 days New expiration date 6/13/2024
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